Guest Review: Romp

NobEssence Romp anal plug, lying on a craggy rock in the great outdoors.

I am unabashed about my love for the NobEssence Romp. I can’t help it if it’s the best butt plug ever made, okay?! I can’t help it if I turn into a ROOOOOMP zombie every time I talk about it!

But in case you don’t believe just me, or are wary to drop the cash — you’re in luck. My amigo, Andy (who recently launched a blog, so go smother him!), has also experienced the ROOOOOMP, and he was just as blown away as I was. Here is what he has to say about it:

FINALLY, I bit the bullet and bought a Romp…

I’d been after one of these since reading Piph’s glowing review. I’d never heard of a wooden toy before but, always up for something new, I decided I had to have one. The only issue was the price. At £80 (here in the UK), it’s an expensive piece of kit. Luckily for me, however, I found them on sale at half price so I snapped one up.

The first thing that blew me away was the sheer beauty of the wood. Pictures sadly do not do this toy justice. Mine looks like a work of art. I want to leave it out on my coffee table for all to see! The second thing is just how it feels, and this is where it surprised me. I inserted it the way I assumed it was supposed to go, with the handle towards my back. This didn’t feel fantastic, however. The smaller end of the handle just didn’t feel quite right. It felt okay, just not perfect.

When I turned it around, though… wow! It’s the most intense toy I’ve ever used. The large part presses firmly (and I mean firmly) on my prostate whilst the handle applies pressure to my perenium. It feels like they’re both being squeezed together. It’s so intense, I’m unable to ignore it. I tried wearing it whilst doing chores etc. but it was way too distracting. Trust me though, I’m not complaining! There are plenty of toys out there that claim to be prostate stimulators but always fail to hit the spot. We’re all different shapes and sizes, but for me, this one is the definitive toy.

Overall, I love my Romp. It feels amazing inside and hits all the right places. It also looks wonderful. I find myself holding and admiring it. One of my favourite things is applying clear, water-based lube to it as I love the way it magnifies the grain of the wood, and the similar effect when water droplets rest on it after cleaning is equally stunning.

It’s a beautiful, wonderful toy and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks Piph for pointing this one out to me!

This is why it’s great to get other perspectives on toys. #1, I am so not perceptive enough to notice lube glistening on wood, and #2, this is a reminder of how differently our bodies respond to sex toys, especially butt plugs. I prefer my Romp with the handle facing my back, and for me, the other way feels not quite right.

Yet both Andy and I — a dude and a chick, I might add — have found “the definitive toy” in the Romp. And that is glorious. Don’t you, dear reader, also need a Romp for your butt?