Review: G-Rider

Nexus G-Rider vibrating butt plug

I’m just going to have to admit defeat with this one. The Nexus G-Rider is too much for my butt.

I thought I could handle it. I have the G-Play medium — a smaller cousin of the G-Rider — and I like it. It’s nothing crazy-good, but it feels pleasant, and it vibrates. Vibrating butt plugs are rare in my collection. So why not go bigger? GO BIG OR GO HOME, right?

Well, no. The G-Rider feels too long, too stiff, too heavy, and just generally too big. I’m not sure if my butt has a limit in terms of butt plug sizes, or if I just haven’t used anal toys enough, but the G-Rider is simply not ideal. It’s nearly 4 inches insertable, with a 1.5″ diameter. The length, coupled with the extreme hardness (the outer layer is 100% silicone but the inside is plastic), make this a butt plug that I just can’t keep in my ass for very long.

The vibrating feature is the brightest spot. The G-Rider comes with an AAA battery, which is inserted into the base. The button for changing the vibrations is also on the base. There is a steady vibration setting and a couple patterns, all of which are quite strong and buzzy. The vibrations feel great, and temporarily distract me from the largeness of the plug itself.

The G-Rider is billed as unisex toy, and sometimes as primarily a G-spot toy, so I had to try it that way as well. In my vagina, it feels altogether too short and too stiff, and the base hugs my clit tightly without ever emitting nearly enough vibration to get me off (the vibrations are centered  more in the shaft of the toy). So, I personally see nothing redeeming about using it vaginally.

Cleaning is an issue with the G-Rider. Mainly, the “sensory nodules” on the base are a nightmare to clean without a toothbrush. The G-Rider’s silicone also has some sort of property which causes any leftover goo to manifest itself in the form of a film, which I guess is helpful when a single cleaning session is often not sufficient… but it’s mostly just weird. And finally, the base that houses the battery is not waterproof, so you have to tiptoe around that area when washing.1

I will say, though, that I put Romp in my ass after testing both the G-Rider and G-Play, and it was — well, blissful. I love that stupid butt plug in ways that do not make sense. So I’m sorry, Nexus plugs, that you must be compared to such a glorious piece of sex toy heaven. It’s a bit unfair.

But the Nexus plugs do vibrate, and they vibrate without having cords or taking watch batteries, which is pretty awesome. In a sea of disgusting vibrating jelly anal toys, these ones definitely stand out. Just read the measurements on them before you go thinking your ass is up for anything.

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  1. The battery compartment can supposedly be removed from the silicone surrounding it, but I am not the Hulk, so I couldn’t.