Jul 262011

There is nothing wrong with the Tantus Ryder. This is a butt plug that means business. It does its job and does it well. If it were a person, you’d want it as an employee or personal assistant. I bet it would make impeccable coffee.1

I used to own a purple Ryder. Then Tantus came out with limited edition neon colors, and a wonderful person offered to buy me an orange one in exchange for my purple one. Unsurprisingly, having an orange Ryder to photograph and ogle and put up my butt made me much more giddy about this particular toy.

At first glance, the Ryder is not revolutionary in its shape. It’s a slightly-tapered bulb with a thinner neck and rectangular base. It is this exact combination of parts, though, that makes the Ryder perfect. Its bulb length (3″) is perfect. Its girth (1.59″) is perfect. Its neck is thin enough for the ass to recognize it as such (read: it does not try to escape the butt). And its base — oh lord, its base is heavenly.

Until someone shuts me up, I’ll continue to assert that all butt plugs need a base like the Ryder’s or the Bootie’s. And any plugs that do not have it simply fail to understand anatomy. Ass cheeks EXIST, world! And circular butt plug bases are counter-intuitive!

This plug is one thing: a filler-upper. It does not curl around inside like the Romp. It says “hello, I am here,” but it does not shout it. The silicone is squishy and supple, so although the Ryder is too big for anal beginners, it is not overwhelmingly large or invasive-feeling. It is, in fact, very comfortable. And it’s a great plug for everyday use and long-term wear, especially because of the glorious base that just snuggles in between my cheeks — never poking or getting in the way when I sit down.

Silicone can sometimes be finicky about ass smell, but I find that washing Ryder, spraying it with a 10% bleach solution, wiping it down, and leaving it to air-dry overnight eliminates any residual smell.

The Ryder’s packaging is delightfully minimal: it comes in a plastic bag with a cardboard piece stapled to the top. My favorite part is this line on the back: “A toy from Tantus is meant to be used.” Oh, zing! Way to give the finger to all the companies that label things “for novelty use only”! I approve of your subtle snark, Tantus.

So, yes: the Ryder looks unassuming, but it is really quite meticulously designed, as evidenced by how damn comfortable it is. The filling sensation may not change your life, but I strongly feel that anyone into anal play should own the Ryder. It should be a toybox staple.

Uniquely-colored Ryders can sometimes be found on Tantus’ site. The regular purple/black Ryder can be found at SheVibeTantus’ site, and Babeland.

See all my favorite Tantus toys here!

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  • Chloe

    Aw man, I’ve been coveting the neon Ryders for ages! They make my purple one look so sad. Nice review!

  • This is the only butt plug I have ever liked.

    By the way, about 5 minutes ago I was thinking, “I haven’t seen an update from ‘Piph in a while.” Then I clicked my Reader and saw this. WEIRD.

  • Orange doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe, but I suppose if it gets shoved up my butt quick enough, I probably won’t notice or care.

  • Katie

    “Ass cheeks EXIST, world! And circular butt plug bases are counter-intuitive!” I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you. Or at least the way you write. 🙂

  • LucyLemonade

    I love the color!

  • Jake Holden

    That orange colour is beautiful!

  • ms.inconspicuous

    Yeah… I’m pretty much in love with my (granted, inferior purple) Ryder. Especially because it’s so comfy I can leave it in for a few hours as desired. . . while I sit and do other things. Anal multitasking win!

  • Mine just arrived this morning!

    I couldn’t find a store over here who stocked the neon versions though so I had to make do with purple. I remember reading Britni’s review a while back and wanting to buy one then, too. Finally I have 🙂

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  • Nuala

    I’ll just add that if you want to buy this thing, read the dimensions and then go to a site that shows you how big it is. It’s like an elongated chicken egg on a stem. I thought the 1.59″ was maybe referring to the width of the base. Nope. It’s that fucking wide. I wouldn’t consider myself an anal beginner, as I’ve had anal sex and dildos in there, but perhaps I am. This, however, is my first butt plug. Still I’m dying to have it up my butt. I know it’ll go in there, one day. Maybe tomorrow!

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  • Oddkin

    Managed to find one in orange, second hand, along with a Pure Wand. For 100 bucks. I’m a happy girl obvs.

  • Pantophile Panic

    It seems although Tantus has redesigned the Ryder plug since your review was first published. (Granted, it’s been a few years.) The Ryder I purchased was a little bit larger than the one pictured and the base is slightly thicker as well. Is there any chance you may update your review to reflect your opinion about the toy currently being sold by Tantus?

  • Actually, aside from the base, my orange Ryder’s dimensions match the current Ryder. I did have a purple Ryder years and years ago that was smaller, though.

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  • sayitwithsarcophilus

    I got one from the Tantus grab bag and it’s a gorgeous deep red with a faint dark blue marbling.

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