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Bless Jimmyjane’s little hearts; they really are trying. They’re trying so hard to create innovative toys, but they keep promising shit that they can’t follow through on. Just as the Form 2 was supposed to function as vibrating tweezers, the Form 3 is supposed to “amplify touch” through a thin silicone membrane. Sounds awesome, I know.

The Form 3 can be described by all the buzzwords that make my heart go pitter-patter: it’s rechargeable, made of 100% silicone, and fully waterproof, and best of all, strong. It hits all of those targets without any caveats. It’s also easy to clean and its buttons are fun to press (always a plus!). But there is one important thing that is not quite right about Form 3: its shape. The shape… is just so weird.

As demonstrated by marketing materials, the Form 3’s crowning feature is a thin silicone membrane that can, supposedly, be pressed down with a finger to turn one’s finger into a vibrator, and to focus vibrations1. Here’s some verbatim text from one of Jimmyjane’s Form 3 ads:

Because your fingertips direct the vibration through a thin surface, your partner feels your touch, not a hard plastic device.

Touch, stroke or tease your partner exactly how you typically would with your fingers (with new superpowers, of course).

One problem: it doesn’t work. If I try to actually press my finger down on the membrane, it takes a ton of pressure to have an impact — not an effortless touch like the video appears to portray — and it hurts my wrist. And trust me, it does not feel like a finger with superpowers when used that way; it feels like a vibrator. Nothing more, nothing less. (Just to be thorough, I also had my boyfriend use it on me to see if he could come up with any interesting techniques. Nope — still feels like a vibrator.)

Jimmyjane Form 3 vibratorI’ve heard a few claims that Form 3 feels like oral sex, but I don’t see how; the thing may be tongue-shaped, but it does not flick. It simply vibrates.

It’s a little more feasible to press on the end of the toy and use that to circle my clit, although that becomes very messy very quickly. The end can also be slightly folded against my clit to produce more pressure, but I am a lazy masturbator, and I refuse to exert myself unless it’s in the name of G-spot stimulation. So when I use the Form 3, I just hold it against my clit like any other vibrator. It can also be turned sideways, so that the tongue actually fits between my labia, but then it only vibrates one side of my clit.

Like I said, the Form 3 is strong. Strong enough to get me off easily on its lower steady vibration settings, and strong enough to really rock on the higher settings (there are five vibration strengths and three vibration patterns). The vibrations are consistent and come from a single motor, so Form 3 does not freak out like Form 2 does. But, of course, Form 3’s power is conducted through the weird-ass tongue shape, and the shape is awkward. Really awkward. It’s thin and wide, and it just doesn’t feel right.

I hate to reduce my feelings to something as subjective as “IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT,” but it’s the truth. Shape can have a huge impact on how pleasurable (or not) a toy is. Despite the fact that I can get off very easily with Form 3, it’s just not a shape I enjoy. It doesn’t feel effortless the way Siri does; it feels like it needs constant readjustment because something is off.

I wish Jimmyjane would just invent something simple. A simple shape, like an elongated bullet with a slightly pointed tip. Nothing crazy, just something that will really work. Because Jimmyjane has all the other stuff under control — materials, rechargeability, even power — but the shape of the Form 3 is an iffy attempt at innovation (especially for nearly $150). Unless, of course, you really like vibrations on just one side of your clit.

Get the Jimmyjane Form 3 at one of my fave shops:
BabelandSheVibe, Pleasure Chest, or Come As You Are (Canada).

  1. Despite Jimmyjane’s bravado, the finger-turned-vibrator shtick has actually been done before, with the Tantrabeam. []
  • Liz

    It sounded soooo promising, I was all psyched when I saw the video a while back… and yet again it’s form over function. Come on, Jimmyjane. 😐

    Thanks for the review – good thing to know before I tried to blow $150+ on it.

  • sophie2229

    Unfortunately this is what I expected. Do you like Form 2 better?

  • @sophie2229: No. Form 2 is a huge pain in the ass and has the potential to ruin my orgasms by spazzing out. At least Form 3 doesn’t do that.

  • *sigh* I’m with you, I wish they’d just pour all of their awesome tech into a simple, reliable shape. Maybe something shaped like the Siri… Put the innovations inside the toy, with better motors and better rechargeable batteries, instead of endless strange designs that don’t really work well. Thanks for saving me from making the horrible mistake of actually BUYING this thing.

  • Bri

    Well, the power sure sounds promising but the rest sounds disappointing. I’m also glad I haven’t shelled out the cash for this!

  • Which do you think is stronger, Siri or Form 3?

  • @Dangerous Lilly: Form 3 is stronger and a bit buzzier.

  • Actually, I really do like vibration on just one side of my clit!

    However, I’m really not much in the mood to spend that much moola for something that only does one side, when I do just fine focusing vibrations to my preferred area with much cheaper toys.

    Sad that it couldn’t deliver on the “vibrating finger” concept . . . that was the one part that intrigued me.

  • Cand86’s response reminded me that just ONE leg of my clit is pretty sensitive so I guess I could see this being useful for that if, you know, I didn’t have a perfectly good bullet and this was just lying around.

  • I really love the idea of this, but if the membrane’s hard to push down, that sort of defeats the purpose. Sad :(.

  • Veronika

    Do you think this thing is a total of waste… even if you can buy it for 53$ on amazon? And also I was wondering which one do you prefer….the siri or the form 3? ( guessing the form2 is out of question, which is always good to know)

    Thank you for the review btw 🙂

  • @Veronika: It’s not a complete waste, but I think it would only please a small percentage of people — people who appreciate the thin and wide shape.

    I definitely prefer Siri. It may not be quite as strong, but its shape is far more pleasurable.

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  • I love reading reviews of toys I have also reviewed, and your reviews are always enlightening. I enjoyed the Form 3 much more than you did (see my review at It really did become a vibrating finger for me, and I didn’t have any problem pressing down. The center part is very thin, so it’s easy to press or circle or whatever I want to do with it. I wonder if yours was defective. I know we all have different experiences with different toys, but the variation between our experiences seems too big.

  • @Joan Price: I very much doubt that my Form 3 is defective. The silicone membrane on mine is thin and can definitely be pushed down. However, I feel it takes too much effort for too little payoff. I’m glad it worked for you, but I know I am not the first to think that the Form 3 is more trouble than it’s worth.

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  • Caspar

    I have to agree that I was also very disappointed with the Form 3. Unless I turn it on it’s side and rub it up and down between my labia and against my clit, it will not make me orgasm. I got a handcramp from trying to use it in the “vibrating finger” way.


    It works AMAZINGLY well for giving head. you can quite easily cup the testicles with this vibe AND the buttons are located in such a way that you can control the intensity while cupping them. I use this on my man all the time and it works surprisingly well. Great for teasing. You can also put lube in the “membrane” and rub that over the head of the penis.

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  • Bannef

    I love this toy, and I think it’s because I typically masturbate laying on my stomach. The softness and weird shape is more comfortable to grind against for me than something harder.

    I totally get your complaints though – I never use the membrane part, only the sides.

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