Review: Dai-Do #4

Big Teaze Toys Dai-Do #4

It seems that aluminum is the new “it” material. At first glance, however, the Dai Do #4 doesn’t appear to be made of aluminum — it looks like a modern plastic vibrator. Pick it up, however, and its weightiness gives away its material. When I handed it to my boyfriend, he tried to unscrew the end; but no, the Dai Do #4 doesn’t vibrate. This thing is all dildo.

The Dai Do #4 comes in a shiny black cardboard box, but unlike the company’s Onye or Tuyo, it doesn’t come with a storage box. Instead, it comes with a simple satin drawstring bag, which is strangely 4 1/2 inches longer than it needs to be to hold the 7″ Dai Do #4. I must say, I’ve seen better bags than this one; the satin is fraying at the sides of the opening, and the drawstring does not keep the bag closed, not even for a second. Fortunately, the dildo doesn’t need much protection, as it is practically indestructible.

The body of the Dai Do #4 is made of aluminum alloy, with an anodized surface to increase wear resistance. Unlike the brushed aluminum of the Tantus Alumina line, this finish is shiny. It looks more like plastic than anything else. The insertable end of the toy features a series of ridges. On the other end, there is a wide band of silicone framed by two small strips of stainless steel. A stainless steel nameplate for Big Teaze Toys sits on top of the silicone. Its edges are not sharp.

Aluminum is wonderful for temperature play. It can be easily cooled with cold water or warmed with hot water. My personal favorite, however, is to use it cold, and see how long it takes to warm to (and above) my body temperature. If used long enough, the aluminum begins feeling warmer than my vag. It’s very sexy.

The Dai Do #4 is 1 1/8″ in diameter, making it suitable for a beginning or intermediate toy fiend. Aluminum, obviously, has no give to it, so you will feel all 1 1/8″. The ridges, however, are where this dildo really shines. I could definitely feel them undulating in and out of me, but they weren’t obnoxiously prominent, either.

The silicone band is meant to serve as a grip while thrusting; using it as a grip, however, restricts the insertable length of the toy to four inches. Using just the first 4 inches was pleasurable enough — all the ridges are in that area, after all — but I quickly found myself inserting the dildo past its silicone grip. To my relief, I couldn’t feel the stainless steel nameplate, and it certainly did not bother me. I was, however, stuck trying to grasp the very end of the dildo.

I don’t know if I’m a length queen, but that is what happened. The point is, those who appreciate shallow penetration or do not desire an insertable length longer than four inches would be delighted with this toy. Aluminum is a really awesome material; you can’t really go wrong with it. The ridges provide an interesting texture and elevate the Dai Do #4 beyond your average dildo.

The Dai-Do line has gone the way of the dinosaur, but Crowned Jewels makes toys out of aluminum.