Review: My Secret

Golden Triangle My Secret vibrator

Last fall, I had an aggravating experience with my bank. When I arrived back home and couldn’t shake my bad mood, I decided the only solution was to order a vibrator.

I had been entertaining the idea of experimenting with insertion, and for this, I needed the tiniest, least threatening vibrator I could find. My Secret was inexpensive, small, cute, and shapely, so it seemed the perfect choice. If it didn’t get the job done, then hey, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

My Secret was my first plastic vibe with a velvety texture to it, and I was quite impressed; the texture and blue color remind me of those smooth chocolate eggs that come out around Easter. To this day, I still prefer plastic that is coated in the soft stuff — I think it’s called rubber-cote? With this coating, anyone can have the simplicity of plastic and some of the silkiness of silicone on the cheap.

Luckily, My Secret takes one AA battery (not some weird type of battery you’ve never heard of), and it comes with a completely nondescript black fuzzy pouch, so it really can be your secret.

The curves of this vibe are more sensual than a regular straight vibe, so I eased almost the whole thing into myself without much difficulty or discomfort. The size of the vibe was perfect for my first experience with penetration. It helped warm me up to the idea of buying bigger vibrators. Because of its mild shape, I was able to thrust lightly as well, and then feel quite accomplished in my quest.

As far as clit stimulation goes — well, this vibrator only has one speed. Don’t get me wrong; the vibration level is agreeable, and it’s probably the level I would choose if I were designing a one-speed vibrator. But one speed only goes so far. If I have the choice between My Secret and some other vibe with multiple speeds, I will undoubtedly pick the other vibe.

For a tiny insertable vibe, My Secret does the trick nicely. However, it’s still just a one-speed vibrator — nothing more.