Jan 092012

It’s all fun and games until someone’s vag vibrates off.

The Pop Tops Deluxe G-Spotter is my first ever Hitachi attachment. I know; I’m a slacker. I’ve never been best friends with my Hitachi I have come to appreciate my Hitachi more over the… years, but I don’t fawn over internal vibrations. Still, the attachment’s shape reminded me of the Ella, so I broke my own “no purple or pink if at all possible” rule and went for it. (It does also come in black, thank goodness.)

It’s definitely purple. No getting around that. But it’s squishy and pearlescent, and it fits over the Hitachi’s head easily (I hold the Hitachi between my legs while stretching the attachment over the head) — no complaints there.

It’s also a breeze to insert, and definitely ergonomic. The shaft doesn’t hit my cervix, and the clitoral nub finds my clit easily. If I leave the Hitachi off and just thrust with the toy, it feels really, really good on my G-spot — like a better, wider version of Ella. But I have to angle it so the nub doesn’t mash against my clit, and thrusting — aside from being physically difficult — apparently makes my Hitachi creak like an old staircase. So that’s out.

Then, when I turn the Hitachi on, THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING. The silicone conducts the Hitachi’s insane vibrations very well, so initially, this toy feels really intense and awesome against my G-spot and my clit. But I only have a few minutes (if that) of bliss before the dreaded itchy numbness sets in.1

I do not jack off in mere minutes, so I’m forced to take breaks from this toy in order to really enjoy it. Which is awkward.

This thing’s saving grace is its clitoral nub. It is perfectly placed. While the shaft goes crazy in my vagina, the clitoral nub feels almost like it’s flicking back and forth on my clit. I can (momentarily) forgive the fact that my vagina is numb and just focus on my clit. Get me in that zone and ask me how I feel about this attachment, and I’ll probably tell you that I love it.

So I can come with this easily, but I think I have better orgasms when I can feel my genitals. Just a theory.

As evidenced by its name, the Deluxe G-Spotter is meant to be inserted, but I found a better use for it: clitorally during sex. I can rest the flat head on my clit and bend the shaft however I want. Not only are the vibrations OFF THE WALL strong, but the shape of the head is just what I like on my clit (I never did like the Hitachi’s huge head).

Remember, always remember, that this is a Hitachi attachment. So despite the alluring shape, don’t buy this for G-spotting unless you like teeth-chattering vibrations inside you. I likely won’t whip this out for masturbation purposes — I can always use the Mystic Wand or Wahl if I want power — but for sex, it’s a great tool. Even if it is purple.

Get the Deluxe G-Spotter at Good Vibes, Early to Bed, Pleasure Chest, or She Bop.
Find a vast array of Hitachi attachments at SheVibe.

  1. This doesn’t happen as quickly with the Magic Wand Rechargeable, thankfully. []
  • When you can feel your genitals. LOL

  • buzzvibe

    I know what you mean about the itchy numbness. I pretty much only use my Hitachi (with my Gee Whiz attachment or by itself) when I want/need to get off quickly.

  • Garnet Joyce

    This was the toy that confirmed for me forever and always that I do not like internal vibrations. At one point I thought that maybe I just needed a deep rumble inside like I prefer on my clit — after all, I’d only had buzzy internal vibes. Nope, it just feels awkward and kind of horrible. It’s a great design for those who desire that kind of internal power (and I know many ladies who do), but I can’t stand it.

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