Sep 232013

[Update: I reviewed it. The prognosis is bad.]

So I have this in my possession:

And yes, that is exactly what it does. It swivels and swivels and swivels. It never stops. There is actually no way to turn off the rotation. (I mean, unless you count turning the toy off entirely.)

I’ve been trying to get some last-minute testing in before CatalystCon, but it’s been hard to find time. And a willing penis. Because the idea is that a penis can fit in my vagina alongside this thing. You know, while making love. So my thoughts on this strange new device will have to wait until after I get back.

For now, I invite you to take bets on my vagina. Will the LELO Ida feel like churning butter inside of me, or like a spinning G-spotting treat? Will my boyfriend love it too, or break up with me afterward? Vagina-havers, what do your genitals think about the prospect of this toy?

  • As someone that swears up and down that there aren’t enough GOOD couple’s toys, I must know if this works!

  • I am a fan of rotation in my vag, but I know that you historically have not been. So I’m gonna guess that you won’t like it. But I might!

  • Not entirely true! And I did like the Stronic Eins, remember that. There is hope yet.

  • Joan Price

    What are the dimensions of the insertable part? I couldn’t find this on Lelo’s website.

  • It’s pretty small. 3″ insertable length and less than 1″ in diameter at widest.

  • Joan Price

    Ah, good to know. Wonder why they don’t list that under “specs.”

    How does it compare to WeVibe — or will I have to wait until you’ve tried it with a willing penis?

  • I’ve actually never tried the We-Vibe. Or the Tiani. So I’m flying blind on this one.

  • Peddler of Sex Toys

    It just seems like Lelo is trying really hard to not get sued by We-Vibe these days.

    I also feel like the hype behind internally-worn couples toys is that they go up and add g-spot stimulation to penetrative sex. The g-spot usually responds more to a firm, rhythmic pressure than rotation (which is great for a sense of fullness but not necessarily consistent pressure). I feel like having something rotating internally while also being penetrated might just get complicated.

  • Panda Sauce

    nervous. it makes my vagina feel nervous.

  • Stabbin Robots

    Hmmm. In theory, it sounds like it might be enjoyable. But, to be honest, this doesn’t scream “couples” sex to me. A bigger version for solo play could be fun, but this just seems confusing and possibly contusing.

  • Cristen Kennedy

    I have serious reservations about this one. When I saw the early specs on it, I thought it was a joke. How is a penis inserted along with the toy not going to break the rotating motor? Or kegel muscles for that matter? Good luck! 😉

  • Put me down for 50 to 1 odds.

  • Sincerely Yours, N

    I would really love to vote “spinning G-spotting treat,” but I have a feeling that it will be churning butter. Good luck, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your review!

  • Val

    I am expecting another one of your epic rants (and secretly hoping for one, because they make me laugh so hard).

  • Camryn Jones

    My vagina is simultaneously interested and terrified. She loves G-spot stimulation but refuses to be stretched too far, and my partner’s penis puts her at maximum capacity.
    My clitoris just wants to know if the vibrations are rumbly and my outer labia are convinced that they’re too fat for this to fit.

  • I have one of these! I liked it more than I expected to for solo play, but I haven’t tried it yet as a couples’ toy. My boyfriend is rather apprehensive about trying to fit in alongside this thing, but I’ll have to convince him to try it at least once. Because science.

  • I haven’t tried the We-Vibe, but it’s a fair bit different than the Tiani. The insertable part is a lot larger, and the shape/angle is more like a U whereas Tiani is more like a V… if that makes any sense.

  • Nick Barber

    I think this is something my wife and I need to try!

  • Annamarie

    My vagina is extremely skeptical and I suspect that if I owned a built-in penis I would view this as an odd vagina-based blender attachment. But I am curious to hear what you think!

  • nuala macmoragh

    Maybe, if you’re going to wear it during anal? If it’s to be used during intercourse, why not position the rotating frond over the clit where it might do some good?

    I’m not betting you’ll like it, and I’m not betting this is a good idea for very many people. Maybe size queens who are partnered with men who have very slender penises that aren’t sensitive to battery.

  • AG

    I can’t stop laughing because all I can imagine happening is this awkwardly jamming the penetrating party’s penis with every rotation. It’s just not a motion that makes a lot of sense for penis in vagina sex, since while it may work for the vulva’d party (which I’m dubious on), the bepenised participant will probably just feel prodded. This just looks like a bunch of pinching and cramps waiting to happen.

  • tonyinabag

    all i can think of is this quote from the simpsons. “My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball; but
    tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward;
    and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!” (the twirling part, obviously)

  • Dan

    Man, looking at it makes my genitals kinda antsy, not gonna lie. Also… I think I can hear them laughing, because the video makes it look like a wiggly pink tentacle that wants to reach out and tickle me.

  • KD

    But… any toy is a couple’s toy when used by a couple. 😉

  • Very true. I know my husband and I often use toys as a couple that were really meant to be solo toys. What I meant is a toy that’s specifically designed to be used during penetrative sex, such as the We-Vibe 3 or Tiani. The We-Vibe completely failed us (and a very expensive fail it was), but I like the general idea. Looking to see if there is anything that works better.

  • Slut Bunwallah

    i… yeesh.

    so are there any vagina-having-people on the lelo design team or in decision-making positions (heh) who have ever actually had penetrative sex? or sex of any kind? because with the exception of the mona 2, it seems like their insertable toys are spectacularly expensive disappointments.

  • Jillian Boyd

    It’s so…. swirly….

  • Leen

    My vagina is highly skeptical. I also really don’t understand how it’s supposed to work in conjunction with PIV sex…

  • You’re more spot-on than you probably realize.

  • Ashes

    Your poor vagina. It’s such a champ. It deserves a medal.
    Wow, I just realized I have been commenting under the name of my forgotten nonsense blog haha xD

  • Josh

    Bought this yesterday decided to try it we started using it during foreplay which she liked now me not being the biggest guy or the smallest she said it gave he a full feeling but didn’t hurt it within minutes she had a very intense orgasm and the vibrations I could feel on my shaft were a nice addition. Her on top and me on top weren’t bad but coming from behind you just have to watch it doesn’t fall out slightly and then it gets “jammed” back in. All in all it was a great first experience.

  • Bob

    This looks terrifying

  • malena

    i am poor ;(

  • Paul Richardson

    Did you ever do a full review of this? I can’t find it but like the idea of this toy, but worried as my GF is tight and i can’t see this and me fitting in her…

  • Yep, right here!

  • Paul Richardson

    Cheers, sorry know it was an old post

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