Review: Delight

The Delight really hooks up inside the vagina. Just don’t count on its "clitoral nub” for dual stimulation.

Fun Factory Delight rechargeable silicone G-spot vibrator

I feel like I have been waiting a zillion years to get my hands on the Delight. The moment I saw it, I fell hopelessly in love. Those sleek curves, the delicious plastic and silicone design, the case it recharges in… everything seemed ridiculously perfect. And ridiculously out of my college-student price range. So I was ecstatic when I learned that I would be receiving it for review.

As always with Fun Factory, the Delight came packaged in a stylish box with ample instructions (in five languages) and a packet of lube. The charging case1 for the Delight is shiny, small, and not very heavy, even with the vibrator in it. However, the case only stays closed with magnets, so I wouldn’t rely on it to stay closed during travel. The cord, which can be unplugged from the case if need be, is over 4 feet long.

The instruction manual says that the vibrator works for 90 minutes on a charge (which takes about 3 hours), and I found that to be impressively accurate.

The design of the Delight is quite innovative. The dark purple plastic alongside the blue silicone is beautiful, and the plastic is easy to grip. Unlike straight vibrators/dildos, which require you to reach all the way down to the end of the toy and thrust from there, the Delight is much more user friendly; your hand rests comfortably above the area you’re stimulating. The plus and minus signs light up red, so even in the dark you can find the buttons.

I’m satisfied with the vibration settings — eight constant and three escalation — although I’ve felt stronger vibrations in other toys. The Delight is very quiet as well. When used as a clit stimulator, the bulbous head of the Delight distributes vibration all around and on the clit. When used for penetration, the Delight really hooks up inside the vagina, stays in place even if you let go of it, and makes for a nice, full feeling.

My main problem with this vibrator is with “the nub.” Inside the box, a diagram of the vibrator explains: “an extra protrusion stimulates clitoris.” Now, if this promise had not been made to me, I would not have been disappointed. But when a toy promises me clit stimulation, I want it!

It saddens me to put forth this accusation, but does Fun Factory have a clue where the clitoris is located? Sally Seal seemed to think my clit was higher than it is, and now the Delight thinks my clit is somewhere inside (or barely outside of) my vagina. The silicone on the curl of the shaft rested against my clit instead. Vibration was there, sure, but not the strong kind that I really needed.

So I decided to rearrange the Delight in order to use another toy on my clit. I had to awkwardly rest the top of the Delight against my thigh, making it nearly impossible to thrust with it. I would also venture to guess that it would be difficult to stimulate the G-spot from that angle. Unfortunately, this is the angle I’m going to be forced to use whenever I pick up the Delight.

I think some people could be satisfied with the vibration that does hit the clit. But I am still so, so sad that that vibration isn’t enough for me.

  1. Please note that the Delight no longer comes with a case, just a charging cord.