Review: Stroker

Tantus Stroker

I had a lot of hope for the Tantus Stroker. It’s one of the only 100% silicone masturbation sleeves in existence, made by a company that impresses me time and time again. The Stroker, I thought, could potentially be the masturbation sleeve to squash all CyberSkin and jelly masturbation sleeves.

But my hope didn’t last long. When I noticed the Stroker sitting in the bathroom a couple mornings after I presented it to my boyfriend (the telltale sign that it was used and washed), I asked him, “how was it!?”

Without hesitation, he replied, “it sucked.”

Talk about deflated. It sucked is a strong statement, but I know that my boyfriend doesn’t use it lightly. I quickly asked him the requisite, “well, how much lube did you use?”

“A lot.”

And it apparently made little difference. There are extreme ribs inside this masturbation sleeve (to “simulate vaginal contractions”), ribs that caused sensations ranging from discomfort to slight pain. The ribs are overwhelmingly obstructive, making it near impossible for him to even move the sleeve around his cock. To make matters worse, the ribs catch on his head. Not in a hot way. Not in a hot way at all. And this sleeve is also open on both ends, which means no suction whatsoever.

Later, when I used the Stroker on him, I realized just how dire the situation was. I felt like I was hurting him just by stroking. The ribs moved haphazardly over his cock, causing far too much friction, no matter how much lube we added. I tried holding the top closed to create suction, but to no avail. Seeing my boyfriend’s visible disinterest about something being moved up and down his cock told me everything I needed to know.

Silicone is easy to clean and sterilize, and this sleeve can be turned inside-out for thorough cleaning. The silicone Tantus used for this sleeve is actually softer than their usual silicone, and it is very squishy. But the ribs inside are still too damn intense, and the lack of a closed end is enough to turn most dudes away anyway. It’s worth mentioning that this sleeve is also quite short, at only 4 3/4″ long, so it could prove even more awkward to use on longer cocks.

I applaud Tantus for making a 100% silicone masturbation sleeve, but this one just doesn’t cut. The folks at Tantus informed me that this sleeve was made for guys who like their handjobs hard and tight, so that is partly why my boyfriend did not enjoy the sensations of the Stroker. Alas.

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