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Review: Ella, and my first ejaculation

A warm sensation washed over my vulva... and I knew. I was about to come. Really come.

The LELO Ella, a white dildo with a flat tip, lying on a dark blue sheet. It is slightly wet.
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You always remember your first. And I’m proud to say that the LELO Ella is mine — the first toy to give me a G-spot orgasm.

I have long since gotten over the fact that sex toys are, inherently, foreign objects I’m introducing to the most sensitive parts of my body. And yet, when I slid the larger end of the Ella inside of me, I felt, for the first time in my sex toy testing life, like a toy actually belonged inside of me. It fit perfectly. It glided in and out of my vagina smoothly, yet still locked in place if I wanted it to. It was thick where it needed to be, and thin where it needed to be. It was soft and slightly flexible, and completely body-safe due to its 100% silicone material (par for the course with LELO). The thicker end of the Ella was flawless, and I wanted nothing more.

But there was so much more to come. By the time I convinced myself to retire the thick end, I was very, very turned on, which lead me to almost immediately thrust hard with the G-spot end. The flat tip went straight to my G-spot, quickly stirring in me the now-familiar sensation of needing to pee, yet wanting to fuck myself even faster. I sped up. I gripped the thick end, dropped my head back, and fucked myself with the Ella as quickly as I could.

I think I could feel it coming, because ejaculation seemed more within reach than usual. My jumbled thoughts drifted to what would happen if I did squirt. It occurred to me that, as I’ve seen in porn, I could potentially squirt quite far in practically any direction, but I could not be bothered with finding a large protective covering for the bed. I was too far gone in the throes of pleasure. The towel under me would have to do.

And right about then, as I was dismissing all thoughts from my mind, a warm sensation washed over my vulva… and I knew. I was about to come. Really come. I’m not usually loud when I come by myself, but yells of pleasure involuntarily spilled from my lips. I lost all control, and I released. I came, hard and warm, lost in the moment. For once, my clit was of no consequence. All the orgasmic feelings were concentrated deep in my vagina. I was in awe.

I came, hard and warm, lost in the moment. For once, my clit was of no consequence. All the orgasmic feelings were concentrated deep in my vagina. I was in awe.

When I regained some semblance of sanity, I looked down and saw only a splattering of come on the inside of my thigh. That’s it? I thought. But then I got up and glanced back at the towel from whence I came, and there it was — a wet spot about nine inches in diameter. And under the towel, a corresponding wet spot on the comforter. And under the comforter, dampness on the sheets.

Being the huge dork that I am, I actually said out loud to myself, “no way.” I picked up the towel; I felt it, I smelled it. I was almost crazy with disbelief and euphoria. I promptly rushed to Twitter and updated in all caps. When my boyfriend came home, I clobbered him with details about the experience. And here I am now, gushing about it again (pun intended!).

I know the story of my first ejaculation is a heart-warming tale, but the point is, the LELO Ella is an incredible dildo. There is nothing I would change about it, and I can’t say that about many toys. It is gorgeous, perfectly shaped, completely sterilizable, and comes with a sexy black box and satin pouch. It practically oozes luxury, as do all LELO toys, and it truly works in harmony with my body in a way that no other toy ever has.

Get the LELO Ella at SheVibe, She Bop, or Peepshow Toys.

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  1. Awesome review! I remember clearly what my first time was like (being fairly recently, that’s not so hard) and I am uber excited for you!

    I already wanted this dildo, now I MUST HAVE IT!

  2. That is awesome. Congratulations! I just bought the Ella, but have yet to really put it to the test. I’m sooo excited for it now!

  3. Holy Moly Batgrrl! Kapow! What an excellent review. Make sure to pimp this one out for sure. I’m so thrilled for you. And, your writing was so articulate I felt live I was reliving my first time all over again. The wondering and then the sudden explosion! Fantastic 🙂

  4. Your experience with Ella sounds so much like mine. I wonder who Lelo uses to test their prototypes when they’re designing a new product? Man, I would love to be one of their testers.

  5. I got this one last week and i wished i had your same expierence but i didn’t… i don’t know what i’m doing wrong but i just don’t seem to get myself to orgasm. what should i do?? i’m sad

  6. @lady shi: That sucks! The two main things that help me achieve G-spot orgasms are 1. thrust really, really fast, as fast as I possibly can. 2. let go. If you get the wanting to pee sensation, you’re getting close. If you’re not getting it, you’re not hitting your G-spot.

  7. Thank you so much for this review. You swayed me from purchasing Gigi to going for this simple yet beautiful dildo. I am so happy that you converted me. I would’ve paid a hundred-some dollars for Gigi (money that doesn’t come often since I’m in College)…so thank you!

    If it weren’t for you, I probably would have never bought Ella.
    And as you’ve continued to say, she is amazing!

  8. I did actually by the Ella because of this review, heh. Still not squirting yet, but I’m workin’ on it!

  9. I have heard so many great things about Ella. I really should try it. And congrats on the first!

  10. I’ve been contemplating dildos for a bit because I want to know if I, too, can squirt someday. And I’m dying for a Lelo toy. The only thing that’s rough is that I’m a virgin and nothing FITS, ugh. Still, thinking I might spring for one for Christmas, unless I get lucky…

  11. Ya know, I *still* haven’t been able to squirt! I hate that needing-to-pee sensation and always want to stop. What I really need to do is invest in a Liberator Throe so I don’t worry about whether or not I *do* pee — and just keep going. God knows I have enough tools that should do the job if I could just really let go . . . *Sigh.*

  12. What do you think of this versus the Pure Wand for me? (I know you love ’em both.) I love G-spot play but haven’t squirted yet. I’m still a virgin, but am in that spot where I’ve been using 1 1/4-inch diameter silicone dildos for a while and sometimes think I could handle something bigger when I’m aroused enough. I like softer materials internally right now, but the rounded dimensions of the Pure Wand sound like they might be more forgiving than the flat end of the Ella (since, above all, I hate a poking sensation against my G). Hmmm.

  13. @Epiphora:

    Thanks for the idea–hadn’t thought of it! The Beyond 3 shape looks great, and I’m drawn to the little filigree-type things on it. Got startled at the idea of 9 inches, but I guess it’s not all insertable.

  14. This is what I love about sex toys the ability to discovery new things. I’m always kind of fascinated with stories of women learning to ejaculate with sex toys because my experience is the opposite as I’m a guy that learned to have non-ejaculate orgasms aka refractory period free orgasms thanks to sex toys.

  15. I love how something so simple in appearance can become the beloved of dildos. And it’s not too expensive either! I’m definitely putting this on my to-get list.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. I’m considering getting this for several reasons.

    1. I want to figure out my G-spot and learn how to squirt
    2. I want to try a dildo instead of a vibe (hated the Ina a lot btw…grr)
    3. I want something waterproof

    My only concern is the lack of success with the Ina, it makes me worried about spending money. Should I do it?

  17. @Katie: I was not a fan of the Ina either. It’s extremely intense. Some people love it, but that amount of pressure on my clit is just not cool. So I’m with you there! Don’t let it deter you from sex toys altogether — there are tons of great toys out there, and I’m sure you can find one that you love.

    Have you heard of the Beyond 3? As long as you can handle the size of the bulb, the Beyond 3 is freakin’ amazing… and I recommend it over the Ella because it is easier to use and not as oddly-shaped. Ella is great, don’t get me wrong, but the shape is very weird and takes some getting used to. Ella is also pretty short, so not as easy to thrust with as the Beyond 3.

  18. Thanks to your amazing review, i now have to have this dildo! darn you! I just hope i have such good results as when i get that peeing sensation, i run to the bathroom and actually pee–for like 5 minutes. we’ll see.

  19. i know this is an old post, but i’m shopping for ellas and would like to know how the color on your white one held up? White looks beautiful but I’d be sad if it got dirty quickly…

  20. @lyly: Ella is made of 100% silicone, which is completely non-porous and should not absorb any colors from anything. It does attract lint like most silicone toys do, but I think the white is absolutely stunning.

    Also, I’ve used Ella (and many other silicone toys) while on my period and have never experienced staining of any sort.

  21. *smiling*

    the very first time i squirted, was with my Master and he accused me of pissing on him!! Then smelled it and realized what it was.

    I’ve done it a few times on my own, and *every* time, i too stare at the bed in amazement. Wow… my very own pussy did that!


    here’s to the powah of the pussy!

    GREAT review.


  22. I’m glad to see this review. I generally don’t look up reviews on items I’m about to review myself, but I had just gotten this out to draft up the links and get ready to test and review when your tweet popped up. Now I’m expecting good things. 🙂 I was wondering about the discoloration as well, as I have a white one also.

  23. By the time I read this review, female ejaculation never crossed my mind as something that could be achieved – it was one of those things that only happen in porn, along with crazy positions and pristine white anuses. However, my curiosity was sparked by what you wrote and I spent quite some time wondering whether I should try it or not.

    I never had before a G-spot orgasm. I came close to a couple of times, but the sensation ended up getting lost because I never really bothered to focus on it properly. So, after some thinking, I finally decided to follow your steps and by an Ella.

    The first two times weren’t very successful, as I thrusted my dildo way deeper than necessary. When I finally figure out, though, where to stimulate, the sensation was hard to ignore (not that I wanted to!); it took me a while to have an orgasm, but when I felt it coming I released my muscles and OHMYGODWHEREISALLTHISLIQUIDCOMINGFROMHOLYFUCKINGSHITOHMYGOD.

    Long story short, your review changed my sex life.

  24. The Ella was the first toy that convinced me that g-spots aren’t just something that happens to other people, but I don’t think it entirely suits me. When I’m really turned on my vagina likes to clench, which interferes with the rapid thrusting, and the g-spotting end of the Ella isn’t very satisfying to clench down on anyway. Maybe I’d be better off with something thicker?

  25. My experience and possibly a little advice for ladies that haven’t been able to squirt yet!
    I ended up reading this review simply because ever since the first time I squirted, I’ve been self conscious about it! The first time it happened for me, I thought that I peed all over my partner! I had heard about it from guys, but I am not one who watches a lot of porn. Only after it happened to me, did I look for porn with women squirting. I too thought that this was a mythical thing that only happened to porn stars, not real women.
    I am very bossy in bed, so I have taught each subsequent man who visits my bed how this type of orgasm works for me! I can also do it myself, but I’m not much for self penetration with a dildo or my fingers (I just prefer having company!)
    Anyhow, if you are having trouble try rocking your fingers or dildo from your belly button to your bottom. In my case, it’s not so much in and out that does it! For some, it might work better with the length that is comfortable and hits your G spot to stay inserted, then move whatever is your pleasure either circularly, side to side, or front to back. I tell my boyfriend, “Around the world”, and he knows just what I mean!
    I hope this helps! And by the way, every man that has ever been present for any of my squirting orgasms find it sexy as hell! Ever since I figured out the trick, it seems that I squirt every time I orgasm, even if it’s just clitoral!

  26. I had tried lots of times to squirt before, but Epiphoras tips and blogs on squirting finally taught me how to sucessfully squirt. I haven’t really tried without simultaneous clinical stimulation nor do I feel the need to. These posts have by far been the most valuable to me because I was really convinced it was something that only some people could achieve. Don’t give up! Follow epiphoras tips as a guide, do what feels good, push out instead of contracting/flexing your muscles and keep trying. It is so worth it in the end 😉

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