Mar 122010

Ever since the line of Sex in a Can Fleshlights came out, I’ve wanted to snag one for my boyfriend. I figured, since he loves his original Fleshlight, he’d clearly love a shrunken version. With teeth. And pale skin. And a fang-like texture on the inside.

Yeah, I know. I was asking for it.

The Succu Dry is shaped like an energy drink, but it certainly won’t pass for one — it’s bigger and, uh, has an intense vampire woman on the front. It says “1 pint” on it, but if it were actually a drink, it would be more like 20 or 22 ounces. It’s smaller than regular Fleshlights, of course, but due to the label, it’s far more flamboyant. The diameter of the plastic can is 2 3/4 inches, and it stands about 7 3/4″ tall.

The sleeve itself, made of Fleshlight’s signature SuperSkin, is a pale peach color. The lips and teeth are creepily realistic. Sometimes I catch myself wheedling the teeth between my fingers, just because they’re so pliable (and I’m such a creep). When you take the sleeve out of the case and compare it to a regular Fleshlight sleeve, it’s cute in its smallness.

But as it turns out, smaller is not always better — at least for my boyfriend. He contends that there is such a thing as too tight, and the Succu Dry falls into that category.

My boyfriend’s first try with the Succu Dry was a disaster. He couldn’t feel the fangs and couldn’t get any thrusting going at all. He deemed the toy a complete failure. Always the annoying girlfriend, I told him to try again with a different lube. He had used the very thick Almost Naked the first time, so I gave him the very thin Kama Sutra Love Liquid instead.

Success! He was able to finally thrust into the Succu Dry. It seems that a thinner lube is necessary so that it can ooze between the crevasses.

But still, he doesn’t really care for the sensation. It’s very, very tight (a lot tighter than the original), made especially tight by the fang texture. The fangs don’t feel pointy, he says, because they get flattened by thrusting — they feel more like bumps or nubs. He likes the texture better than the “twista” texture of his Tera Patrick Fleshlight, but he likes Tera Patrick better in general because it’s not as tight as the Succu Dry. Because of the extreme tightness, moving the Succu Dry up and down one’s cock takes a lot of forearm strength, which is annoying.

The suction when the end of the Succu Dry is closed is very intense, almost to the point of rendering the toy inoperative. The boyfriend much prefers to loosen the cap. But sometimes when the cap is loosened or removed, the sleeve will wheeze loudly while being used. This wheezing does not occur with the bigger Fleshlights.

Obviously, cock size will play a role in whether the Succu Dry feels tight, so for the first time, my boyfriend measured his girth. Turns out he is girthier than average, at 5.5″ in circumference (1.75″ in diameter). However, men with long penises could also have trouble, since the can without the top is only about 6 inches long; if you’re 6″ or longer, you’ll be hitting a wall.

One upside to the Succu Dry is that, unlike the bigger Fleshlights, the sleeve can be turned inside out for cleaning. As with any Fleshlight, only water should be used to cleanse your man-juices from the sleeve. To keep the SuperSkin soft, it should be powdered periodically with corn starch.

If your motto is “the tighter the better,” then the Succu Dry will be your dream come true. But of my boyfriend’s three Fleshlights, the Succu Dry is his least favorite. He notes that if the Succu Dry were the only Fleshlight he’d ever tried, “then I would think it was the best sleeve ever” (his Fleshlight-love in general is pretty strong). But since that’s not the case, the original Fleshlight is “so much better that it’s not even funny.”

Get the Succu Dry at FleshlightLovehoney (international), or Come As You Are (Canada).

Find the Fleshlight of your dreams at Fleshlight, FleshjackGoodVibesEarly to Bed,
Smitten Kitten, Pleasure ChestLovehoney (international), or Come As You Are (Canada).

  • The Masturbator

    Wow, his experience was extremely similar to mine. I didn’t include this in my review but it actually kind of hurt to use this. I’m not sure if he experienced that or not. I agree with everything he said about it though.

  • Backseat Boohoo

    A couple of people have noted that these are way too tight to be 100% pleasurable, which kind of sucks. :/ Still, glad to know it hasn’t tarnished his Fleshlight love!

  • Boyfriend found the same thing about it being too tight. The entire Sex in a Can series is bad about it. I think it gave my boyfriend a bad “first try” at male masturbators. Great review. And someone told me that there is apparently a large “super-sized” beer can that is actually the size of these.

  • namelesschaos

    Nice review, I’m getting my first sex in a can this Monday a o doyle stout which has the mini-forbidden texture; wonder if that one will be to tight? Anyway, although i know this came into being due to the vampire craze I can’t help but wonder who read about vagina-dentata and thought: “Thats hot!”

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  • Backseat Boohoo


    She didn’t “brag,” she just mentioned her boyfriend’s size. It sounds like YOU’RE the one who needs to “deal with it,” “it” being your apparent insecurities about the size of your penis.

  • LessKeen

    It always amuses me in any review of male toys how the user always, always seems to be ‘larger’ than average. Oh it’s too tight, boo hoo! It would be nice for someone to say ‘I’m average’ or ‘I’m smaller than average’. And yes – I’m smaller than average. Deal with it!

  • @LessKeen: No.

    It’s too tight because it’s small and tight. Look up other reviews of it (hell, read the damn comments on this review); the consensus is that the Sex in a Can series feels too tight.

    I mentioned my boyfriend’s girth so others could gauge how tight the toy would feel to them. Oh no, he’s half an inch girthier than the average penis! How boastful of me! So sorry for stating a fact!

    Go take your bitterness somewhere else.

  • @LessKeen:

    Here’s the thing, guy- we all have our own unique anatomies to deal with, it’s true. But when writing a review intended for other people with other bodies, it helps to have some basis for comparison or else it’s just a vague piece of bullshit that isn’t helping anybody. Epiphora excels at this, being very clear that she’s only speaking for her own body or her partner’s body. So yes, there is an AVERAGE size of penis that this particular product may be unsuitable for. Apparently this product might suit your anatomy just fine. Isn’t it better to know that in no uncertain terms?

    If you feel there’s such a need, maybe you should start your own toy review blog for “smaller than average” guys. Maybe the market needs your feedback! And then you can refrain from posting whiny comments here.

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  • Selective Sensualist

    I feel bad that my husband has not yet been able to try a Fleshlight. He has the Tenga Flip Hole Black and the Vibratex Maven, but that is all he has in terms of sleeves (though he does also have the Cobra Libre, but it’s not really a sleeve since you can’t thrust with it . . . and he doesn’t really like it, for that reason).

    I’m not sure if he would like the tighter fit of the can or the regular Fleshlight better. Hmmm . . . may just have to get him both! 😉

  • My lover thinks this “…looks horrendously painful, but if it’s that tight it could totally be worth it.” He won’t let me measure his penis, but I think it would actually be too tight for him. He doesn’t realize I know the size of his penis because I’ve compared it to the size of my dildos! 😉

  • Bri

    The appeal of the Succu Dry to me is it’s size. Fleshlights are just comically oversized to actually pass for a flashlight. The length and tightness on SD sounds risky though, especially if buying it as a gift.

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  • Thank you for commenting with that suggestion! It’s a good idea.

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