Mini sex toy doodads!

Fleshlight sample, Tantus dildos, Vixen silicone sample, PicoBong die

I think I can call this a legit collection now.

Back in April, after jealously ogling everyone’s photos of the mini Tantus dildos at Momentum Con, the lovely Jenna sent me a few in various colors. They are mini Goliaths, and I adore them. I set them up on my shelf all in a row, and threw that ridic PicoBong die up there, too, because what else was I gonna do with it?

Then when I saw Searah at Early to Bed talking about Fleshlight samples and Vixen Creations penises the other day, I saw an opportunity to expand my collection of weird tiny sex toy thing-a-majigs. I made an order for some Sliquid Sea at Early to Bed, and Searah tossed in three Fleshlight samples and a pink Vixen penis.

The Fleshlight sample is hilariously floppy and powdered, so I opted to display just one until it gets filthy enough to replace with another (which I know will happen). It has to lean up against the canister; that’s how jiggly it is. You can’t tell (thankfully?), but the Vixen penis has creepy little bumps on its balls.

While writing this, I found a LELO Insignia brooch in a bowl on my desk, so I added that to the line-up. Somehow I need to find myself a mini strap-on. (Edit: someone made one for me!) Clearly this is now an important collection for me to nurture. Any other ideas, peeps?