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LELO Gigi 2 rechargeable G-spot vibrator is old news.The Gigi used to be one of LELO’s flagship toys. A true fan favorite. The kind of toy people would keep on their wishlists for years, save up for, tell all their Tumblr friends to buy. But I am officially revoking that honor; I’m using the past tense. The Gigi has not kept up with the times.

I tried the first Gigi in 2009, back when I was still wowed by rechargeable toys and slick packaging. It was “elegant,” I conceded, but I was disturbed by the high-pitched whine it emitted — and disappointed by how short it was. Although my vagina had yet to become a black hole, I still found it too petite.

When rumblings about a Gigi 2 started surfacing, I was thrilled. Surely, in its second generation, this promising toy would be given the power boost it needed to compete with LELO’s best, the Mona 2. Surely, they would lengthen the shaft and update the cramped control pad. This was exactly what Gigi needed! MAKEOVER TIME!!!

But none of it was to be. The only significant improvements are that the Gigi 2 is fully waterproof, has no high-pitched whine (I’m not ashamed to admit I said “oh, oh yes” when I turned it on), and has 8 vibration patterns instead of the original 4. It comes in four colors, including a vibrant turquoise and a lovely steely grey. Oh, and it’s made with “softer silicone,” which translates to a silicone that is just as rigid, but doesn’t smudge.

And that’s… it. Nothing about the design of the Gigi has changed. This toy is still diminutive, with less than 4″ of insertable length (at least before my vag is greeted by the ribbon of silver), and 1.27″ in diameter at its widest. The buttons are still frustratingly close together, even for my tiny thumbs, resulting in a lot of inaccurate presses.

LELO Gigi 2 being outshined by my sweet manicureLELO claims Gigi 2 has 100% more power than the first generation. But I definitely spent 5 minutes of my life with both my Gigis on high, switching quickly between them on my clit, ignoring the porn, and wholly unable to discern if there was a difference.

Finally I called my boyfriend into the room to resurrect the blind vagina clit test. After much back and forth with my eyes closed and my clit on high alert, I tentatively chose a winner. Then I opened my eyes.

I was wrong. I had chosen the old Gigi as the one that was marginally stronger, if at all.


I can get off with it — on high. I like the size and shape of the tip against my clit. But the vibration strength is just sad, especially compared to my beloved Mona. It’s pitiful, like an anti-choice legislator admitting he’s “never even thought about” why a woman would get an abortion.

Internally, the Gigi does what it does best: it is a delicious G-spotter. That shape, as we’ve found, is just what the G-spot ordered. Even for as small as it is, it definitely hooks up in there and strokes my G-spot into oblivion. And now that I like vibrations on my G-spot, I can appreciate them.

But this thing is so short, I’m lucky if I can find an inch of dry plastic to grasp at the base. Prepare to become acquainted with your bodily juices.

And there’s another problem: a friend gifted me the battery-operated, similarly-shaped PicoBong Moka, and no joke, it is BETTER THAN THE GIGI. The vibrations have less depth, but they are stronger. The Moka has the precious extra inches that the Gigi lacks, even if its buttons are in a dumb location. And uh… you’re looking at $59 instead of $139. A difference of $80. LELO has been upstaged by their own child company.

And so, an opportunity for true improvement of a classic toy was missed completely. Gigi 2 suffers from the same downfalls as the Gigi of yore. The price is no longer justifiable. The legendary shape can be found elsewhere, for less money, while another has taken the throne. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Get the Gigi 2 at one of my fave shops:
SheVibeBabeland, Good Vibes, Early to Bed, LELO, Pleasure Chest,
Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

  • Jillian Boyd

    My main issues with Gigi mark 1 were the insertable length and the control pad. That they haven’t solved that is a bit of a downer…

  • Can I just say how much I LOATHE the use of “new and improved”? It’s either new, or improved. Not both. Feh. I like that it’s waterproof and grey. Other than that? Meeeeeh.

  • Being new to the game, I was pretty impressed with the Gigi 2. Then I finally got my hands on the Mona 2 and it’s hard not to compare every single other g-spotting vibrator to it. I still think the Gigi 2 is a good toy. The shape of it really does target my G-spot. But I agree, it needs to be longer and more girth wouldn’t hurt either.

  • ArchVixen

    I have pretty much the exact same feelings. The Gigi 2 was a bit of a letdown in size and strength, and was nowhere near the G-spot powerhouse I hoped it would be. But the Moka is pretty damn good!

  • I still don’t understand why they didn’t give the Gigi 2 the same motor as the Mona 2. If you’re going to update your toys, and you have access to an awesome motor, why not just give that motor to all the toys?!

    I love the look of both my Gigis and dearly wish I liked their vibrations more, but I just don’t. I’ll probably end up giving them away to friends.

  • My only thought is that maybe the motor is too big to fit inside Gigi. BUT THAT’S WHY GIGI SHOULD’VE JUST BEEN MADE BIGGER.

  • Addie

    Has anyone tried out the Liv 2? I love the original but if it isn’t that much of a improvement I might turn and get a Mona 2.

  • Story_of_Ocelot

    Given that the Mona exists, I can’t imagine why the Liv still does…

  • Liv 2 has the same motor as Gigi 2. Don’t bother.

  • VanillaCloudberry

    I like my Mona 2 a lot, especially for external use, but internally I find the shape of the Gigi delivers more melting G-spotty goodness. When I use Mona 2 internally it feels like a generalized fullness – which is sometimes what I’m after – but it doesn’t seem to target the G-spot as nicely for me. I agree that some extra length on the Gigi would be nice.

  • Sarah

    I believe I already told you this, but I’m not sure because I was in a haze of post-Mona-2-euphoria. BUY THE MONA 2. My review is forthcoming. Suffice to say that if I had to choose one sex toy and forsake all others for an entire year, I would pick the Mona 2.

  • Sarah

    Thank you. Yes.

  • Screw the Gigi, tell me more about that manicure.

  • Paint them white first, wait for them to dry, then cut out pieces of newspaper. Dip newspaper piece in some rubbing alcohol, then press over nail for like 15 seconds. Peel off carefully, wait to dry (otherwise it can smudge right off), then top coat!

  • Addie

    Thanks to all who replied. I think I’ll have to dig into my wallet and get a Mona 2 (hopefully soon!). Now…on to debating colors.

  • It is weird that the Mona 2 — and even the original — seem so much stronger than this second-generation toy.

  • Cat

    Thanks for not making me feel like I need to spend more money because I only own the Liv 1.0 rather than Liv 2.0… (which I think is essentially the same thing as the Gigi but with a convex tip rather than a flat tip). I’ve never noticed a high-pitched whine and the small size is not really an issue; my main issues are the lack of waterproofing and the awkward hand grip that’s too small and made of slippery plastic. I’m glad that they did away with the little silicone bit that covers the charging port because it always got knocked out!

  • TT

    which is better for a g spot stimulation? mona 2 or gigi 2?

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