Mar 172010

I knew I had to have the Astrovibe the moment I saw it. It did not matter what size it was. It didn’t matter if it vibrated or not. It didn’t matter if it came in a grubby plastic bag or a classy, satin-lined box. I just needed it.

Because it’s freaking lime green.

And not only that — it’s lime green with bluish swirls. This is one sexy dildo; unless, of course, you hate green (but then I’d just rather not know you).

The Astrovibe is made of 100% silicone. It’s a very soft, squeezable silicone that flops slightly if you wave it around. It’s pretty fat, at at 1 7/8″ in diameter (at its widest point) and 6 5/8″ in length. It has a hefty base that is ideal for getting a good grip and thrusting like crazy. Or pretending the dildo is a gun and “shooting” your partner when s/he walks in on your masturbation session. No, of course that hasn’t happened to me… why do you ask?

The Astrovibe is incredibly easy to insert, although I can’t insert the whole thing. I get to where the last ridge is just against my vaginal opening, and I can’t go any further, lest I poke my cervix. That’s okay, though — there’s plenty of dildo to thrust, and those ridges are more noticeable than I expected them to be. They’re a lot less intense than the ridges of the Soft Serve or Echo, though, which means they’re a bit too subtle for my personal, texture-loving tastes.

The curve of the Astrovibe doesn’t stimulate my G-spot all on its own; it’s too floppy and soft for that. But if I thrust, my G-spot definitely responds favorably. It’s not the most awesome G-spot stimulation ever (I prefer harder materials), but it works.

The Astrovibe has a hole in its base and comes with a watch-battery-guzzling bullet. The bullet has a very nice retrieval cord attached to it, but I still never use it. I don’t need vibrations, but they’re there if someone else does. (Although I’d recommend the We-Vibe Tango or Screaming O Vooom instead.)

Is the Astrovibe revolutionary? Outside of its greenness, no. No sensations I haven’t experienced before. But it’s a nice, thick, green (!!!) dildo with a pleasant texture and G-spot curve, so anyone looking for that combination of features would be mighty pleased to experience the Astrovibe.

Unfortunately, the Astrovibe has been discontinued, but the Good Vibes Rippler is green, massive, and curved similarly.

Also consider the Fun Factory Tiger, Vixen Creations Johnny, Tantus Echo, and Fun Factory Bandito.

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  • sophie2229

    I just bought this simply because it’s green. No regrets here!

  • Selective Sensualist

    I love green, too! Especially green with blue swirls. Color combos just don’t get any better than that . . .

  • Polly Vincere

    Vixen is just made of win. I love this green. Would definitely spice up my pink and purple toy box.

  • Bri

    I’m also a green fan. I’m not sure if I’d use the bullet with it or not…but I KNOW I’d stare at it admiringly.

  • Liz

    is this dildo just regular awesome vixen creations silicone, or is it vixskin as well? just curious.

    the green is nice. i think i’d like it in a lighter green, though – maybe like the fun factory spring?

  • @Liz: It’s regular silicone.

  • Crystalline

    LMAO, the green is awesome; the rounded curve looks fantastic; the bullet looks somewhat promising, but in the end, probably unnecessary. I too prefer harder materials, but it’d be great to try something softer for a more flexible thrust.

  • GREEN!! lol I’m sort of curious about the texture of the silicone with the ridges.

  • ScottA

    It works pretty well anally as well, and one big benefit there that isn’t noted here is the tapered design of the vibe – it isn’t 1-7/8″ in diameter all the way along, much of it is closer to 1-1/2″.

  • @ScottA: I just took out my measuring tape to check this out. The head is 1.67″ in diameter, and the smallest part of the middle is around 1.6″. The widest part near the base is 1.9″.

  • Tmcaurinus

    Goddamn, that thing is gorgeous.

    I succeeded in finding and obtaining an Orbit…maybe somehow I’ll someday obtain a Soft Serve (in blue AND orange) and an Astrovibe!

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