Apr 162010

How do you improve on a truly fantastic G-spot dildo? Duh, you make it vibrate! Vibrations make everything infinitely better, right? I mean look at Rumble Paks, mascara wands, and cell phones! That shit’s the bomb!

But in the process of making the dildo vibrate, Ophoria also chopped off the handle… and in doing so, robbed the Beyond 1 of one of the most kickass aspects of the Beyond 3. This doesn’t make the Beyond 1 automatically shitty or anything, but next to its predecessor, it’s just not as effective — at least if insane G-spot stimulation is your goal.

The Beyond 1 is generally the same size and shape as the Beyond 3, just with no looped handle. It’s a little over 7″ long, and the ball at the end is 1 1/2″ in diameter. The ball end is pliable, but the shaft is not. The whole thing is made of 100% silicone, very soft and matte, except for the cap, which is silky plastic. The color of the Beyond 1 is blacker than the Beyond 3 (hence the difference between the colors “noir” and “charcoal” — obviously, guys). The cap twists off easily to reveal the battery compartment, which holds two AAAs (included!). The one and only button on the entire unit is on the cap.

The packaging is quite classy — a nice (albeit cardboard) box, a one-year warranty, a helpful manual, and an envelope-shaped storage pouch. These touches reflect the toy’s very steep price tag of around $80, although that price is never completely justified by anything.1

The Beyond 1 has 900 vibration modes — okay, 9, but it feels like 900 when I’m cycling through them one by one. The manual explains them in pictures and cute names like “Mambo” and “Spellbound.” There are three constant vibration modes, and the rest are patterns.

The Beyond 1 claims, as is common nowadays, to be “whisper quiet,” which wouldn’t be so bad if this toy could at all be described as quiet. But it can’t. It is loud, even on its lowest level. The vibrations are definitely strong, but they’re not concentrated in the ball-shaped head, so clitoral stimulation is a no-go.

Now, you see, I don’t care for internal vibrations (I haven’t reviewed a vibrating insertable since August!), so I’m already biased against the Beyond 1. But the vibration isn’t the main issue, here — the lack of handle is. When I thrust with the Beyond 1, I have nothing to grasp. I can’t get a good, quick rhythm going at all. Therefore, I can’t stimulate my G-spot the way I like to stimulate it.

But, of course, thrusting is not mandatory, and once I let go of the idea that the Beyond 1 needed to be thrusted to be enjoyed, things went more smoothly. I kept the Beyond 1 stationary inside me, letting the vibrations stimulate my G-spot instead. I was pleased, especially with the constant vibration modes. Not in orgasmic heaven, but pleased.

I think the Beyond 1 could work for some who truly needs vibrations on their G-spot (and has $80 to drop on a non-rechargeable vibrator), but if you prefer to thrust, I highly suggest the Beyond 3 instead. It’s better in every way, and also cheaper by about 30 bucks. The difference between $50 and $80 is considerable, and I see no compelling reason to choose the expensive option in this case.

[Ophoria as a company is now gone. You might be interested in the Jopen Key Comet II Wand.]

  1. The $80 might be more reasonable if the Beyond 1 were rechargeable, for instance. []
  • Ha, thanks!

    I have opted not to get the dildo because the vibe works well enough for me but I am all about vibes!

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  • Selective Sensualist

    I love my Beyond No. 3, but the Beyond No. 1 looks cool, too. Too bad about the shorter handle! Also, I prefer rechargeable vibrators. Maybe they’ll release a new and improved model (one that also has pinpoint stimulation in the tip for clit stimulation).

  • Bri

    I think I’d rather try No. 3 over No. 1, it just sounds like it works better. But who knows, maybe I’ll end up with both eventually. I’m undecided about the need for vibes for my g-spot thus far.

  • It looks cool, but i don’t know about the short handle thing.

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  • Vega

    The short handle is actually a selling point for me. I love the shape of the Beyond 3’s head and shaft, but that handle makes it impossible for me to thrust because it’s curled the wrong way and it makes my wrist cramp up!

  • Trix

    Since it was much easier to find than the Beyond 3, and I snagged it at a reasonable price (around $60 with a discount coupon), I opted for this one. Because I still can’t insert the bulb one-and-a-half months later (I think it’s the shape, rather than the size…I’m not only a virgin, but a petite one internally, and so I need a tapered head thus far to guide anything in), the vibrations have been the only saving grace for me. I have to wait until I’m really aroused and wet (otherwise this particular silicone drags too much, and lube doesn’t cling to this vibe too well), but settings 6 and 7 do have me swearing like a sailor if I use the Beyond 1 on my clit or outer labia while a dildo that actually fits is inside me. So, a mixed blessing thus far, but I guess I can never say never…meanwhile, I look at the Beyond 3 squirting pics with envy…sigh. (I also wish the Beyond 1 didn’t absorb scents so easily; it smells like a weird amalgam of every soap I’ve used to clean it, an offputting lemongrass-vanilla combo. Yeesh. No other silicone toy I’ve had has done that.)

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