Giveaway: Glass dildos galore!

Check out them beauts! Meet the Vortex (top) and Pleasure Wand, two absolutely gorgeous glass dildos sent to me from the generous folks of RubyGlass21. And because my last contest for an equally sexy glass dildo from RubyGlass21 was such a success, they are letting me give away a Vortex and a Pleasure Wand to my awesome readers.

Having the pleasure to try these dildos, I can report that they are both great. The Pleasure Wand, although it is only 1″ in diameter, hits my G-spot with ridiculous accuracy — no matter which end I’m using. Its small diameter also means that insertion and thrusting are never uncomfortable. It is abnormal for me to trust a G-spot toy with my boyfriend, but he had no trouble using this one on me.

The Vortex is the more beautiful of the two, but it is more basic in terms of sensation. Measuring 6″ long and 1″ in diameter, it is fairly petite. It doesn’t really stimulate my G-spot much, and it’s not textured (everyone knows how much I love extreme texture), but anyone who loves smoothness would be very pleased with it.

Do you want one? To enter, comment on this entry and tell me three things:

  1. If you were to open your own sex toy shop, what would you call it and why? (Thanks to Miss KissThis for this idea!)
  2. Name one post/review on Hey Epiphora that you appreciated/enjoyed, and explain why.
  3. Which dildo would you want if you won?

If you want to be nice and help me spread the word, you can tweet or blog about this contest (here’s a shortened URL to make things easier:, but doing so won’t up your chances of winning. Do it for brownie points. Or karma.

The deadline for entries is July 31, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. I will put the entrants in two groups and pick one winner randomly from each. International readers are welcome!

A huge thanks to RubyGlass21 and SexToy for furnishing this giveaway!