RubyGlass21 dildos winners!

My contest for two glorious glass dildos from RubyGlass21 has come to a close, and I was delighted with the level of participation and thoughtfulness of the entries. I must share some with you all before I announce the winners…

My first question to entrants was, “If you were to open your own sex toy shop, what would you call it and why?” This garnered some pretty fabulous toy shop names. Juliet Burgess proposed The Feelies (an allusion to the novel Brave New World), while Kiya came up with Proclivity (“natural inclination”), Lady Alexandria with Catalyst, and Purple-Foxglove with Jouets D’Orgasme (“orgasm toys”).

My second question was, “Name one post/review on Hey Epiphora that you appreciated/enjoyed, and explain why.” Overwhelmingly, you guys loved my review of the Lelo Ella. No surprise there, since squirting is hot and I loved writing about my first time doing it. Several entrants also enjoyed Saying “dildo” on Twitter — another post I had a lot of fun writing. There were a couple mentions each for my reviews of the Fun Factory Bootie, Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Rough Sex, Taffy Ticklers Silicone Sweets, Don Wands Treeze Wave, and Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men.

And so the randomizer chose two winners for me, one for each dildo. Without further ado… the Vortex goes to Lady Alexandria, and the Pleasure Wand to LOLmerrill! Enjoy your new glass best friends, ladies!

I must say, Merrill’s dream sex toy shop, Quiver, sounded quite nice to me:

As a token hippy-veggie, my store would be green, (NOT PINK!) meaning body-safe and earth friendly materials are standard. Also, all bubblegum barf pink products with pornstar packaging are outlawed.

Can we make this shop happen, please?

A great big thank you again to RubyGlass21 and SexToy for their generosity!