Jun 012017

We-Vibe Verge and Pivot cock rings and Ditto butt plug

We-Vibe is making cock rings! And a butt plug! All of ’em are app-compatible, which makes a lot of sense for toys that get all up in your genitals’ business. Rumbly vibrations, too, I bet. Gooood.

How truly majestic is this new uncut dildo from New York Toy Collective? And I thought Carter was beefy — this toy is 2.5″ in diameter! In keeping with their “let’s name sex toys after people” theme, it is called… Leroy. Yeah. Well.

Womanizer 2GO

I’m having some conflicted feelings about the Womanizer 2GO. I’m not a lipstick person at all, but the idea of a smaller, less potato-shaped Womanizer does appeal to me.

Tantus’ latest offerings include ball stretchers and a selection of classic dildos recast in softer silicone: Vamp, Destiny, and Adam.

Fun Factory Battery+ vibrator line

Here’s Fun Factory’s new idea: battery-operated toys that can be upgraded with rechargeable batteries which charge in the toy itself. OK, but I’m a little distracted by those devil horn cervix ticklers?! Take your mind off it with their Bootie Ring, a butt plug and cock ring combo that reminds me of the Rocks Off Ro-Zen.

I truly do not understand why you’d want to hoist something this monstrous onto your junk, even for an automated synced-to-porn experience, but okay: the Fleshlight Launch.

Mini Doxy

There are photographic rumors of a pint-sized Doxy on the horizon. Reviewers have colloquially named it the Doxy Smol, and I would like one please. (Photo courtesy of Horny Geek Girl.)

Le Wand vibrator

On the other end of the wand spectrum, there’s a new one called Le Wand that is quite obviously a rip-off of both the Doxy and the Magic Wand Rechargeable. If you like your wands with a side of arrogance, have at it.

There’s a new Sybian attachment called the G-Egg (because wow, I guess we are still putting G- in front of things?). This is maybe a good time for me to remind you that the Sybian remainsdisappointment.

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  • Celeste Thayer

    is it just me or does the Fleshlight Launch look like a trash can?

  • Oh my god, it really does

  • Sophia

    I was hoping you would write something about those cervix-ticklers.

  • Alter

    Does anybody have any reviews out yet of the Tantus Super-Soft stuff that you know of, Piph? I prefer the shape of my Adam O2, but the material of my Vixskin Mustang. Best of both worlds??

  • I have the super soft Vamp and I have to be honest… it’s too soft for me! The level of squish just erases any intricacies in the design. There’s a fine line, I’ve realized, between “soft enough to be comfortable” (which VixSkin hits perfectly) and “so soft that it doesn’t feel like anything anymore.”

  • AceDenise

    I just saw the Womanizer 2Go in a local shop- and if they wanted to make it discreetly fit in with other “lipsticks” people might carry in their bags- they failed at it. It’s cute but the thing is HUGE for a lipstick, it could never be mistaken for one. Seriously, it’s at least 2-3 times the size of an average lipstick! It definitely looks more like a rectangular perfume bottle. It’s not a lot smaller than the Womanizer Pro40, and it seems harder to use with the single button on the base. I didn’t mess with it long enough to determine if it still has that feature where you can press once and drop back down to the lowest speed, which is something I love about the regular Womanizers. But it only has the one button, so I believe it only cycles through the settings in one direction. It’s too pricey for me, like most of the Womanizers have been when they are first released. I do like the green watermelon color option, but I’ll stick to the Pro40. And that Doxy Smol is MINE, as soon as it comes out!

  • AceDenise

    It’s really soft, I have the SS Vamp and I enjoy it, but I think that’s because the regular Vamp is right at my max girth limit depending on how long it’s been since I last used an insertable. I really like the regular Vamp but depending on how long it’s been, it can be hard for me to insert it due to it’s rigidity. The squish of the SS Vamp makes it more comfortable for me to use when my vag has started to close up a bit, like when I haven’t used a dildo in more than a week.

    It feels softer than the Mustang to me, which makes sense because it lacks the firm inner core. Maybe Super-Soft is better for people who want the “filled up” feeling but can’t handle a lot of girth?

    I just had to get one so I could get it in Copper. That was 90% of my purchase decision-making process right there. Now I can color-coordinate when I masturbate with the Eroscillator!
    #achievement unlocked

  • HOLY SHIT now that I’ve seen photos of it next to other stuff, you are so right. The Womanizer 2Go is COMICALLY LARGE.

  • AceDenise

    Heehee, “comically large” was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it too! It would’ve been fine if they had just marketed it as “travel friendly” or something because it has a cover. But they had to cross the line into ludicrousness by insisting it can pass for a lipstick, and making that a big selling point. Discretion is fine, but I don’t like it when sex toys are made to actually look like a different object.

    I found this pic of it on another site, ironically next to a regular lipstick.


  • Tzipora

    The Fleshlight Launch is kind of amazing from a disability perspective, you gotta give them that (though that’s clearly not who they’re marketing it for). I was like “Man, I want the vulva having version of that!” And realized that’s basically any of the endless varieties of fuck machines on the market which are also much larger than the fleshlight Launch so… a little perspective maybe?

    Though I totally agree it looks like a garbage can. Lmao. And the name itself kind of makes me laugh for some reason. At least it’s not a giant clit suction lipstick! 😉

  • Tzipora

    Okay, I just watched the actual video for the Launch and omg I get why the name was making me laugh so much. They even went with “Launch your rocket!” and I can’t… I can’t even. WTF was that?!?!

    Stunning comparisons in marketing techniques btw when you compare the Launch to the Womanizer 2Go. So much that one could say there…

  • Scott Louise

    Thank you for sharing. I am a daily visitor of your post and learning more knowledge. But I am very comfortable with my “pleasureplayz” sex toys.

  • Elle

    I heard it here first, so any more news about the baby Doxy? Want!!!! Need.

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