Review: Delve

Well, folks, the time has come — I’ve found a NobEssence toy that doesn’t work with my body.

But it’s not for lack of trying, of course — the Delve is a freakishly beautiful dildo. Mine’s made of Wenge wood, which is a dark, blackish wood with noticeable brown tinges when looked at under lights. It’s 9″ long and very smooth, with a slightly-perceptible grain texture. With two bloops on one end and an elongated teardrop shape on the other, it looks like it would work for anyone. But alas, my vagina is too shallow. And too picky, perhaps.

The problem with the two bloop end? It doesn’t feel like anything. It slides in easily, but then does nothing. And I can’t thrust with it, since the sensation of the second bloop moving in and out is not appealing.

The problem with the teardrop end? It’s just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit too pointy and too long. It’s only 5 inches long, but apparently my vagina is a short wuss, because the teardrop pokes my cervix. I shouldn’t say “pokes”; it nudges. It touches. It creates a dull pain that I’d rather not have to feel during masturbation, even if the teardrop feels otherwise nicely filling. I can pull it slightly out of my vagina to rectify this, but my vagina really would rather instinctively suck it in. And clench around it, which sadly just increases the cervix nudging sensation.

So, several masturbatory tests later, I’m still not loving the Delve. It isn’t a bad dildo by any means; it just happens to do very little for me personally. I like more bloops, like those on the Linger, and intense G-spot stimulation, like that provided by my trusty Seduction. I can imagine the teardrop side would feel fantastically filling for those who can handle more length, and some may like the bloop end more than I did. For this one, it’s all about personal preference.