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Don't you want to come trick-or-treating at my house?As with any type of collector, the phrase “limited edition” is like a dog whistle to my ears. Add the color orange to the equation and I’m like a dog that has just savored a long car ride with the windows rolled down and is now bounding at breakneck speed into a park because I’ve spotted the perfect pile of shit to roll around in.

The Vixen Creations Leoweenie is a limited edition version of Vixen’s popular Leo, and although the name Leoweenie is pretty good, I feel like this was a missed opportunity to call the dildo batcock. I was a bit disappointed in the coloring, too. In all the product photos, the orange looks super vibrant and the bats look hardcore goth black. But the dildo is actually somewhat translucent, the orange is more of a subtle tangerine, and the bats are ghost-like in their grayness.

Nonetheless, BATCOCK. And nonetheless, I really like the way this one feels.

There is a fact that I perhaps once knew, but then forgot, about Vixen Creations — their regular silicone is fairly squishy. In my defense, it’s been so long since I’ve tried regular Vixen silicone that the last two toys I reviewed have been discontinued. So the fact of the softer silicone must’ve become buried in my brain when Vixen’s dual-density VixSkin entered my life and vagina.

But with this dildo, I am reminded. The silicone is supple and squeezable, moreso than Tantus’ regular silicone, and without the obnoxious matte texture of Fun Factory’s silicone. Which is to say, it just might be my favorite regular silicone formulation. And if you are strapped for cash, it is a great choice for a soft toy.

Vixen Creations LeoweenieWith Leo, the word I keep wanting to use is formidable. It’s 6 1/4″ insertable and 1 1/2″ in diameter. The shaft is smooth but with some interesting subtleties to the sculpt, sort of how it looks when you spread icing on a cake. The halfway-realistic design is good for folks wanting a cock-like shape in a non-skin color (it regularly comes in purple and black).

But the most exceptional part is the third of an inch of wrinkly foreskin right under the head. This doesn’t look like it’d do much, but ACTUALLY IT DOES. It provides targeted texture against my G-spot and I kind-of love it. If I use the verb “scrape,” will it scare you away? Because I’ve been known to like a little intensity inside of me, and this is just the right amount.

Leo’s shaft is obviously not as nuanced or skin-like as Mustang’s, but it has something Mustang doesn’t in that particularly textured foreskin — and I can feel it more, because the silicone is more rigid than VixSkin, and because the texture is isolated in the head. Oh, and the base is a suction cup, if you’re into that.

So if VixSkin is out of your budget but you still want a squeezable G-spotting dildo, Leo is your dude. Especially if your Halloween candy bowl seems lacking in dildo this year.

[The Leoweenie can be found at GoodVibes and Vixen Creations,
but not for much longer! If you want a BATCOCK, don’t wait.

Otherwise, purple and black Leos and Leos with vibes are available year-round.
Babeland also has a limited edition gold Leo.]

  • BATCOCK. BATCOCK!! I too wish the bats were darker, and personally I think doing this in ecto-green or in glow-in-the-dark would have been A-MAZE-ING. Or maybe black glitter suspension with the bats? I dunno. Regardless, it took almost all of my favourite things and put them into one delicious object to violate my holes with: bats, sextoys, silicone, the leo, and vixen. How can you go wrong with these things? You can’t. It’s just not possible.




  • BATCOCK! /o/

  • Kira

    LOL @ Batcock. Now I too am sad it’s not named this.

    I’m not big on orange as a color, but I keep going back and forth on this because, well, LIMITED EDITION. So much of my stuff is same ol’ same ol’.

  • Artemisia Absinthium

    I bought a Leoweenie immediately, because I’m obsessed with bats. I have been running around yelling “BATS! IN YOUR DICK!” since it arrived. But I digress…I’ve found that while Vixen’s normal silicone is pretty much always a little squishier than Tantus’s, the Leoweenie is *especially* squishy and delicious, a little softer than the Leo’s purple incarnation or other Vixen toys I have squeezed.

  • Oh god, I love Leo. Vixen Creations really does have the best regular silicone. Leo was the second, I think.., product I reviewed on my blog and its still great. Of course, that one was purple. My Batcock should arrive annnny day now…. batcock, batcock, batcock, batcock, batcock, batcock, batcock, batcock, BATCooooccck! (to be read to the batman theme song)

  • winner from the giveaway


  • Love the pictures! Happy Halloween!

  • I am depressed, I want this so much but I will absolutely not have the cash for it until it’s sold out, with my luck 🙁

  • sophistre

    You might wanna try Tex.

    I have a couple of VixSkin dildos…and even though Tex is shortish, it is my FAVORITE. It seems like it wouldn’t be enough, but it is weirdly amazing. I don’t know if that’s just because of the shape of my insides (my gyno tells me I’m curved in there) or what, but…I’m so curious to know!

  • I agree on the slight disapointment on the dildo’s color! I have to say I like the super bright colors on the mustang and maverick when the neon/tiedye collection came out. Thanks for the review! I love your blog. You made me want to get into reviewing 🙂

  • Yeah, the neon VixSkin dildos are AMAZINGLY BRIGHT. They are not a disappointment at all!

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  • A.

    For anyone wondering about the gold Leo – I have it and it’s just as gorgeous in real life. Best strap-on ever.

    I agree about the silicon! It’s so nice.

  • Destiny Cat

    mmmmh girth

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  • Tmcaurinus

    I just finally had the opportunity to feel Vixen’s regular silicone at a GoodVibes store over the weekend, in the form of a beautiful shimmery purple Randy. I was amazed at the squishiness, which was not quite as squishy as VixSkin, but far more than I expected, and definitely more that Tantus’ standard pearly silicone! I promptly had to seek out reviews on it to make sure that was really their regular silicone, and not some new VixSkin version. Gahh, now I have several more dildos on my must-own list!

  • Yes! I love Vixen’s regular silicone.

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