Blogiversary blowout winners!

Ahhh, the end of my blogiversary blowout! I am excited to announce the seven lucky winners. First I chose my two favorite comments of all time and awarded prizes to those readers. After much deliberation, I decided to choose one comment that made me laugh, and one that warmed my heart (my two favorite kinds of comments, duh).

The comment that warmed my heart, on my Pussy a Go Go review…

I really like how you’re on this seeming carnival/circus porn kick; there needs to be more of that because it’s really interesting looking. I love how you talk about, not just the fucking taking place, but settings, lighting, mood, atmosphere, and the people and what they’re conveying by the looks on their faces and body language. This is kind of an umbrella comment covering your porn reviews. I love when people recognize that there’s more to porn than just sex. And as for the name, I fucking love it; any porn title that brings to mind Mystery Science Theater 3000 is okay in my book. <3

…was from Ashley, who chose the Papaya Toys Candy Stick (courtesy of Papaya Toys) as her prize.

The comment that made me laugh, on my Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets review…

This is the best. review. ever.

Please thank your vagina for enduring pain for everybody else’s entertainment. And review more shitty stuff. MORE MORE MORE

…was from Miss KissThis, who chose Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry series (courtesy of Tristan herself) as her prize.

All the other winners were chosen randomly, then given a list of available toys to choose from. Here’s how it all panned out!

I’ve had a blast giving out all these prizes, and I hope all of you winners thoroughly enjoy these toys as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered, and all the companies that generously donated toys! You all are awesome.

Now, any ideas for the next contest/giveaway?