A clitoral revolution is brewing

NobEssence Linger, Eroscillator Soft Finger attachment, Fun Factory Bootie

The other night, it took me a grand total of three toys to get off. I had to take a picture; that’s how unusual it was. Normally, after I masturbate, I’m left with at least four dirty toys.

The bamboo dildo is the NobEssence Linger; the black cutie is the Fun Factory Bootie. And the copper-colored attachment there is for the Eroscillator, an oscillating, A/C-powered toy that has quickly become my best friend. No, “best friend” doesn’t cover it. More like “cocaine” or “heroin.” The problem I’m facing is that the Eroscillator makes me want to come faster than I’m used to, so I use a smaller number of toys and masturbate for a shorter amount of time.

And my Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet has been sitting, unused, since I received the Eroscillator.

If you are thinking this sounds like a revolutionary time for my clit, you are right. But I’ll save the rest of my gushing for my upcoming Eroscillator review. It’s going to be epic — in length, in description, in photographic evidence, and in sheer amount of excitement. I want to clearly articulate why this thing is so amazing. It will take quite a few words.