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Giveaway: Squeeze some VixSkin!

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MARCH OF THE COCKS! Graphic of tons of VixSkin dildos, all lined up.

It’s no secret I adore VixSkin, the soft-on-the-outside and hard-on-the-inside silicone invented by Vixen Creations. Right now, I’m still on a high from my latest VixSkin dildo, Maverick. Awesomely, this high is going to translate into a dildo for one of you!

Some very generous folks decided to help me out with this one. Together we will be giving one lucky winner their dream VixSkin dildo! And there’s a LOT to choose from…

Is your head spinning from the awesomeness yet?

How to enter

Comment here with answers to my perverse questions! Answer as many or as few as you’d like. Each answer earns you one entry, for up to 3 entries.

  • Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).
  • What attracts you to realistic dildos?
  • What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!

You can get more entries by doing these things:

  • Subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe to email updates. Comment here letting me know.
  • Comment on my reviews of Maverick, Randy, and/or Raquel, for up to 3 entries. Something more substantial than “nice review!”, please.
  • Share/like this on Facebook with the button below this post. Comment letting me know.

Deadline: May 13th, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Fine print: To win, you must live in the U.S., UK, or one of the Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia, NZ, HK, etc). I will choose a winner randomly from the entries and email the winner with a list of available dildos to choose from.

A big thanks to for sponsoring!

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  1. A squishy experience. I have the BEST story for that one – losing my virginity….sort of? I had been dating this guy for awhile and we decided we wanted to be each other’s first. He tried to make it how he thought it would be super sexy, by saying “hey, lets get into the hot tub first and make out “. So being in the hot tub did little more for me than make my lady bits slightly numb from the excessive heat. For him, all seemed to be fine. Until we got out, of course. The change from hot water to a slightly cold room made his penis the squishest thing EVER. Even though I’d never had sex, I’d seen a hard penis, and his definitely wasn’t it. So rather than talk about it or try to heat things back up with some foreplay, he did what he thought was the best plan of action – shove his squishy penis and BALLS into the condom to try to have sex. WTF?? It didn’t turn out well at all.

  2. I’ve already subscribed to your email updates.
    1. My current guy is constantly amazed by the “squishy” sounds I make. It’s very amusing.
    2. Because I am a Broke-Ass College Student (who spent $60 on a set of gouache paints. blerg), I’m just plain attracted to having a variety of dildoes to play with. I do not currently own a realistic dildo, so I’m mostly curios about what the look/feel like, than anything.
    3. I love to touch/squeeze hand-knitted scarves, sweaters, etc. This is one of the reasons why I love knitting. I also have a tendency to play with paint. It’s kind of fitting that I’m at art school.

  3. Also, subscribed to RSS, but you were already on the blogroll anyhow:D

    What do I like to squeeze? I’m a massage therapist. Squeezing is kind of my life. I enjoy squeezing muscles, of course! The feeling of turning a rock hard muscle into smooth, unobstructed tissue is very satisfying for me as a therapist. It means I’ve done my job well and I’ve helped someone in the process.

    What attracts me to realistic dildos? Well, I am a fan of cock. Sometimes, I would rather reach for a nice cock than have to deal with the man attached. Chauvanistic? Perhaps 🙂

  4. I’m already subscribed to your RSS feed.

    1) An amazing squishy experience I’ve had? The first time I bit into a champagne mango. I was really, really dubious when I first peeled off the thin yellow skin. It looked a wee bit funny, honestly; the stuff right under the skin was really stringy. It smelled good, though, so I decided to go for it. I bit into it. It was not stringy at all! The fruit was soft, and smooth, and oh so squishy. It was bursting with juice, and before long I had mango juice running down my chin and wrists. (Yeah, I was eating it the messy way. I have since learned…) I adore champagne mangos, and even though I now know how to eat them the less-messy way, sometimes I just peel it and dig in, because the squishy fruit is just so wonderful.

    2) I’m partly attracted to realistic dildos for the novelty. I’ve never, ever had a realistic dildo before. Honestly, the closest I’ve come to realistic is the Tantus Vamp, which is sort of, kind of realistically shaped, but that’s it. I’ve tried Tantus’s O2 Rascal, but that’s rather un-realistic in shape. I want to try a realistic shape and material and color all in one. It sounds like so much fun!

    3) What do I like to touch for pleasure alone in a non-sexual way? Fabrics. Velvet, satin, gossamer, microsuede, fleece, lace, ribbon, cashmere, I just love to run my hands over and through fabric. Set me loose in a fabric warehouse with permission to touch, and I’m happy for HOURS!

  5. I already subscribe, bish.

    And are you SURE you want me to answer these questions…? 😉 Alright, alright:

    1. Thinking about “squishy experiences” kind of has me squicked out. “Squishy” tends to gross me out. Such as the time that I got caught in a downpour while living in Boston. This meant walking places. In squishy shoes that were filled with water. I kept gagging and trying not to throw up. Then I cried.

    2. I love me some realistic cock. I think penises are so pretty, and so anything that looks like a penis is good by me!

    3. I like to squeeze Play-Doh. This is not a secret. I carry some in my purse and randomly take it out, sniff it, squeeze it, whatevs. I swear I’m a totally normal person.

  6. Entries:
    1. I’m already subscribed to your email updates
    2. Remember Gak (spelling? oh well) anyway THAT was squishy. That and floam. I wanted it for years and when I finally got it, I was unbelievably happy.
    3. I don’t necessarily like “realistic” dildos. I like bright fun colors. That’s why I would pick the Raqel if I won. It’s squishy, pink, all kinds of awesome, and it’s not 100% realistic. I wish Vixskin would make more colored toys.
    4. I love squeezing this happy face stress ball because if I’m stressed what better way to get happy than by releasing your tension and by looking at a happy face?
    5. comment
    6. comment
    7. comment

    Don’t know if we need to give our preferences – but I choose the Raqel!

  7. I subscribe via RSS to mah Google Reader. Have for months now.

    1. The Vixskin Randy is so squishy… and glorious. Every single time I use it I orgasm within seconds. No clit stimulation needed. The full, squishy, luxurious feeling is just amazing. Every girl should get to experience that on a daily basis.

    2. I am not really attracted to realistic dildos visually, but the shape and texture of a penis internally induce multiple orgasms. The head, the veiny texture, the thickness, the squishy-ness. Mmmm.

    3. My sheets. We splurged and bought a really high thread count sheet set for our bed. On top of our euro-top mattress they feel amazing. I love being naked and rolling around in them. Even when I’m sitting on the bed fully clothed I find myself moving my legs around, rubbing them against the fabric.

  8. 1) I don’t know if I”ve had many for squishy experiences. I know that my boyfriend has enjoyed putting a suction cup dildo around the apartment for the past couple days just to see where I’ll find it. It’s squishy.

    2) I’m actually not much of a realistic dildo fan. I’m much more fond of something like the Raquel. Realistic dildos can be attractive, but it’s only when it’s semi-realistic.

    3) I like the feel of high-grade silicone. I love how soft it is, and it just feels amazing to be able to touch.

  9. * Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).
    I once, for a roller derby event, participated in cranberry sauce wrestling. It was…interesting…

    * What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    This is actually a prize I’m trying to win for my moose. She loves big, realistic thick cocks, and I want to win her the Randy cause I love her 🙂

    * What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!
    My kitties are very soft, squishy, squeezable and loveable. I also enjoy fingering fleshlights, oddly enough. I find it relaxing.

  10. WOOT! I’m actually really, REALLY excited about this because I’ve wanted the Raquel since you reviewed it!

    1. A squishy experience. I love squishy textures; I take my nieces and nephews toys (like their playdoh and goos and moon sand and stuff like that, all that stuff that I wasn’t allowed to play with as a kid because it was ‘messy’) and just squeeze them and play with them. In the realm of sex toys, the squishiest toy I own is probably the Tantus Ripple. It is so SQUISHY.

    2. I’m actually not really attracted to realistic dildos. I’ve always had a kind of lingering ickiness with them; they make me think of dismembered…members. Especially ones with balls; they just seem so unattractive (and so creepily hairless). I’m not a huge fan of balls in like…real human anatomy so I guess that has a big role in it. However, I’m sure that all of that would become a moot point if I actually used one and it felt good.

    3. Stuff that I like to squeeze. I already mentioned the Ripple. Other stuff that gives me tactile pleasure: certain kinds of fabric, brushed aluminum, my cat (the walking-around-on-four-legs kind), anything really smooth or soft. And sometimes, in stark contrast, I like feeling really rough textures like sand paper or concrete floor. I’m not sure why but sometimes it just feels nice.

    I’m so excited about this contest! I’ve already commented on the Raquel and I’m fairly certain that I’m already subscribed to your RSS feed so I’m going to subscribe via email! And now to go comment on the Randy post (which I though I had already commented on but find that I have NOT!) Great contest!

  11. 1. Sometimes, during a night of passionate love-makin’, when I get up to grab a toy or lube, or just to switch positions, the sounds of our love juices can be heard squishing between my legs. I find it terribly disturbing, but my guy said it was a real turn on. Hey, as long as he’s happy. *shrugs*

  12. 2. I’m attracted to realistic dildos for use with my partner. He is FTM (Female-to-Male) Transgendered. Meaning technically, he was born with the girly bits and is working to attain the manly ones. Currently he is pre-hormones, pre-surgery.. but in a few weeks he’s getting his first prescription for testosterone! Realistic dildos give us the opportunity to make love in a way that feels natural and right to him. Plus it means I get to pick the penis my guy fucks me with. Haha! ^_^

  13. Am I old enough to enter this thing? Psh. Whatevs. Doing it anyway.

    1. A squishy experience, you say? Well there was this one time that I was walking around barefoot and *shudder* stepped on a slug. A SLUG! Needless to say, I wore shoes from then on.

    2. I’ve never tried a realistic dildo before… or really any dildo before since I haz a poor and live in the middle of nowhere where sex shops carry pretty terrible stuff. Yeah, I’m not desperate or anything. Not at all.

    3. Pizza dough! It’s squishy and fun and BONUS! It turns into pizza, which is delicious.

    And I’m subscribed to your email updates already. 🙂

  14. 1. Does falling on the floor immediately after hearing lube squish under my toes count? Yes, yes it does. Wood floors + silicone lube = no.
    2. I used to hate them, but then I got Randy and he’s a sexy beast. He opened the door to my love for realistics, however, I’m still working on overcoming my fear of balls.
    3. This is going to sound obvious, but I got a stress ball with a smiley face the other day. DON’T LAUGH! He’s awesome and I named him Alfredo. We’re buddies and he’s squishy.

    I already follow your RSS feed!

  15. Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).
    When I was a little kid I had one of those toys that were plastic sleeves with gel and things on the inside that, if you squeezed them the sleeve would pop out of your hand. The summer I got that was the summer I discovered masturbation. It was interesting, but also when I found out that sleeves were not for me (a fact reinforced very recently)

    What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    Well, I like penises. I also like dildos. This one’s hard to answer because to me, it’s obvious…

    What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!
    I have this stuffed soccer ball plush toy that’s a bit bigger than a real ball, very squishy, and very, VERY soft. I love it :3

  16. 1- Squishy experience? The thing that jumps to my mind was when I was in high school and hanging out with a group of my friends. We were in my friend’s gated community. It was a very phee-phee neighborhood. They had their own police and such. Well, we were hanging out in the play park that they had. It was huge and awesome. It was late at night, after 11 pm and we pretty much were being regular teenagers, laughing and running around. Technically the park was closed, but it was just in this big field, so it wasn’t like we were breaking and entering or anything… ANYWAY… The police [or as we were laughing about at the time the ‘popo’] slowly came driving by and we decided the smartest thing would be to sprint back to my friend’s home. In a field. A day after a thunderstorm. So we ran… and I fell. Into a huuuuuuge mud pile pretty much. My jeans were completely covered in mud. None of my friends wanted to drive me home. Luckily one person let me sit in their car, only after layering their seats five papertowels deep. So yeah, that’s my extremely long squishy story.

    2- what attracts me? I just bought my first harness, and I have a cool cock for it, but isn’t realistic and I think it would awesome to get a realistic one to throw in the harness when I’d like.

    3- I like to touch my pets. It calms me to pet/feel them close to me. I also like to touch plush blankets. The soft plushie feeling I can stroke for HOURS! seriously.

  17. Squishy experience: The first one that comes to mind is walking around on a nature trail on a sunny and encountering a patch of mud. I (perhaps foolishly) took off my flip flops and stepped in it and squeezed the mud between my toes. It felt cool and squishy and awesome.

    What draws me to realistic dildoes: To be honest, I prefer non-realistic dildoes, but I used to outright dislike realistic dildoes until recently. I think it was discovering exceptional dildoes like Mr. Man, & that whole concept, and the Randy, that changed my mind. Now I think I’d like to own at least one.

    What I like to squeeze: damn, first thing I thought of WAS a human body part, but oh well. I really like the feeling of raw rice. I push my fingers in and out of it while I’m washing it sometimes.

    I’m already subscribed to your RSS feed 🙂 Also: commenting on the aforementioned posts. Also: some of these responses are awesome and hilarious.

  18. Ahh, I’m so jealous of you! You finally got a Maverick~

    1. Squishy experiences. Hm. For some reason, the first thing that pops into my head is cooking – hand mixing bread doughs, and meats for meatballs or meatloaf. Oddly squishy. Sometimes icky, but all for a delicious end.

    2. For some reason, I really find the look of a random disembodied cock sitting around amusing. On the dresser, bed, side table, wherever. Suction cups are an extra bonus for random disembodied cocks on windows!

    3. But there are so many fun squishy human body parts!

    Sex toys are a given, of course. The various types of silicone, Fleshlight materials and the like, and that one squishy Eroscillator tip. Down feather pillows are awesome too, those squeezey stress balls, the old Koosh balls, pretty much anything that’s squishable makes me happy, haha. I’m a simple creature.

  19. 1) When I was a kid I was in Williamsburg or some similar place with the whole historic thing going on, and there was a big pit of mud and such where an older kid (teen maybe) was squishing up stuff to make bricks. He asked me if I wanted to come down and squish the mud some and help make bricks. Sadly I was at a strange point in childhood where I didn’t want to get dirty, like, ever, so I didn’t. I still really regret that.

    2) I’m not sure what attracts me to realistic dildos…possibly just the fact that I don’t have any. I love interesting shapes and design stuff like the non-realistic ones have…but there’s something uniquely satisfying about something more true to life. Plus, I stopped being in a relationship a couple months ago, so something more realistic might be nice to have in lieu of a real penis.

    3) I like to squish nice yarn, good sock yarn is always a good choice. I also like to squish bread dough, or any sort of dough really. And nice pillows.

  20. Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious)

    1) A squishy experience? Since we can be sexual with this one I am going to talk about the Tantus O2 Rascal, which has a squishy outer core. I have a soft spot for this toy as I consider it the toy that turned me in to a size king, ever since I took that thing up my butt I have falling in love with girth. My first few times with it where so intense I achieved orgasm just from the intensity of inserting it without even having to thrust it. I may not always be up to it but when I am I love a large toy (current biggest is the 2” in diameter Mantoy whose silicone despite it appearance is pretty soft for be just regular silicone now that I think of it.

    What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    2) I like variety and I don’t have any realistic ones in my arsenal yet and to get one that is realistic in color shape and feel seems like an awesome way to introduce myself to their kind.

    What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!

    3) The big, warm, soft, quilt I have. I had it for years ever since I lived up north. You may think I wouldn’t get much use out of it in South Florida but my mom likes the AC really cold and I like to be really warm when I sleep so I actually end up using it most nights.

    4) I already subscribe to your RSS feed

    5) I have commented on your Maverick review

    6) I have commented on you Randy review

    7) I have commented on your Raquel review

  21. 1. CATZ. Ok, no really, I like playing with food when I get the chance. If I’m ever making a face mask or food that needs/kneading/rolling etc. I LOVE to get in there with my hands and squish at dough/fruits/etc. Bananas are fun to squish, but I hate them when they’re super ripe. So I guess my squishy experience would be baking bread and making a huge mess with all the flour etc. It was delicious!

    2. CATZ. I think my cat will like it. This is the prereq for buying any great toy, right? She will want to get in the box the order was packaged in and I can’t deny her that pleasure. Ok, ok truth = realistic dildos are sort of WAY MORE AWESOME than we give them credit for. Even if the caramel colour is a wee bit creepy sometimes. They’re often thick and filling and shaped in such a way that they hit all the right spots.

    3. CATZ and lots of other things…when I was a child I had a blue silky ribbon (well there were numerous incarnations of this as sometimes he went AWOL) which was my security blanket and always in my pocket. I’d run it across my lips and play with it because I loved the smooth feel. To this day I really love feeling satiny materials, they make me feel comfortable.

    4. Subscribed to RSS via Google Reader. 🙂

    5. NICE REVIEW = Raquel

    6. NICE REVIEW = Randy

    7. NICE REVIEW = Maverick

  22. Hum… let’s see…

    1. I daylight (my fav term for my oh so not inspiring day job..)at a vet clinic.. oh the stories I could tell.. Most notably would be the first time I helped with a hematoma 🙂 Nothing goes squish quite like a huge pocket of blood. Lol.

    2. I’m hypersexual. I have never had a partner who can keep up with me sexually. Never met anyone, and I don’t expect to. But it doesn’t bother me, I’ve developed a healthy sex life with myself. I’m also a size queen… I have had VERY VERY large phallic objects of the real and fake variety in me (but oddly enough, fists don’t fit… *shrug*) So the vixskin seems would fit very nicely with these two aspects of my life 🙂

    3. I have sensory processing issues (somewhere along the lines of sensory processing disorder) and one of my primary symptoms is hypo-sensitivity to anything tactile. Part of this is certain tactile feedback can really help calm me down if I’m stressed or anxious. My favorite things to touch/feel are skin (and all the minor differences of pores, folicles, etc), satin, textured medical tape and hair!

  23. What do I like to squeeze? I love to squeeze chocolate mousse through my fingers… sounds weird huh. I’m a Pastry Chef and I work with a mousse of some sort almost on a daily basis. When I’m through with my prep I always have a little left overs, and I sometimes find myself squeezing it through my fingers, It feels almost like hair mousse but at a thicker viscosity. Plus I’m a weirdo 🙂 haha.

  24. What attracts me to the realistic dildos? The fact that they are realistic looking… I love a hard cock, Like my partners for example.
    I think May West said it best with “A hard man is good to find.”

  25. 1) The worst squishy experience I ever had was getting the dental impressions for a retainer. Nastiness squeezing up around my gums and down my throat. Almost had a panic attack.
    But then I love messing with other squishy-ness like Playdough, Silly Putty and Cookie Dough haha.
    2) I’m kind of obsessed with trying every kind of sex toy and I’ve never had a realistic dildo. I got one of those nasty Doc Johnson jelly ones as a joke from a friend but it smelled so toxic I didn’t want to get it anywhere near me. I’ve heard so many good things about VixSkin, I’m dying to try it!
    3) I looove finger-painting. Cold paint rubbing across a cloth canvas is one of the best tactile feelings in the world, I think.

    Now subscribing to your updates via email!

  26. #1. A squishy experience? We went boating and decided to pull up on a bank to do some whatever. I jumped out of the front of the boat and literally sunk clear up to my knees in some horrid sand/clay/mud mix that was beyond squishy. Alan thought it was hilarious because I was SO stuck in that slime.
    #2. To be completely honest, what attracts me to realistic dildos is the fact that I have a serious penis fetish.
    #3. Things that I like to touch/squeeze: velvet, satin, Fleshlight’s Superskin, and kiwis, just to name a few.
    #4. I subscribe to your feed via Mozilla/Firefox’s built in tool bar… does that count?

  27. 1. I have a gap between my front two teeth. I really enjoy squishing mashed potatoes through the gap when I’m eating. It’s terribly entertaining to show to others too.

    2. Not a thing, which is why the Raquel is calling me.

    3. I have something that has earned the name “pillow skin” in my family. It’s an old torn up satiny pillow cover that I have slept with for years. I squeeze it and rub it to help me fall asleep.

    Subscribed to your email updates!

  28. A squishy experience? Well, my recent ex would tell me that I was always “squishy,” if that counts, because I tend to be emotional. But let’s see.. I remember, when I was younger, they used to have those Halloween parties, and there were those bags. You know, the bags that no one knew what was in them. So there was always one squishy, disgusting bag. And I put my hand in it – it was disgusting, it felt so horrid. Now, if I had known what it was (I still don’t…), perhaps I would not have felt that way, because I’ve touched some pretty squishy things..but that was not a particularly fun experience. HAHA!!!

  29. Alright, what attracts me to the realisic prosthetics. Well, considering the fact that I am what I am, I feel that they’re a necessity to keep me feeling sane and comfortable – that’s why I’m wanting the Goodfella so much, because the addition of the testicles in FRONT of the harness makes it more realistic. Now, what do I look for in a realisitc penis? A pronounced, nicely shaped head, a fairly medium-length shaft, and good-sized testicles, not too big or small. Veins, too, along the shaft, are nice.

  30. Since your last question is what I like to squeeze OR touch, no human body parts, I will say that I love to touch fur blankets. Even a really good, faux fur works too. I love to stroke them, as they’re so soft and sweet. They feel so good.

  31. I commented on your Maverick review! I really liked it, it was such a good review. You make me want Vixskin more than I already do. HA!

  32. Alright, I also commented on your review of Raquel, Epiphora!

    I wish that there were more ways to enter, this is the one contest that I’m really hoping for. Well, we’ll see!

  33. I love the feel of squishing ripe peaches when they’re ripe, but they have to have the right amount of give and resistance. Too squishy and it’s a sticky mess and too resistant and I might as well be squishing a rock.

    also the fuzzy outside
    gotta love that fuzz

  34. I really like realistic dildos because I really love the feeling of strapping on something that feels real. (I also really love touching it and playing with it a little before fucking my sweetie.)

    Makes it feel like I have a real cock, and I REALLY love feeling like I have a real cock. 🙂

    I’m so happy Vixskin has made these toys! I’ve been limited to toys made with crappy (and often dangerous) materials to get lifelike feel I crave.

  35. 1) Delivering several litters of puppies. That is just about the squishiest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s even squishier than cleaning out the garbage disposal (but at least the results are cuter).

    2) I like realistic dildos because of the shape and textuer. If you love real dicks but don’t have access to one when you need it, a realistic dildo is the next best thing. (OR, if you do have access to a real one, but just want a second one. 😀 )

    3) I love squeezing those foamy stress-reliever balls. LOVE them. I think because I was a typist for so long, and I used them to relax and strengthen my hands (which my husband appreciates!).

  36. already subscribed to you through google reader!

    * Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).
    i’d have to say “squishy” describes my first experiences with vixskin — i already own two (i know, i’m a greedy bastard for wanting more!!!!), and the first one i bought was the smallest — i think they’re calling it the “realistic small bent” now? anyway… as an anal toy, the small dildo doesn’t have quite enough “hardness” for easy penetration. getting that little guy in was an exercise in squishiness, for sure.

    * What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    what doesn’t? my first forays into solo anal play were with a non-realistic dildo, and the texture of the silicone was just utterly unpleasant. once i first read a description of the vixskin texture, i knew it was for me. i upgraded recently to the tex, and i LOVE him — i even find myself lazily sucking on tex absent-mindedly, and he feels so great on my tongue…

    * What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone?
    my fingers definitely gravitate towards flesh and hair, and not much else… i do love the feel of silk and cotton fabric, though… does tex count? i love just holding him…

  37. Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).
    My only experience to date of sexting. My boyfriend spent a couple of wonderful hours describing what he’d like to be doing to me. I was so completely turned on and wet. It’s way to bad that I was at work and couldn’t do anything about it…

  38. What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    The look. I like my sex toys to look like dicks.

  39. What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!

    I love the feel of silk. It’s like being stroked by water when I walk. I’d wear nothing but silk if I could…

  40. Mmmm…I want that Maverick!

    Squishy goodness: sucking back a Jello shot whole down your throat; or through your teeth so it breaks up; or smashing it against your palate with your tongue. For good or for evil, Jello is squishy heaven for me.

    I had a realistic dildo that I called Monster. I loved how it was squishy to the touch yet firm enough to thrust. Then, it started to get floppy. After that, I discovered this wonderful world of sex toys and discovered that this old Doc Johnson dildo was made of some toxic chemical that would likely make my uterus glow if I continued to use it. So, Monster has been retired, well past his prime. How I long for another realistic dildo to take its place. But not make my insides a toxic wasteland. Sounds like VixSkin fits the bill.

    Have you seen those kids toys that are a squeezy ball with slimy spiky things all over it? Think koosh ball that blows a slime bubble when you squeeze it. I am at once disgusted and totally attracted to squeezing this thing. Over and over and over again.

    Of course, I already subscribe to your blog.
    Commented on all three posts.

  41. I signed up for the email subscription (which I hadn’t known about so cool).

    1. A recent clogged toilet… so not fun but very squishy!

    2. Some toys are fun in that they are so obviously toys. Nothing realistic, but the metal is nice, pretty, and just works. I like realistic dildos the most because it’s like having a real dick without the man (if he’s not around or you simply don’t want one). Put it on the shelf when you’re done :D.

    3. Bed sheets/blankets.

  42. Squishy Experience: I had to do a bar-b-que for a large group. In preparation I had to marinate the chicken legs and breast. So there I am 20 to 30 pieces of meat at a time up to my elbows in BBQ Sauce. It was squishy and messy and felt glorious and sometimes gross. Needless to say it was messy and I loved it.

    I’m prodominantly a straight guy but if a dildo is being used by a person I prefer it look like a good representation. The more realistic the better, and if she wanted to do some play with me with that I would want it to be realistic so she get the full experience…and that would be HOT!

    What do I squeeze: Sad as it sounds really nice sponge in the bath or shower. It is not just the feel, but the sound and the resulting suds. The whole package.

  43. Subscribed to RSS feed (+1)

    Squishy? riding up on a horse, and walking/sliding down a mud covered mountain… mud everywhere! (+1)

    Why realistic dildos? Because I like the idea of playing with another guy’s cock… or using it on my wife… (+1)

    Tactile pleasure worthy? Cornstarch… silky smooth to touch…. (+1)

    I’ll go comment on those other posts now… (+3 more!)

  44. The squishy sexual experience that comes to mind was my first time hooking up with a woman. BOOBS ARE SO FUN. While I had obviously been quite familiar with my own, it was excellent to feel the squishiness of someone else’s. Totally fascinating.

  45. I am attracted to realistic dildos because, well, I’ve never used one and I think that it would be an interesting new experience. Also sometimes I fantasize about having a penis, so it would totally play into that perfectly.

  46. I love to squeeze the meat/ingredients that go into meatballs. I love making meatballs in general because my Italian family’s recipe is SO delicious, but also just the feeling of squishing the raw hamburger and egg and wet bread between my fingers is completely delightful. It’s the only time that raw meat doesn’t squick me out at all.

  47. 1) Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).

    I love walking barefoot through mud… so squishy and wonderful!

    2) What attracts you to realistic dildos?

    I don’t think I’m attracted to realistic dildos as much as I am turned off by non-realistic ones: if it’s hot pink and sparkly I probably don’t want it anywhere near my cunt.

    3) What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter!

    I love playing with play-doh!

    I also subscribed to your RSS feed!

  48. A squishy experience I’ve had? Hmm…definitely would’ve had to have been with my Anthro Dragon. Once I got it out of the box, I just could help but squish it. The shaft is just so soft, and so are the balls! I love to squish the balls on him. It’s something hubby won’t let me do with him :p

    What attracts me to realistic dildos? Well, it depends on how they look. Anything that looks like my hubby’s member is a “must have”. Afterall, I can’t get enough of him ~_^ I’ll take 3 please. One for oral, vaginal, and anal.

    What do I like to squeeze or touch for tactile pleasure alone? You really want to know? Tentacles. Yes, I said “tentacles”. I have 2 tentacle dildos in my toy chest and I’m waiting on another one to be delivered right now. Yeah, I’m a freak :p lol

  49. I have had more than one man get soft midway , for no aparent reason , and then continue to try and stuff them selves back into my vagina. Not happening. One guy even continued to try humping with this squishy penis , and I still don’t know if it really wasn’t in or if it was just that small because I wasn’t feelin it !

    At this point , they look at you like they expect you to start having an instant screaming orgasm like in the movies , and all you can do is look back with that same what are you waiting for? stare.

  50. None of the dildos I have are realistic , so maybe thats why I want one ? Maybe I want to see what all the hype about the squishyness is , or maybe I just like all shapes and sizes of cocks 😉

  51. I have an teddy bear that I like to rub my hand against…sometimes gently so it feels like a tickle , sometimes more rough against its seams so it is like a scratching feeling.
    I have done it all my life and I don’t know why it helps me relax somehow..I have had several teddy bears over the years as they needed to be replaced because I rubbed all their fur off !

    If I can’t get a hold of the bear sometimes I’ll catch myself doing it to the seam on my clothes …
    guess there could be worse bad habits , lol

  52. 1. My squishiest experience was losing my work boots in red clay mud chasing my mom’s goats…then going back to find them. In the rain.
    2. It’s easier to imagine my dream guy attached to one if I’m masturbating with one. Or I’m just a big fan of dick.
    3. Hardwood floors.They’re cold, hard and smooth, and ease my sensory neuropathy. I can lay down on one for hours without moving.

  53. Mmm, I’ve been pining for a Mustang for ages…it has to be a sign. Heh heh! Anyway…

    1) My most recent squishy experience involves rolling chocolate cookie dough into balls by hand (see #3).

    2) I love men and their cocks, and fantasizing about them, so something realistic would definitely be a thrill in that regard. It’s more the idea of a realistic *feel* to the dildo, more than the look, that really appeals to me. There are lots of ways to approximate shape, but how do you replicate skin? I want to see if they’ve really done it at Vixen (as I’ve heard they have).

    3) I bake a lot, and I really enjoy the fact that the best way to judge the readiness of a bread or pizza dough is by feel. You just sort of get a second sense for it with practice; it’s hard to describe. It’s also fun to work with a squishy cookie dough or smooth fondant. And of course, I love the feel of silky or fuzzy fabrics, soft (not scratchy!) feathers, and the like.

  54. 1. A squishy experience I’ve had was in kindergarten and involved a female classmate. She liked to crush and eat the ooze from ze caterpillars. Needless to say, we were all grossed out. EW!
    2. The look and feel. When I’m by myself, I try to make the fun all the more realistic. I already own one and it’s fucking fantastic. It’s feels VERY real, has no base and the best part is it’s waterproof w/ several vibration intensities.
    3. Play Doh. I love to squeeze Play Doh just for the tactile pleasure alone. It’s squishy and is also a great stress reliever. Plus, you can make it yourself or buy the actual Play Doh… and it comes in kits and all types of colors. Did I mention that you can build things w/ Play Doh… like men, cocks, rings, anything?? Ooooo!

  55. 1) Squishy: I remember when I was a kid in the eighties, we had those balls of goo, and I love to squish them to make the goo slip through my fingers. I can still remember how bad it smelled. Hahaha, green squishy goo. Yummy.

    2) Hahaha, realistic what? I just want the Raquel. Seriously, one of the reason I don’t buy a truly realistic one is that the sight of a penis makes me way too wet. When I have a boyfriend, he only has to be naked for me to be turned on by the sight, and I don’t want to take that power away from them. And those Vixskins turn me on.

    3) Squeeze: I don’t do much squeezing really, if I think really hard, the most squeezing I do is my dog’s ear and fur, and then shake her up. She seems to like it. I also like to squeeze my plushy covers when I just took them out of the dryer.

    4) I subscribed to your RSS.

    5) I commented on all your reviews, Maverick, Randy and Raquel.

  56. 1. This one’s actually my mothers! But since it’s Mama’s Day tomorrow, I think it’s appropriate. We were driving to IKEA, uncontrollably laughing about queefing because I had let out the most raucous set of front farts at work earlier that day, and she started telling me in graphic detail how her vajay makes sloppy queef noises when her and my stepdad have sex! I was literally like, “Mom, what the fuck! Why in God’s name would you tell me that?!”. She’s awesome. 🙂

    2. The feel of a realistic dildo is unmatched. I was at Hustler Hollywood today, standing at the dildo display for an embarrassingly long time just stroking one. Made me feel like a huge pervert amongst a sea of smaller perverts! Plus, I’m 26 and I’ve never had sex. Flat out. Still a virgin. I’m not super ugly, I just haven’t met the person I wanna give it up to. So that makes me salivate even more over these things. Kind of entrancing, no? I almost bought a Jenna Haze pocket pussy b/c the feel is just SO amazing. But then the moment of clarity hit and I was like, why in the hell would I buy a vagina? I’ve got one for free! However, I don’t have a life-like cock readily available and I REALLY want one.

    3. I love to squeeze my kittens! 🙂 I have 3 babies. All super adorable and even when I’m away from them I can still feel the texture of each of their fur like I’m right there snuggling with them. I think losing your sense of touch would be a flippin’ tragedy.

  57. 1. A squishy experience. I absolutely LOVE walking in mud and feeling in squish between my toes. When I was a kid I used to love to make mud pies and generally cover myself in mud. Very squishy!

    2. I’m attracted to realistic dildos because every time I’ve tried penetration with a living penis it’s been a painful experience, and I’m hoping that if I can try with something realistic but relatively small, while relaxed and on my own terms, maybe I can get myself where I can be penetrated comfortably.

    3. I like to feel faux fur. Particularly faux fur pillows and blankets. I like to just run them all over my body.

    4. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed!

  58. Commented on Raquel and Maverick reviews! Wow, even if I don’t win (God forbid!), I can honestly say I have never spent more time discussing the finer points of dildos, or enjoyed the process more. It feels so…liberating…

  59. 1. Squishy: Sex on a beanbag chair. Very squishy, very hilarious, not very effective.
    2. I like to use realistic dildos for gender play. I mean, I like to strap on something sparkly as much as the next girl, but when I’m being a boi, I want something that looks like part of me.
    3. I love checking peaches for ripeness–that little sinking feeling in your finger when the ripe flesh compresses. Love love love.

    Yay three entries!

  60. Ok, here goes:
    Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious). I once had a lovely squishy experience with a japanese dessert. It looks boring, but it’s a lovely alternative to jello, it’s called agar gel, and you can make it with pure juice. It is totally delicious and vegan!

    What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    Easier fantasizing, the color that looks a little bit more natural.

    What do you like to squeeze — or even just touch — for tactile pleasure alone? Human body parts don’t count! Get your mind out of the gutter! I love to stick my hands into the lentil jar. You caught me. There’s something about all those cool lentils. I’d take a swim in ’em if I could!

  61. A squishy experience – I like to play with my food, especially squishy foods… Mashed potatoes through a gap I used to have between my two front teeth, Jello in a cup and just squishing that around (especially when you let it sit uncovered in the fridge for a week and it gets more solid and squishy/rubbery…), yogurt, pudding…
    Attraction to realistic dildos – I’m not so sure a realistic dildo is exactly what I want… I kinda just want the Raquel, haha. The really big realistic looking ones like Randy scare me a LOT and the balls on some kinda creep me out. I guess I’d try anything once, though…
    SQUEEZE/TOUCH! – I really love to have some kind of really soft clothing that I can just touch. I also really, really love snuggling with my dog… he’s shorthaired so he’s really warm. Hairless dogs are also lots of fun to pet and snuggle with too. They feel really, really soft and warm, and dogs are awesome so what could be better (hairless cats who let you snuggle would be fun too, not sure how happy most Spyhnxes would be with that…)

    Commented on the Raquel and Randy reviews, and I also think I subscribe the RSS feed and I know I get email updates (even though I always check the site before I even get the updates) 🙂

  62. What attracts me to the realistic dildos? Quite simply, i LOVE cock. I am infatuated with them, the sizes, shapes, colors they come in, the way certain ones curve to the left, or arch up like a wild beast that refuses to be tamed. I love the way the skin moves on them, like it can be molded just how you like it. Does this count as penis-envy?

    A squishy experience… hmm, the worst thing ever is when you’re holding someone’s diapered child, and you discover the hard way that they need a change. Cuz… things come ‘squishing’ out of diapers, and clothes… totally gross. Seems to always happen to me when I’m with one specific freind. I think her son hates me! 😛

    Things i like to touch, therapy rocks, or worry stones. When you get a bowl of polished rocks, or glass and you can run your fingers through them, and slide them through your fingers- total bliss to me! I can play in those for hours on end!

  63. My love and i experience squishy experiences all the time… He loves how wet i get and loves to hear it. Personally, I have tried many types of Vibes, and Dildos, but my favorite kind is DEFENETLY a Gelly type, squishy smaller dildo. I am very small down there, and takes my bf a minute to get me used to him before we can go fast.
    I havve found I need a dildo that works with my body, and not against it, like glass, or plastic hard ones.
    Realistic dildos are usually realistic feeling too, and thats the biggest thing that attracts me to it. . LOVE the vibrating dildos..
    I love to touch soft things, like velvet, feathers.. silk..
    WOULD love to tryy your product!!!!

  64. Oh, and to actually enter:

    1. Squishy: I once babysat an octopus. There is a mini aquarium at the harbor downtown, and my friend volunteered there for a while. She had to clean its tank but the octopus was curious and kept coming over and interfering, so she asked me to “rein it in” for a little while. It was the most interesting non-sexual tactile experience ever, I think.

    2. Why realistic? I really like sucking cock. Like, a LOT. Sucking on dildos really isn’t the same, but the realistic ones are usually the best if that’s what happens to be around the apartment.

    3. Amelie moment: My mom used to have a *real* fur coat, I think mink. She inherited it from a great aunt and said she didn’t want to wear it because she felt guilty, but it was too sentimental to get rid of, so she just had it in her closet. When I was younger I used to turn it inside out on its hanger and just cuddle and nuzzle it. Kind of grosses me out now, but hey!

    4. I subscribe to your RSS.
    5. I *liked* on Facebook.
    6. Commented on Maverick.
    7. Commented on Raquel.
    8. Commented on Randy… um… apparently twice. Oops! 🙂

  65. 1) It’s nothing exciting but I have this foam pillow (not the memory variety) reject of my dad’s. It’s sooo soft (especially when covered in super soft cotton sateen sheets) and well…squishy for lack of a better word but still resilient (I think may be latex foam…it holds it’s shape while still being very huggable). My bed kind of replaces my desk (much more comfortable) and sometimes I’ll just find myself hugging this pillow while reading an ebook or even just reaching behind me to ‘squish’ it every now and then.
    I can’t think up a particular moment of squishy glory that stands out in my memory unless we’re talking about how the other day I decided to get a salad at my college cafeteria and despite my knowledge of my absolute HATE of baby tomatoes I got one anyway (they LOOK tasty…). I bit into it and….squish. Ew. I shudder just thinking about the disgusting squishy-ness of the gelatinous seed pods of tomatoes… especially the little varieties.

    2) In general I’m not too attracted to realistic dildos. I guess I have this image of the really cheap, tacky, and exaggerated ones when I first think of the term. However, I have long been of the opinion that Vixen Creation’s line of realistic dildos are actually quite… hot. I think one of these would really add to the masturbatory fantasy experience.

    3) Well, naturally the pillow from answer one is my first choice, but in the interest of variety I have to say washing rice. When you make sticky rice, you’re supposed to rinse and soak the rice for a few minutes before cooking it. Swirling my fingers through the rice in water is just a very fulfilling tactile experience. I guess the pleasure factor me is right up there will playing with wet sand.

    4) I just subscribed to your email updates and commented on your other 3 Vixen reviews.

  66. Squishy doesn’t bring to mind any nice sexy thoughts, it makes me think of mixing ground turkey for turkey burgers and the squishy feeling and sound that makes. I’m not a fan.

    With the exception of my packer I actually only have one (semi) realistic cock in my collection (and it’s flame red so ya know) so I have a void that needs filling!

    Things that feel good to touch… high quality flour. It’s so soft, silky and full of promise.

    Oh, and you’re in my reader.

  67. 1. I LOVE it when my lover soft-packs. I really enjoy the feel of a limp cock in a pair of loose jeans, rubbing up against me while I’m doing the dishes or dancing in a club. Something about the promsie of the hard-pack to come.

    2. I highly prefer realistic dildos. My partner already owns the Bandit (we were lucky enough to be given one for review) and the size and shape are purrrr-fect! Because my partner is uber-masculine, she prefers her cock be as close to the real thing as possible. And, since my ex was FTM, I have a lot of experience with Vixskin products. Truly the best of the best!

    3. I love the feel of my cats fur—silky and shiny, touching clean sheets, the feel of satin edging on a blanket, my lover’s skin, and the texture of my son’s hair just after he’s gotten a haircut.

    Just subscribed to your email alerts and can’t wait to go read your reviews!

  68. OOOHHH How it feels, If alone or with a friend, lying in the tub alone warm cozy I start with my fingers and then shortly after slowly insert sliding in the dildo, I lay there a few minutes just enjoying the feel, then begin to slowly slide it in and out my eyes closed my other hand on my firm breast playing teasing my nipples. this could last a long time just before climaxing I slow down and stop my breathing heavy, I let it slow, them start all over again. This reminds me of my boyfriend and when he isn’t near I will go all the way, But is he is I will have him get into the warm tub and raise my legs and let his hard wet squishy tool enter my jewrlery box. I think of him when ever I squeese a long hard vegitable, or kitchen tool, I have even played with a hard sauage slipping it between my lips and tongue. I was driving my older english sports car and grasped the emergency brake lever, it is long, smooth and hard getting me wet down below, I had to run home so that the tub was ready for when he got home, for I was ready.

  69. Well another time I was working out at the gym and intead of showering there I ran home, my! I was hot(sexually) my boy friend was not around and I called my best friend she has got a wild hard body and is very pretty, but she was not home either. About that time my boy friend showed and so did my best friend well what could I do he had been at work all day and tired, she, my best friend wasen’t so the three of us took a shower and got into bed together. He, the poor sole, had a difficult time getting hard, but she was hot!
    So even so he was squishy it was ok for my best friend made up for it! I like realistic dildos, when alone or with my friend the feel,( if real feeling) is enjoyable to squeeze and feel many differant ways, the more realistic the better, a real turn on.
    I like banannas, Every time I grab one I tend to stoke it slowly peeling the skin back. and as I swallow my minds drifts to pleasure!

  70. wow those are amazing!! so realistic looking. I would actualy want to display this haha…weird but then again in university i was the one with the penis’s drawn all over the front of her door (no i did not do it myself….friends did it while in class and i got told i was immature by the RA of the residance haha)
    ok so on to the questions:
    1. a squishy experience would be….ok this is gross but the first thing that came to mind was when i was about 4 years old i was walking in the back yard in my bare feet and stepped in a large pile of dog poop…now we did not have a dog…it was the next door neighbours dog. I was so embarashed and was teased by my dad and sister for the next few years because i freaked out and started to cry because the poop was squished between my toes.
    Sorry for making you read that!
    2. What attracts me to realistic dildos is that it is easier to imagine it to be the real thing! Some might get turned on by the thought of sticking glass, silicone or plastic in to their vagina but i am not one.
    3. My favourite thing to squeeze or touch (not including body parts) would be a chashmere sweater!! sooo soft 😀

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  71. 1) What can I say, except for my name is M&S and I’m addicted to pinching/squishing/biting/nibbling pert juicy bums!!!

    2) Well I’m yet to own one *blushes* but I would just love to try one to see for myself how they compare and measure up 😉

    3)I love to squeeze ripe tomatoes until they pop an gush everywhere when I’m cooking! It’s fantastic getting any pent up aggression out!


  72. 1. This is both TMI and a bit horrifying, but here goes: once upon a time, my partner and I thought it would be fun for him to wear a squishy, textured jelly sheath during sex. Well, at some point during the festivities the squishy sheath came off… inside me. Or so we thought. After far too much time spent “looking” (read: poking, prodding, and pulling at my cervix and vaginal walls – YEOCH!) for it, we discovered it in the bed. Do not recommend.

    2. I like both non-realistic and realistic dildos. What attracts me to realistic ones is, well, the realism. I like the real deal, and I like dildos that remind me of the real thing. I think Vixen does this particularly well, because most of their realistic dildos are realistic enough without crossing over into creepy/squicky territory like so many cheaper versions do (*shudder*). The Maverick, in particular, is very aesthetically pleasing.

    3. I like to squeeze bubble wrap! It’s addictive. In terms of touching for tactile pleasure, I like the way my dog’s ears feel. They’re very soft and silky between my fingers.

    4. I signed up for e-mail updates. 🙂

  73. I’ve subscribed to your email updates.

    1) My boyfriend is pleasantly squishy–good for hugging!

    2) I’m attracted to dildos because it’s a way to try out a variety of “equipment” when one’s in a monogamous relationship!

    3) I do a lot of bread baking, and love the feeling of well-kneaded dough. It’s smooth, silky, and elastic.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  74. 1.OK, A squishy experience is when my boyfriend eats a peach and each bite the squishy sound he makes, as he slowly eats it the sound reminds me of when we are in the tub together.
    2.Realistic dildos, the more the better, the feeling is enhanced either way you use them. The more accurate they are thus the more feeling !
    3.Touching/holding a Bananna or lying in a pile of soft and sexy silky or nylon cloth’s. Both a real turn on!

  75. I remember one time I went to a winery, and they demontrated the old way using your feet to crush the grapes having the grapes squishes between your toe’s was fun and exciting.
    One time I purchased one of those dildo making kits, for my boyfriend to make a copy for when he was away. it was realistic, we are no longer together but I still enjoy it one in awhile. The more realistic it feels the better.
    Squishing grapes. A real turn on after getting over the sticky feet.

  76. 1. An amazing squishy experience I had was as a child at camp, it had been raining for a few days. Then me and a few of my friends decided to go outside and run around in the mud in our bare feet. The squishing between my toes felt amazing.

    2. A few things attract me to a realistic dildo. First of all, the outer softness is a nice break from most silicon dildos that are so hard and unyeilding, which can make penetration less pleasant. Secondly, they tend to give nice texture to penetration, unlike some of the smoother dildos. Third, they are really hot for certain types of power play, like getting one’s partner to go down on your dildo.

    3. I love the feel of really soft rubber, like the worn down bottom of tennis shoes or the buttons on some remote controls. It isn’t sexual, just the feel of the soft rubber is amazing.

  77. -It makes my stomach feel squishy when people are banned from websites for inexplicable mysterious reasons.

    -As an avid knitter, one of my favorite things to squish is yarn.

    I just subscribed to email updates.

  78. 1. Squishy. For some reason I’m mixing squishy and slimy in my mind, and what I’m coming up with is one of those very unpleasant experiences you get when you bite into fruit that looks fine but it isn’t. Nuff said.

    2. Realistic dildos. I must admit that I like certain traits that realistics have rather than like them for being realistic. I’m a man, perhaps it’s latent “fear of gayness” or perhaps not. I must say I hope not. Perhaps I just don’t care what my dildos look like as long as they feel good, and realistics do have some qualities that make them feel good. I’ll list them:

    (1) the head. Having a head usually makes dildos better. It presses against things, helps it stay inside, and provides a satisfying “snap” feeling on insertion that’s kind of like a plug.
    (2) The curve. While this isn’t a necessary realistic trait, many realistics are curved. Curves make the dildo go in easier and allow you to direct the pressure.
    (3) A little bit of texture. Texture is fun – not too much, or it can irritate, but just a little (or smooth bumps). Most realistics have a bit of surface texture, but not too much. Some hyperrealistics do, but let’s not go there.
    (4) If the realistic provides balls they make a great handle. They’re strong enough to steer the dildo with.

    Too bad body parts don’t count. The inside of the arm (where there isn’t any hair) feels so nice. Barring that one of my favorite is putting my hand up inside a pillowcase. Usually the pillow covering is soft, and the slightly squishy (in a good way) warm (after a little use) pillow feels nice as well. But that’s bed talk again – get out of the gutter!. Flower petals on a warm day I guess.

  79. 1) One of my kitties has a squishy tummy. I like to pick her up, turn her upside-down, and blow on it. Then I bury my face in it and squeeze her. She sometimes squeaks. But she always purrs.

    2) I’ve only recently started looking at realistic dildos seriously. At first, they creeped me out — these disembodied cocks just… sitting there. Looking at me. They make me think of the song “Detachable Penis”. But I can’t look away from pictures of the Mustang. In those pictures, it just looks so… happy. Aroused. Like a dildo that really *wants* to be used, like a man.

    3) Everything. I touch everything. I go through clothing stores brushing against things, I fondle flowers, I touch lampposts. I love the feel of water.

    4) Subscribed to your RSS feed.
    5) Commented on Maverick
    6) Commented on Randy
    7) Commented on Raquel

  80. I’ve also commented on all three reviews and subscribed to e-mail feeds.

    I feel as though I’m being obnoxious but hey- I want a Mustang.

  81. The word “squishy” always makes me think of Finding Nemo! My own personal squishy experience that comes to mind though is a little less kid-friendly. I distinctly remember the first time that I put my fingers inside myself after having sex and how different it felt than usual- the walls of my vagina were all spongy and squishy! Ever since that discovery, I have a compulsion to explore myself directly after fucking someone.. usually I take a little taste, too! The first dildo I ever got was a huge realistic one which intimidated me for years so I never used it (it was a gift) but once I lost my shyness, I fell in love with it. I’ve since bought another less realistic one and I don’t care for it near as much as my first, so the next dildo I get will definitely be another realistic one! As odd as it might sound, I love to squeeze my cats tail- he’s a Himalayan and it’s so soft and fluffy that I can’t help myself every time he comes up for a rub.

  82. I’m LOVING the look of that Maverick, so here goes:

    Hmmm… a squishy experience, let’s see… giving birth was very squishy. It was very terrible AND very glorious! My two daughters are themselves very squishy and terrible and glorious as well. 😉

    I’m attracted to realistic dildos because I love cock! I’ve actually never owned a very realistic dildo before, and I figure since I love cock so much, it’s about time for me to get one.

    As far as tactile pleasure goes, my all-time favorite squeeze toy is one of those sand-filled stress balls. I could squeeze that thing for hours!

    P.S. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, too. 🙂

  83. Posted on the 3 reviews, and here are my 3 answers:

    Describe a squishy experience you’ve had (sexual or not, terrible or glorious).

    1. Squishy experience? When I visited Nickelodeon Studios (I was about 10), I was taking a tour, and I got chosen to be slimed. It was SO EXCITING. I had to go to a backstage room, peel off all my clothes, and put on a special jumpsuit that could get dirty. Then I went back in front of everyone, climbed in a kiddy pool, got asked a few questions, and then a big bucket of green slime was poured over me. It was nuts. Squishy and slimy and perfect. I got a certificate saying I had been slimed, too, so I was able to prove it to all my friends after the fact. One of the high-points of my trip and childhood, definitely.

    2. What attracts you to realistic dildos?
    I really like being able to think they’re biologically attached to me. As a…vaginally-abled person who really identifies with having a cock (but yes, also a vagina), it’s really fun to strap on or even HOLD something that I feel could be coming from me. I also grew to love cocks (whereas before I found them terribly disgusting), and now I really find their nuances fascinating. I relish giving my partners handjobs because I always get to “inspect” them and really pay attention to what they look like and how they work. Thus, realistic dildos fascinate me and I like their minute details. 🙂 Oh, and the head. The heeeeeeeaads are fun. I usually end up just wanting to pop them in my mouth because they look so tasty and smooth.

    3. What do I squeeze/touch for tactile pleasure?
    Hm, aside from the usual (certain fabrics, fluffy animals, toys, etc), many things! Dolphins and manta-rays feel SUPER nice, though. Putting my hands in baskets of grains or beads, as well.

  84. I love to touch those micro-bead pillows for the pure tactile pleasure alone. They feel great supporting my neck or my back.

  85. Here’s a squishy experience: wading in a bog on a school trip without proper wading gear (instead, only canvas shoes). I can still recall that weird, wet mud stuff on my feet. Blech.
    Also, there was a lot of natural methane, so it smelled wonderful.

  86. (I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, entering each answer separately, but it’s too late for me to turn back now!)

    Lastly, what attracts me to realistic dildos? Everything. Easier to fantasize about real male anatomy when using something that looks like and feels like it.

  87. Squishy experience: Okay, this is actually UTTERLY ridiculous, but I had this Dildo, and I left it out on the floor. my puppy, Yuna, was about 6 months old at the time. I woke up in the morning and stepped in somethign unpleasantly squishy and wet. she had CHEWED up my damn dildo and the pieces were in a pile on my floor. I was horrified but I was also laughing so damn hard i could hardly breathe

    As to number two. Realistic dildos spark the imagination. As a bottom, well… I have to have something.. i can’t just… do it, alone, I have to have a whole sort of fantasy to latch onto. So a realistic dildo = a realistic experience for me, and a much more satisfying self-fuck.

    Onto the third. I LOVE to touch jello. i usually RUIN it that way but I love to play with it. and not even in a dirty way but just to touch it. My Fleece blanket is also win. sometimes i lay it out on my floor and lay on itnaked under my ceiling fan… MUCHO fun there.

  88. 1. One squishy experience I had was when I met my second host family in a study abroad trip to Japan. They brought in a boat full (the container looked like a boat, I’m serious) of plums. I love plums and I despise how rarely they are available. I eagerly grabbed one and bit into it…it exploded all over my face and white shirt. Mmm. Mess.
    2. I am attracted to realistic dildos because (well, aside from LOVING cock) is because I like to fantasize that it really IS my cock…which is hard to do when it’s purple and sparkly. Or green and spiraly. Or looks like a unicorn’s horn.
    3. What do I like to squeeze? I love to squeeze my silicone chicken fillets… so squeeshy. They”re especially nice when they’re nice and warm from cuddling my boobs all day 😛

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