Review: Tiger


The Fun Factory Tiger is just begging me to make a bunch of tiger jokes, puns, and references. But I will resist doing so. For now.

Instead I will just say this: the Tiger is a solid silicone dildo. With 7″ of insertable length and a diameter of 1 3/4″, it’s also a pretty substantial dildo. With, you know, tiger stripes. And a funky-shaped base. But other than that, it’s fairly standard.

A couple Fun Factory products have discouraged me in the past, and I was mildly worried their faults would exist in the Tiger. I didn’t like the Fun Factory Share, for instance, because of its matte texture, which created friction. I was also saddened when the Fun Factory Curve caused more pain than pleasure with its very pronounced lip.

But the Tiger doesn’t have either of those issues. Its silicone is glossy. And the Tiger’s largest bump, at its tip, doesn’t hurt me. In fact, it rubs my G-spot beautifully, and the intense G-spot stimulation is the Tiger’s biggest asset. The tiger stripes are not very noticeable to me internally, but that G-spot bump sure is.

The Tiger‘s base is thick and Nickelodeon blob-shaped and, accordingly, wonderful to grasp. It’s incredibly sturdy and would work very well in a harness. Alas, I have no men’s harness, and no chicks to fuck me. But if I did, the Tiger is one of the first dildos I’d grab. You can’t go wrong with decent length and G-spotting goodness. Unfortunately, you also can’t write much more in a review about it. It’s a nice dildo, and it gets the G-spot job done. That’s about it.

And well, since I’ve been restraining myself for too long: it’s gr-r-r-eat! (And holy crap, I now have a mega craving for Frosted Flakes.)