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Review: Fairy Mini Mini Wand

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Fairy Mini Mini Wand vibratorI always wondered why nobody tried to really shrink the Hitachi Magic Wand. That thing is unwieldy as fuck — heavy, long, with a head that really is bigger than it needs to be. It numbs my entire vulva within minutes — an unfortunate side effect of using the most powerful vibrator in existence. Finally, a Japanese company named Merci decided to take a stab at designing a miniature version of the Hitachi, and the result is the Fairy Mini Mini Wand.

But can a pipsqueak like this defeat the reigning champ? Incredibly, and to my great amazement, it not only beats it — it one-ups it.

At 7 1/4″ long, the Fairy Mini Mini is about a bazillion inches (okay, 5 1/4) shorter than the Hitachi. At 1 1/4″ in diameter at its widest point, it’s about a trillion inches (okay, 1 1/4) smaller than the Hitachi’s bulbous head. It also weighs almost a pound less than the Hitachi. It’s truly diminutive in comparison to the beast that is the Hitachi, and significantly smaller than the Acuvibe Mini. I imagine the Fairy Mini Mini saying, “I’ll show you ‘mini’!”

Per the first part of its name, the Fairy Mini Mini comes in a dorky pink box with fairies, butterflies, and bubbles on it. The box reads, “Operate it easily with one hand. The size that the world minimum is compact.” There is no manual, not even in Japanese — so information about materials and functionality is impossible to procure1, as is any other amusingly translated text.

The Fairy Mini Mini comes with two power sources that plug into the butt of the wand: an AC adapter and a battery adapter. Both have 4 1/2 foot long cords. The Fairy Mini Mini is lucky that I mostly use sex toys at my desk, but… a lot of people use sex toys in, you know, bed. And some people have beds that are more than a foot off the ground. And some people want to be in the middle of the bed when they jack off, because then the universe is correctly in order. If this describes you, I suggest a rechargeable toy or an extension cord.

The battery adapter is a bit of a pain in the ass to open, and takes six AAs. Yes, seis. The battery adapter will do in a pinch, but I wouldn’t recommend it for day-to-day use. Using the AC adapter actually results in quite a bit more power.

Fairy Mini Mini (on top), Acuvibe Mini, and HitachiAnd yeah, the power. Oh my god, the power. This tiny little freak of nature is intense. And, although many of you will think I’m on crack, I’m going to say it: it’s more intense than the Hitachi. Yep — somehow, some way, this thing vibrates at a higher level than arguably the most intense sex toy on the market. Of course, it is just as loud, and very buzzy. But you’re gonna come in less than two minutes anyway, so what do you care?

Here’s what really did it for me, though: rather than buttons or a switch, the Fairy Mini Mini has a dial that controls its speed. It clicks on, and begins at a vibration strength that is actually tolerable. Unlike the Hitachi, which has two speeds (also known as “OMG” and “OMFG”), the Fairy Mini Mini has a vast range of them. I did not realize how awesome it is to gradually increase the vibration strength until now. My clit responds much more favorably to build-up. The Numb Vulva™ has become par for the course with my Hitachi, but the numbing effect is much less pronounced with the Fairy Mini Mini. Numbness tends to keep me away from the quick and dirty orgasms the Hitachi promises; with the Fairy Mini Mini, I get off much more quickly.

If you are reading this and getting sick of my comparisons to the Hitachi because you don’t own one, I apologize. There isn’t actually much to say about the Fairy Mini Mini other than “it’s powerful and loud as fuck, and it gets me off no matter what.” If you like butterflies tickling your clit, you will hate the Fairy Mini Mini. If you like to get off quickly with pressure and intense vibrations, you will love it. A lot.

I was also sent two entirely creepy white attachments. One, “Kurikuri” according to its box, is a nubby cup shape. The second, “Orga,” has a nubby part and a tiny penis. Both are a bust. Orga sort-of hits my clit, but the internal vibrations are way too intense. Kurikuri is the definition of awkward; I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to position it. And, as you might suspect, it doesn’t feel very great to have a bunch of little nubs vibrating intensely on one’s genitals.

One more thing: after about five minutes — and even less on its highest setting — the Fairy Mini Mini becomes quite hot. It doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature to prevent it from overheating, so this slightly worries me. However, so far the Fairy Mini Mini has performed valiantly in every test I’ve thrust upon it.

And so it is: the Hitachi has been thrown under my bed. Seriously, why would I want to deal with that heavy beast when there’s something infinitely smaller, lighter, and stronger? The only reason I’m not shoving the Hitachi too far under my bed is because of the years of anecdotal evidence attesting to its longevity. The Fairy Mini Mini doesn’t have that. I have to wait, continue to use the Fairy Mini Mini like a madwoman, and make sure the Fairy Mini Mini can stand up to the type of abuse and overuse that the Hitachi does.

If the Fairy Mini Mini stands the test of time, then watch out, Hitachi — there’s a new sheriff in town. A tiny, more powerful sheriff… with fairies on its lapel.

See the Fairy Mini Mini Wand in action in the video here.

[Update, 2015: I feel the need to mention that I actually like the
Hitachi a lot now, especially the rechargeable version.]

  1. I’m still not sure which material the head of the wand is made of, so I apologize.

Similarly-salacious material


  1. Great review. I’m tempted to try the Fairy Mini Mini Wand myself.

    The Hitachi, while I love the power, tends to catch on my clit hood ring and the OMG/OMFG turns into OMFGTION. Face it, having your clit stuck between a stainless steel circular barbell and the heavy Hitachi can be somewhere near what I think the Spanish Inquisition would enjoy vicariously. And we won’t even go into the time I lost my grip on the Hitachi. Oy.

    Can sex toys give you PTSD?

    But this little gem sounds perfect. Even the short power cord isn’t a problem since I mounted a power strip beneath the headboard 🙂


  2. Damn it, I was almost ready to shell out my precious cash on a Hitachi and now I have to choose between ugly tank and her more refined but overly femme cousin.

  3. We bought one in Japan but it only came with the battery pack. We now need to find the adapter, or one with the right specs. Could someone post the voltage and HZ measure of the mini mini adapter?

  4. How hot does this get? My magic wand gets hot around 30 mins… I like to take my time… I looked around but no one seems to mention it too much. I heard it gets warm around 5 mins but what is the longest people have used it at one time?

  5. @Sam: It gets very hot after 5 minutes, like I said. I’ve probably used it for 15-20 minutes before, but not much longer. If heat freaks you out and you want to use this for 30 minutes, I would not recommend it, because that will be 25 minutes of hotness.

  6. I got one of these as soon as I found out about them and love it! Sadly though, I have managed to wear mine out (after many months of abuse). I had my Fairy Mini Mini for just under a year, I think. I used it almost every day during that time, sometimes more than once a day. So it was getting used pretty regularly.

    But it’s so good I’m willing to shell out the money for another one. Definitely reccomend for anyone still on the fence.

  7. I love your reviews!

    Too bad I just now discovered your site AFTER I placed a large order for new toys. My order has not yet arrived, but I ordered the Lelo Gigi and Ina, as well as the Jimmyjane Form 2. I also ordered the Je Joue G-Ki. I didn’t see that you reviewed that yet, but I hope it’s good. At least I know I made a good decision in choosing the Njoy Pure Wand (I went back and forth between it and the Fun Wand, but ultimately settled on the Pure). I will definitely consult your site before I make my next purchase (which I wish could be sooner rather than later, but my budget seriously crimps my style!).

    Now, regarding the Fairy Mini Mini, I was wondering if you have tried the Vibratex Mystic Wand? If so, how does the Mini Mini compare to it? If the Fairy Wand is better than the Mystic, then is the Mini Mini the best Fairy Wand currently available, in your opinion? (I know there are many sizes — and even wireless options — of Fairy Wands available and I am confused as to what the best choice would be.)

    I recently bought the Hitachi Magic Wand and wished that I knew then what I know now . . . Not that the Magic Wand does not have its valuable uses, but I had thought at the time that it was simply best that was available.

    Thanks for any advice!

  8. @Tracy: Hey there! Thanks for commenting!

    I have not tried the Mystic Wand (yet), but I can tell you that it is bigger than the Fairy Mini Mini, which will make it a bit less pleasurable for me (I like small surface areas on my clit). Also, it takes batteries, which is good in a way, but I’m not sure batteries can ever provide the amount of power that a wall plug can. However, the Mystic Wand does have some vibration patterns, which is unique, and probably doesn’t get hot as easily as the Fairy Mini Mini.

    Yeah, there are a ton of Fairy wands to choose from. I would say stick with the ones that plug into the wall, and choose whichever size suits you. I’ve heard good things about the Pocket Mini (which is even smaller than this one), but since it is rechargeable and I had a terrible experience with the Fairy Mini Wireless, I am extremely dubious about it.

    I hope that helps!

  9. for a longer cord plug the battery pack into the mini mini and the ac cord into the battery pack. I absolutely love my mini mini

  10. Ya know, I’ve not even wanted this style of vibe until I read this! Now I want one. Sounds like 5 minutes w/o heat won’t be a problem if I get off that quickly.

  11. I’m so grateful for your comparison to the Hitachi. (I LOVE the photo!) I’ve never had one myself, but most of what I’ve heard/read so far has upheld it as the galactically ultimate sex toy, which I’ve had to question (money tentatively in hand).

    LOL, the dorky packaging is awesome. XD

    Hilarious! : “Unlike the Hitachi, which has two speeds (also known as ‘OMG’ and ‘OMFG’), the Fairy Mini Mini has a vast range of them.”

    Ahh, it’s too bad about the attachments. And the overheating does give me pause. I’ve had something similar happen–but I didn’t notice all that well whilst going the distance. Ouch.

  12. Awesome review! Funny as hell. I’m a hitachi fan myself. I looked up the Fairy Mini Mini on amazon and much to my dismay, I see that the adapter is roughly the size of a small truck (here is a pic if others want to see what i’m talking about). So if you combine the two parts, I’m wondering, is it really truly smaller than the Hitachi? By the way, is it still your favourite, or has a new one eclipsed it since your original review?

  13. @Aph0ticZone: Well, mine came with two ways to power it: a regular AC cord and the battery pack you’re referring to. The battery pack is as big as it needs to be to house 6 AAs, but I would hardly call it large. And yes, even with that considered, this toy is much smaller than the Hitachi.

    I tend to use my Mystic Wand these days if I want a wand-style vibe, or my Wahl if I want sheer power.

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