Dec 192011

[Note: this scene is now only available on Her Porn Vol. 6, a compilation DVD which also
contains the fantastic “Justify My Jiz” scene between Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson.]

I mean, we all know that Dylan Ryan and Danny Wylde are hot. And that Tristan Taormino has an amazing eye for shooting porn. But all of them combined? Explosion of awesome. It’s even better than I thought it would be.

Here’s what happened: Tristan shot a couple sex ed shorts for the Smitten Kitten on the topics of cunnilingus, fellatio, and female ejaculation, but they also decided to release the full 48-minute scene between Dylan and Danny. The scene is 1 GB, 960 x 540, and it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Here are five reasons it is worth every penny.

#1. Fucking chemistry. They communicate; they look into each others’ eyes; they engage. They are allowed — encouraged, really — to go into the zone with each other. And did I mention they’re both hot as fuck?

#2. Sex toys are everywhere! They play with the Pure Wand and Sqweel, and they fuck on the Liberator Ramp. Also, I don’t count seran wrap as a sex toy, but there’s also that.


#4. The way Danny reacts to Dylan’s squirting. Dylan squirts. A lot. And it is hells of impressive. But what makes it even better is the way Danny smiles, moans, and jacks off in response. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy jack off with a chick’s ejaculate. Fucking amazing.

#5. The moment when you hear Tristan say, “Danny, don’t worry about showing it to me.” It’s obvious that Danny is fucking Dylan with the camera in mind — which is to say, in an unnatural position. Danny replies, “OK, good,” and then HOTNESS ENSUES.

This scene is one of the hottest things Tristan Taormino has ever shot, and the fact that it is available a la carte is pretty badass. If you watch this scene and do not become aroused, I will eat my hat.


    (*calms down and breathes*)

    I saw the sex ed shorts, and they were fucking hot already, but if this is even hotter, I’m buying this for Christmas and never coming out of my room again.

  • Eve

    I NEED this! Maybe I’ll get it as a birthday present to myself.

  • Caroline

    I need this in my life. NOW.

  • Excellent! This is such a hot scene, and both of them are so hot… and Tristan is hot… and that’s just a whole lot of sexiness going on! Yum!

  • Your reasons seem sound but the only thing I like in those images are the linens

  • @adriana: You’re a freak.

  • An excerpt of their performance is on the Guide to the G-spot video with Dr. Carol Queen. It is beyond hot, for sure.

  • j

    aaaaaaaaaaa I love danny wylde so much. LOVE. I am considering buying porn for the first time EVER.

    Do you know what kind of format the download comes in? Do I need some kind of special player (windows media player?) to play it on my computer?

  • @j: It’s in .mp4 format. I use VLC, which plays even the most obscure of files.

  • Katie

    Ok here’s my response:

    I NEVER watch porn EVER. It tends to be crude, seeing tons of sexual organs doesn’t turn me on, the orgasms are fake, the people are ugly, the acting is cheesy, and etc. This was informational and HOT. For the first time, I was turned on by something visual. Rest assured I will use this and hopefully buy the video. Also, my boyfriend must see this, maybe then he can learn a few things and I can finally orgasm. I’m extremely excited by this notion.

    Thank you SOOO much,

  • Itzia

    I bought this a while back and my goodness did I learn a lot!!

    Danny is my favorite porn actor! I have a serious case of the hots for him. This is in-cre-di-ble and the chemistry with Dylan is unreal!!

  • Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation. Bought this and watch it last night. Out of this world hot. The husband and I have a date with this video when he returns from his business trip tomorrow.

  • Shazza

    I bought this last week on your fantastic recommendation. wow Wow Wow WOW! You were NOT kidding, their chemistry is electric and it was just the right amount of communication (as if that’s measurable). What a scene. I love Danny, but am a new fan of Dylan now too!

  • AliMc

    I reviewed some porn earlier this month and found it didn’t do much for me at all. I recalled reading this post a few weeks ago and all the positive comments it received and thought maybe this would work better for me. I have only been checking out the free educational videos so far but I am really loving it already and I’m about to put my order through for the full Extra Credit video. Thank you so much for introducing me to one of the hottest things I have ever seen!

  • AT

    this is gone!!! does anyone know where to find it??

  • It will be back on Smitten Kitten’s website in January!

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