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Best sex toy storage: plastic drawers

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I think I’ve finally found a method for storing sex toys that works.

In March of last year, I wrote about organizing all my sex toys into a bunch of For Your Nymphomation cases. But I was not happy with the haphazard nature of storing my toys in those cases, and quickly went looking for something else. In August, I bought a plastic cart on Amazon. Then, more recently, I bought five stackable plastic drawers.

The bulk of my sex toy collection now resides in these plastic drawers, and I much prefer this method to cases/bags that are specifically made for holding sex toys.

The Iris 6-drawer cart is awesome. It came already assembled; it has wheels; and it has an organizer tray on top that’s clearly made for lube and batteries. The drawers are made of fairly sturdy plastic, and they’re nearly perfect in both depth (3″) and length (almost 14″) — this makes for about one layer of toys in each drawer, sometimes two, so everything is very accessible. I enjoy that I can roll the cart away into a closet if I want to hide it.

Then I have five shallow translucent stack drawers from The Container Store. These, I am not nearly as happy with. I bought them online and they came to me lacking basic drawer functionality: the drawers don’t stop on their own when you pull them out. Imagining sex toys toppling on me whenever I went to get one out, my boyfriend and I eventually devised an elaborate velcro and metal system for stopping the drawers. That’s better than the idiots at Home Depot could do1, so we are quite proud.

One more sucky thing about these drawers is that the top drawer can’t ever hold anything remotely heavy, or it will tip forward when I open it. But other than that, with my modifications, these drawers work well. They are slightly deeper than the other drawers, so they can hold toys with chunky bases like Maverick and (barely) Randy. These drawers will also be easier to pack into boxes whenever I move.

The more I use these plastic drawers for sex toy storage, the more I dislike the idea of using something like the Moi Box or a locking case. Not only are those options far too small for my collection, but they’re also overpriced. Sometimes, those storage methods can even stain toys. So, as of now, my Tunti case and my FYN cases hold toys that I don’t use often and/or want to get rid of.

This type of plastic storage is obviously not the most useful to those with kids or other prying eyes; it’s translucent and it doesn’t lock. And it’s gratuitous if your collection is not insanely huge like mine. But plastic is easy to clean, won’t react with toys, and shows off all the awesome colors of sex toys that I have acquired. Having drawers is fucking amazing, and beats digging through a bag or case any day. I think I will stick with this method for a long time to come.

[To see photos of the innards of my drawers, go to this post.]

  1. Not to mention the inevitable question, “what are you going to put in these drawers?” to which I replied, “um, just random stuff…?”

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  1. I need to get something like this, right now everything is just in bags, makes looking for that perfect toy really hard.

  2. I don’t understand why “sex toy storage” is so expensive either. I use a big Rubbermaid container by my bed, and I just leave my Vixen toys standing on top of it in ziploc bags. I think I’m going to need some drawers soon though.

  3. We just cleaned out our stash and holy f’n crap – I didn’t recognize most of it and couldn’t believe I let it near my vag! We have to still keep ours locked up due to our curious 10 year old (No honey, we don’t know what’s in there – we lost the key years ago). We threw out the garbage and organized everything in plastic shoe boxes – now it’s like an orgasmic vending machine!

  4. I completely stole this idea from you when you mentioned it ages ago (on Twitter I think). I bought a Rubbermaid deep drawer cart that was on super clearance at Target, though – and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “thank god for Epiphora” when I can easily (and obsessively) sort toys instead of piling them all in one bag. Or how many times I’ve wondered why more people (myself included, derp) don’t think of this instead of buying/requesting specialty sex store stuff for 4x as much.

  5. I wish I had my own place, instead of moving in and out of dorms all the time. Because I would so totally do this. Right now, everything is in the long, wide drawers that are built into the bottom of our dorm beds… and it all rolls around everywhere when I open the damn drawers. >.>

  6. This has been one of my favorite suggestions for people who wanted cheap sex toy storage and since they didn’t believe me I’m going to start sending them this link and title it, “SEE! ALL THE COOL KIDS DO IT!”

  7. I need a locking option, so I think I’m going to go with a big plastic footlocker for $50. I wish I could go with drawers.
    Totally in agreement about the non-specialty storage options. Much more economical.

  8. Once I started reviewing, my collection very quickly outgrew my “naughty drawer” where I hid everything. Not willing or able to spend the mega bucks on a fancy storage chest, I went with a set of plastic drawers from Target, and that turned out to be a great solution for me. The plastic on mine isn’t entirely translucent, so it’s fairly discreet, but I keep it tucked away out of sight in my closet.

  9. I use a jewelry dresser which locks all the drawers. Those are great if you have a home with kids. They look like functional furniture and can hide your toys in plain sight. If you can find one of them you can make your own version with recycle wood, ply wood, or dressers drawers which you can put rollers on the bottom of a top and a lock and they easily roll under your current bed and can be rolled out to display you larger items( I put any crops floggers any longer objects I don’t want crimped up.

    This I installed to hang floggers and it locks ( not directly from this retailer I just used a 10$ mirror and made the box frame

    My larger jewelry dresser look very much like this …it locks I found mine at a thrift store for 20$

    under storage boxes coe in plastic, canvas, or crafted the way i made mine as well as precrafted cedar lined sturdy wooden boxes( locks can be added later)

    Are just some of the many examples of locking cabinets you can find to hide items in “plain sight’

  10. My storage system is very affordable, adaptable, holds a ton and comes from Ikea.

    I use one of these under my bed (hidden by a bed skirt) to hold everything. It’s big enough for long items like crops and deep enough for lube to stand upright. ($14.99)

    Inside that, I have hinged plastic boxes with dividers. The smaller compartments are great for batteries, bullet vibes and a/c chargers, while the long compartments are big enough for for a few dildos & vibes in each. With these, I can always keep the right power source close to the vibe. I can also create my A-List box with one like this and I can stack them two deep in the under bed box. ($3.99 ea)

    For the other items in my under bed box that don’t fit in the small hinged boxes, I used these collapsible organizers. You get 2 each of 3 different sizes in a set and are great to corral lube, smaller implements like clamps in another, rope in a third – you get the idea. (6 pack/$9.99)

    This system is totally flexible to adapt to my collection as it grows and changes over time.

  11. I would so get the one with the wheels, BUT…. i live at home and I need something you can’t see through…. So I had to stick to toolboxes. Yes. Literaly Home Depot toolboxes.

  12. I know this review is about your personal opinion, as it should be, and I respect your opinion. I just want to give another side from a mom who can’t use the option you’re suggesting.

    Storage options are not just about storage, they’re also about discretion. While it may be fine for a reviewer (or anyone else for that matter) with a bajillion toys to keep them in a clear dresser, a mom with 3 kids in the house (not counting playdates) would not be afforded the same option. This was the reason I created ToiBocks in the first place, because I wanted to keep my favorites “ON” my nightstand, without my kids being able to get to them. ToiBocks cost more because they are expensive to make, they’re not molded plastic, they’re wood and they have a complicated magnetic lock system. Spending the extra money for the accessibility and security is no different than investing in a Lelo, rather than a toy that costs half as much but isn’t rechargeable or won’t last as long.

    I can totally see how some folks (especially reviewers) would need more storage… but you need to remember that not all your readers are reviewers, nor do all of them live alone or with an understanding mate. Keep in mind that not all storage is “just” about storage 🙂


  13. @Dawn Tulman: I understand that you might be offended because I mentioned a product you created (the Toibocks), but I never claimed that plastic drawers are right for everyone. In fact, I specifically wrote that people with kids would probably want something more discreet, and that people with smaller collections would not need something as huge. I understand why the Toibocks is expensive, but it is overpriced for my needs. Also, this is not a review — it’s just a post about my storage method, which has worked incredibly well for me, just the way the Toibocks works well for you.

  14. hehehe.. my mom uses this method. Was back home for the holidays and found a very large rubbermaid full of sex toys under one of the beds while I was looking for some old stuff I’d left at home when I moved out of state… oops!

  15. I always had a large selection of products on hand, but when I started to review it very quickly out grew my night stand. Now everything is kept in the same plastic drawers you use (I love them!) or varying sizes of Ikea storage boxes that I keep beneath the bed.

    I’m very glad you wrote this, so many people need affordable, easy to use, safe and realistic storage means – you gave them a perfect idea/solution!

  16. Some silicone toy manufacturers specify that you store their products standing up. Since the drawers are not very deep, do you put some padding in there for them? Another option would be to get a similar one with a couple of deeper drawers. Thanks for the suggestion, as you can tell from my web link, I need someplace to store my large collection. I think Target has an opaque white plastic version.

  17. @FlySaab: The only toys I’ve seen that recommendation on were Vixen toys, and I’d need some deep-ass drawers to store those… so I have no solution to that (yet?). Right now I store them just like everything else — sometimes in plastic, but nothing special.

  18. I most keep of my toys in my night stand although I’m quickly running out of room there, so I may need some additional storage. Since I live at home I need something opaque to keep out prying eyes. I wish I could just put them in plastic bins but they are too transparent/translucent for all the phallic shaped toys.

    The wands are all in a plastic bin when not in use, since they are massagers I keep them a bit more in the open. Those that have discreet boxes are on a self where I’m reasonably sure no one will look. Porn is scattered across the room I haven’t found a DVD storage system I can stick to yet.

  19. This looks like a pretty bomb method, too bad I live in a dorm room and I can’t have my things out on display like that. It looks like one of those carts would go great in a bedroom closet though! You could even sort the drawers by usage or type. I’d have so many drawers full of BDSM equipment….

  20. Ya know, I’ve been thinking about trying out this type of storage for some time now. The six-drawer cart from Amazon looks about perfect (though it’s too bad the larger-based toys won’t fit, like my VixSkin and FunFactory dildos).

    What I’d love to do is to get the plastic flatware sorters that go in kitchen drawers and lay out all of my glass dildos so that I can see them at a glance. I hate digging through pouches to find the one I’m looking for. The plastic dividers placed inside the six-drawer cart seems like it would be just perfect for what I’m envisioning and would also keep the glass from bumping into each other . . .

  21. I just did this and I’m NEVER going back. My Vixskin toys are horizontal though, so I might have to make modifications. Do you know if storing those toys sideways in the appropriate tubes is actually a bad thing?

  22. @sophie2229: I don’t see how it could really be a bad thing, I just think it’s ideal to store them upright, so they will keep their shape. I have no way of doing that, so storing them sideways is what I do.

  23. I have way too many books at home, so many that they don’t all fit on my bookshelf, so my mom bought me a bunch of Rubbermaid three-drawer towers, sort of like the ones you’ve pictured above. I unofficially started using the one next to my bed as sex toy storage (which is sort of overstating it, considering I have two vibrators and ONE BROKE because apparently my vagina is a monster that eats bullets for breakfast). I just hide some books in front of them and no one even notices. (I also keep my chocolate stash in this drawer. I am not convinced that this is entirely hygienic, but it definitely adds to the “fun time” element of that particular drawer, haha.) Anyway, they’re pretty useful storage, especially if you get ones with fairly deep drawers. The only thing is that they’re see-through, yeah. Hence… the books.

  24. Hey, I use something similar for all my art supplies. Never thought of this kind of use, but what a great idea!

    For those worried about it being transparent, why not take a can of spray paint and give the outsides of the drawers some colour? The drawer systems usually don’t come in interesting colours anyways (wtf is up with that? They’re almost always white!) so you could customize it to go with your decor and make it blend in a little more.

  25. Fortunately (or not?!) my collection is small enough it fits into two under-the-bed containers that slide out with pop off lids. I have a king-sized bed so there is a lot of room under there. I just keep my shoes at the foot end of the bed so the kids don’t think there’s anything but shoes under there. 🙂

  26. i use plastic drawers as well, albeit larger ones. i still am interested in a FYN case to *transport* toys. would come in handy for bringing things over to a lover’s place, organized and sleek instead of in a backpack. but for straight up storage, not so much.

  27. I guess I’d better invest in one of those. Haha, just for lingerie and sex toys. Here I come, Amazon!

  28. I noticed a lot of comments mentioning how this method isn’t ideal because of the see-through drawers. What I did for added privacy was cut out paper to the front and sides of the drawers and simply taped them on the inside (that way it looked like white drawers). It was nice because you could change the paper and the look for crazy cheap. On one unit I did an insane collage which everyone assumed stored “my art supplies.” Obviously, if you need something locking this wouldn’t help, but if you just want to hide your collection from casual gazes, I like this cheap trick. Also I used kitchen and makeup organizers to neatly store my small toys, chargers, etc. I recommend the stacking kind. The best part is if/when you change your mind on how to store your collection, you can easily re-purpose the containers to another function.

    I know that this is an old post, but I’m new to your blog (which is awesome) and reading through old posts. Hopefully, this can help a little with the privacy concerns. Question Epiphora: Do you still use this storage method? If not, could you do an update? Thanks!

  29. @Skyclad: Dude, that’s really smart! And I bet it looks really cool! This is still my system, but I’m considering buying a third set of drawers because I’m running out of space. You’ve given me an idea about buying smaller desk top drawers for my chargers and smaller stuff. My chargers are a mess!

  30. I wish there was something available that’s fairly small (well, not as gargantuan as a whole drawer unit since I don’t get new toys every week/month like SOME people!) and that had dividers to keep toys separated and protected (especially glass ones) + a sane place to keep batteries & chargers. I don’t like the idea of my njoy pure wand smacking into my glass toys–funny that. I just discovered lithium AA & AAA batteries so that should help with minimizing corrosion risks. I bought a tool case that’s larger than the Tunti from Harbor Freight for under $30, which slides under the bed, but it’s large and unwieldy. For now the toys are kept in ziplock bags to avoid the staining you mentioned, but I may line the partitions with adhesive backed fabric. My go-to toys remain in the nightstand bottom drawer or in a Liberator Decor Stashe Pillow. The Tunti is almost perfect for me but seems poorly laid out (also I haven’t figured out how or where to buy one).

  31. I’ve been researching good sex-toy storage methods for several years now, and more intently recently, since I’ve begun adding to my collection once again. I thought the Joyboxx looked like a great solution, until I watched the video and realized how tiny it is! The others – Devine chests, BMS’ lockable cases, etc. – just look like they waste space and don’t organize enough. I started searching Amazon for things like train cases and make-up boxes, and ended up finding one with movable dividers that looks pretty good, but still costs around $50.

    Right now, my toys rest in the nightstand’s top drawer, in the storage box that came with my Zini Zook (slimmer vibes and glass), in a satin-lined box that once held a big award/trophy-thing, and in a larger train case made for toiletries. (Okay, right at the moment eight of the dildos are hanging out on the bathroom counter after washing.) Sooo, I may end up getting one or two of those plastic drawer carts.

    Thanks for the tip!

  32. Do these storage boxes keep the toys from collecting dust, or does that remain a problem? i’m considering getting them, but i reaaally want the dust problem settled ._.

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