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Most sex toys, even the ones I end up loving, require multiple testing sessions before I get a handle on my feelings for them. But once in a while, a toy comes along that is perfect immediately — from the first dip into my vagina. That’s because the Crystal Delights Star Delight has everything: beauty, bumps (um, the good kind), and a G-spotting head to die for.

I kind of knew that I’d love this dildo. The shape of the Star Delight is a classic design. My first ever glass dildo, the atrociously and carelessly named Gold Ribbed Love Wand from now-dying brand Phallix, had similar bumps. Like the smart human I am, I tried it in the bath first, then proceeded to complain that it was uncomfortable. That was also the review in which I infamously listed “doesn’t vibrate” as a con.

Despite being a moron, I loved the Gold Ribbed Love Wand once I played with it, you know, outside of water. Other glass dildos came and went, but the bumpy texture of the hard and frictionless glass remained a favorite.

Glass sex toy manufacturers have done some strange things in attempts to make their toys appealing, like embedding ugly flowers into the handles and promising 24-karat gold fuming. But if I’m gonna fork over the cash for a glass dildo, I’d rather my money go toward a Swarovski crystal that shines for miles rather than some elusive gold fumed shit that you can’t even see with the naked eye.

And at $100, the Star Delight is no more expensive than other glass toys of lesser beauty.

This dildo is what celebs should be getting in swanky gift bags, not the scam artist that shall not be named. This dildo makes me uncharacteristically blurt out words like exquisite and divine. But my less articulate feelings are even more meaningful: this dildo just feels fuckin’ great.

No conditions need to be met before I use the Star Delight. I don’t have to warm up my G-spot before I can enjoy it. It requires no finagling or fancy wrist work. Usually I start off by clenching around the dildo, then I start twirling it around, and eventually I end up doing shallow but intense thrusts, feeling the head push against my G-spot while the bumps stimulate my vaginal walls, unable to stave off an orgasm for much longer. The insertable length of 5.5″ is just right, and the girth is both manageable and noticeable (1.4″ in diameter around the head, about 1.2″ around the bumps).

When I say perfect, that is what I mean. If I could give the vagina-holders of the world just one glass dildo, this would be the one. Some might be alarmed by the texture at first glance, but, as a very wise person once said, “believe in your vaginas, people, THEY CAN DO ANYTHING.”

Crystal Delights is now officially the manufacturer of my three favorite glass dildos, the Star DelightCrystal Twist, and Ash Girl. Badasses? Obviously. Plus, my Star Delight has a glacier blue aqua Swarovski crystal in it, which is not one of the crystal colors usually listed, but Shellie takes special requests, so don’t hesitate to ask for the color of your dreams.

Crystal Delights is certainly not the first company to create a bumpy glass dildo like this one. But they’re the company you want to give your money to.

Get $10 off my Exclusive Star Delight with glacier blue aqua Swarovski crystal with code EECD.

  • I’ve never owned a glass dildo. But I want this one. It’s so pretty.

  • Question- between this and the Twist, which wins in the realm of awesome glass toys?

  • They are really different beasts. Both sensations are very unique. I’d probably just barely choose this one first because it’s more effortless to use, but the Twist is a really unusual type of stimulation, which I love also. I suppose the Star Delight is more all-purpose and the Twist is more specialty.

  • That color is GORGEOUS. I didn’t know she did special requests. I want the Twist, but now knowing I have limitless color options I’ll never decide what color to get.

    Reading that you wrote “doesn’t vibrate” as a con kinda made my night, by the way.

  • That is one of my favourite crystal colours that she offers. Curious if you think the frosted version would make much of a difference to the sensations?

  • Cynthia

    Oh, god, your reviews make me want to try a glass dildo, but I can’t free myself from the insane fear that it will break and tear my vagina appart. But they’re so pretty and they sound so delicious…

  • They are tested to not shatter into a million tiny pieces unless you drop them from a building 😉

  • Ugh, I love Crystal Delights. Not only are their toys FABULOUS, but they are a wonderful company. Shellie is the sweetest AND she really cares about giving back to the sexuality community and promoting higher standards in every way!

  • Adriana

    I always masturbate on the top of The Empire State building..

  • Shellie confirms that it has a bit more drag and turns translucent when lube is applied, but that’s about it. I’m definitely intrigued!

  • Unless your vagina has superhuman strength, that is absolutely impossible.

  • When people side-eye toys that you’ve reviewed and loved, I tend to point them to your blog. Especially with things like the twist dildo, and prolly this too. We have one of the frosted CAC ones right now. I’m wondering if more drag is good or bad… hmm…

  • Maya

    It looks so pretty, i want it:)

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  • solitudinarian

    I have the Twist, but now I want this too… gah!

  • Pixel

    I’m a texture whore, so this toy may be my next big splurge. <3 I absolutely love the colour, but knowing that there are so many other choices is going to make it nearly impossible to choose one.

  • nuala macmoragh

    I have yet to fork over for one of these (or the crystal twist also on my wish list). I wish that glass toy makers would make something a little thicker–even longer, not that I’m a size queen or anything.

  • nuala macmoragh

    Oooh I want to watch!

  • nuala macmoragh

    Most glass toys are made from borosilicate glass (pyrex), and are resistant to rapid changes in temperature and impact. I was afraid of them breaking too. I think you could break it if you smacked it with a hammer, and even then it would tend to break in half or into big pieces–it wouldn’t shatter. You want to try it, really!

  • Dominika

    Another toy to love that you can only get in US-shops… Can’t find it in any European store, especially not in any Austrian or German. It’s nearly a little bit frustration to read your great reviews without getting the hands on these fantastic toys.
    Still can’t stop reading… your reviews are just too good.

  • But US shops can ship them to you! Crystal Delights and SheVibe both ship internationally.

  • Beth Dawsey

    I have read this review twice now. This will be the next toy I purchase. Thank you for this review 🙂

  • Beth Dawsey

    Is there anything you would suggest for care of the Star Delight? Would you suggest toy cleaner or just good old hand soap?

  • Just soap. I’ve never seen a need for toy cleaner with toys that are non-porous. The only thing to remember is not to boil it, as the crystal could pop out.

  • BuggieBee

    Bahaha the hover text for the little chroma! I lost it.

  • Jules

    I’m trying to find this toy on Crystal Delights’ website but it says that the Star Delight is password protected? I’m curious if I got to be some sort of VIP for that or if I’m just not looking for the password in the right places 🙂

  • Hi Jules! There are many Star Delights listed here. There is also an Epiphora-Exclusive Star Delight that you can access with code EESD.

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