Mar 262009

My sex toy collection has been slowly creeping out of the two For Your Nymphomation cases it was in. Many silicone toys were being kept in their plastic dildo-shaped packaging. It became more and more apparent to me that I needed more storage space, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered some more cases. Yes, cases. Three of them. (Queue maniacal laughter…)

This forced me to actually consider organizing my toys in a coherent manner. A way that could help me find toys faster, even. But, having never done this before, I didn’t really know how to go about it. I decided the glass toys would do best laid side by side in an Adult Toybox, and went from there… the result was this:

5 FYN cases

On the far left, in the black Big Foot, I have odds and ends such as toy cleaner, lube samples, watch battery bullets, chargers, my Luna Beads, my Delight in its case because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else, and all the locks for the FYN cases (I am lucky to have no need for them).

On the top left, in the purple Adult Toybox (my first FYN case, aww), I have plastic toys and/or toys I don’t use very much. Sometimes I suddenly have a craving for one of these toys (for instance, the other night I wanted girth, so I whipped out the Gyrating Massager), but usually not. Plastic doesn’t do it for me the way silicone and aluminum can.

Speaking of silicone, the red Big Foot in the middle is filled to the brim with silicone dildos. Unfortunately, most of them are encased in plastic bags. Having to put my beautiful silicone dildos into plastic bags made me realize how much I need satin drawstring bags. Like, ten of them, in various sizes.

The purple Big Foot on the far right is also laden with plastic bags. It has, mostly, cock rings and butt toys in it; Bo fits very nicely in the pouch in the side. I threw my Acuvibe Mini on top because, uh, it fit.

The white Adult Toybox in the middle is where the action’s at. All my glass dildos are lined up in the bottom of it, along with my Alumina Motion and Revolve. Then my important bullets are thrown on top, so they are easy to grab at a moment’s notice. This is the case that will be flipped open during every masturbation session, no doubt.

I’m sure I’ll rearrange my toys again at some point, but this seems like a good system for now. I threw out a ton of old boxes/packaging, and I no longer feel like my toys are a chaotic mess. Now the question is, how suspicious are five FYN cases sitting out in the living room…?

  • Backseat Boohoo

    That’s sheer genius! I’m starting to think multiple FYN cases may be the way to go instead of the rolling toy trunk, since it’s much more obvious and harder to store…I really need to start saving up, though, because I’m heading home in a month and I need to hide shit from my mom. O_O

  • @Backseat Boohoo: I’m actually starting to think this way might be better, too. I was lusting after the Adult Toychest but this is so neat and tidy…

  • Alpine

    I love your organization system. I’m going to have to buy some soon.
    Right now, I use a spare closet for all my toys with various mini storage but all my toys are on display.

  • This is great! And so very organised!

  • Manda

    I know you have your whole new organization system in place now (with the rolling plastic case) but when I read this post I thought about getting some satin pouches.

    I was searching for some that would be long enough… and I found what looks to be a good site.

    I thought I’d let you know about it… because it seems like a good deal. 30 bags for $11-13… sounds good to me! they’ll be a little big width-wise, but I guess that’s good if you have a curved dildo or one with balls or something. haha. plus, they have lime green! 🙂

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