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It’s day two of Courtney Trouble week!
Roulette. Tomorrow: Speakeasy.

Besides having one of the most kickass porno titles of all time, Nostalgia is porn with purpose: to re-create “Golden Age” porn movies (Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones) and queer them.

Nostalgia is more movie-like than Roulette, and thankfully does not have music videos wedged between the scenes. Footage of Trouble and Pepper Sox ties the film together; they are watching (on a laptop, duh) the porn that we see. In the end, they collide with the porn and become it.

There is a dream-like atmosphere to Nostalgia, and this makes the film both very interesting and very frustrating. Oftentimes, the action has no order to it — one sexual act fades (literally) into another, causing a sense of disjointedness that I do not enjoy. I like to feel like a scene has a beginning and end, and that the action progresses cohesively. That doesn’t really happen here, except in the Deep Throat scene.

So you may assume that the Deep Throat scene (in which Syd Blakovich plays a doctor, Jiz Lee plays a nurse, and Madison Young plays Ms. Clit-in-throat) was my favorite. Not so. While I was tickled by how campy it was and by how much Jiz looked like Alice from The L Word, I couldn’t get into it. At first it was because of the overabundance of cock-sucking, but then Syd and Jiz moved on to pleasuring Madison with a golf club (covered by a condom, of course) and the Hitachi. This seemed promising, but Madison’s moaning was just not varied enough to be interesting. And for the most part, Syd and Jiz just held their instruments silently.

The final scene, featuring Trouble, Pepper Sox, April Flores, and Kimberly Kane, was the only one I really liked. Maybe it was the red tinting. Maybe it was the fact that I love Kimberly Kane. Maybe it was the inclusion of stainless steel dildos. Or maybe it was the fact that they were all fucking on a bed, not in a theatrical location. In any case, it was hot.

The two other scenes are just too marred by music-video-like editing and loud music. The first scene consists of a room full of people watching Selina Raven hold down Kimberlee Cline, who is in turn fucked by a bird-masked and white-fishnetted Jiz Lee (I did really like the squirting at the end of this scene). The other scene is blue-tinted and features Tina Horn, Destiny Prince, and Sealu Sideshow; it’s so brief and overrun by music that it feels more like an interlude than a standalone scene.

Nostalgia feels more upscale and more thought-out than Roulette, but the music is still too abundant for me. This time, it isn’t as jarring or out-of-place as in Roulette, but it’s paired with jarring editing. So ultimately, I found Nostalgia very hard to get into. The red-tinted bedroom scene, however, did steal my heart.

Buy Nostalgia at
Pleasure ChestCome As You Are (Canada), or stream the best parts now!
Watch more of Courtney’s work at Indie Porn Revolution, Real Queer Porn, and PinkLabel.tv.

  • Sundae

    I love the look of the stockings and masks, that sort of sultry vibe from another era. However, I am like you and do like to have my scenes fit together neatly and have a proper beginning, middle and end sort of feel to them, so it’s a shame it’s so disjointed.

  • Wilhelmina

    i agree, kimberly kane is awesome. i first saw her in chemistry and have been wanting more ever since.

    i remember reading a review of this somewhere else, and the movie-copying was the thing that most piqued me, i think. seems like a very interesting idea.

  • So, I totally never knew April was that hot. She’s so…hot in that average-woman sort of way. Does that even make sense?

  • EffinSara

    …is this the one that was filmed (at least in part) in Violet Blue’s apartment?

  • @EffinSara: Yup — hence my on a bed link. 😛

  • billycastro

    that double blowjob scene looks so fucking hot! i must own this.

  • EffinSara

    @Epiphora: Ah! I missed that!

  • Saraid

    Music in porn is *always* a downer. I am an advocate for music free porn awesomeness!

  • Ah, I remember reading Violet’s blog about something being filmed there but I never made the connection, as I didn’t discover Courtney’s work until a few months later when I stumbled upon Jiz Lee’s blog and then No Fauxxx. This makes me want to watch this even more now!

    My Courtney collection needs to expand soon!

  • Trin

    Ahh. the good ol’ days. No ditzy tee hees just
    good filthly raunch!

  • Ooh if I were to own a porn movie I definitely would want it to be Nostolgia. Though your review had made yearning to see after looking at the pictures I knew it is definitely a must own dvd. Mmm the girls are so naughty.

  • Shannon D

    I’d like to have this… looks nice. I especially like the second to last screenshot you posted.

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  • Selective Sensualist

    The dream-like state actually sounded appealing until you mentioned that the scenes did not have a beginning, middle, and an end. Sounds more like the disjointed dreams I had as a kid when I was running a fever — and those aren’t the good kind of dreams! Wish they’d made it more fluid . . .

  • Bri

    I hate it when music is so loud that it prevents anything like dirty talking in the scene. The screen shots of scenes look intriguing though…so I’d probably still give this a chance.

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