Review: Lucky 11

The Evolved Lucky 11 is part of Evolved’s “Roulette” line. As such, it has a wheel embedded in its base that controls the vibrations. Admittedly, I was drawn in by this gimmick. But I’m also a texture slut, and the odd raised lines on the Lucky 11 appealed to me.

First, a word on packaging. Evolved has always packaged their toys in decorative tins, and this one in a transparent plastic box. I know this is an attempt at being hip, but if you ask me, this style was outdated the moment they conceived of it. Sure, there aren’t half-naked ladies on the front, but it still strikes me as somewhat tacky, with its swirls and ALL CAPS promises. Like “TRUE MULTISPEED” (unlike everything else on the market, which is somehow fake multispeed?). I also take issue with their relentless insistence that everything about the toy is European — the silicone, the motor, the parts, and oh yeah, it was assembled in Europe, too! Okay? Wow?

Also, “CONFORMS TO BODY.” No, it doesn’t. It is stiff and long and straight. It does not conform anywhere. And the spiel on the back of the box makes me break out in hives.

If you’re looking for “Action” then you’ll love the sleek European design and composition of the Roulette! With it’s Flexible Shaft, European Silicone, Motors and Parts — the Roulette is the “Odds on Favorite” to deliver a sensory evoking spin!

But anyway — the toy.

The Lucky 11 is 1 5/8″ in diameter, 5″ insertable, made of 100% silicone, waterproof, and takes 2 AAs. It’s purple and firm. It has raised lines on it, in a pattern that repeats on each side. Due to the wheel controlling the vibrations, there are no vibration patterns — just a range of steady vibration. The vibration increases as you roll the wheel, leaving no awkward pause between vibration settings.

Vibrations from the Lucky 11 are nice — they’re not too buzzy, and they begin soft and ramp up to quite strong. If you wanted to use the Lucky 11 as a clit vibe, it would definitely have enough oomph.

As an insertable, though, which is the Lucky 11’s main purpose… it’s actually a bit uncomfortable. The ridges rub the upper wall of my vagina1 in a way that does not feel good. This puzzles me a lot. I normally love toys with texture, but for some reason, my vag is displeased with this one. It’s not a terrible pain or anything, but it is a feeling of wrongness that happens every time I use this toy.

I’ve mostly used the Lucky 11 as a dildo, but the vibrations do help in dulling the uncomfortable sensation. The gimmicky vibration-controlling wheel works decently, but does not make for an entirely carefree experience, especially because I hold insertables with my left (non-dominant) hand. I would not choose this wheel over a simple button.

I was really hoping I’d love this toy the way I love my super-ridged Ophoria Bliss 8, but my vag highly prefers the Bliss 8. Evidence that my vag is picky? I think so.

There are a lot of other vibes in the “Roulette” line, though, including one that looks like plumbing and one that looks like a creepy woman. There’s also the Bet On Black, which has a much more subdued texture to it. This line has a lot of range in terms of texture, which I think is fabulous, because how many straight ‘n’ smooth vibes does the world really need?

  1. I think. It’s a slight poking sort of discomfort that I can’t pinpoint completely.