Guest Review: Eroscillator

Me holding the mighty Eroscillator, with the pillowy marshmallow attachment.
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I’m not surprised that my insanely extensive and enthusiastic review of the Eroscillator resulted in several of my readers lusting after it. Sarahbear took the plunge and actually bought it; here’s what happened!

My husband and I read your review for the Eroscillator together. More than once you had almost convinced me to get the biggest package they offer but I couldn’t resist a coupon for the 2 Plus. It arrived the next day and I ripped open the packaging and shooed the kids out of the room.

It was time for some one on one with my Eroscillator.

I’m not a huge fan of porn, but since you convinced me to buy it I logged into my account on a website and impatiently hunted for something to make me horny. I couldn’t decide which of the attachments to use first. I tried the grapes and cockscomb first. Not quite what I was looking for. Then the fingertip. Ouch! It stuck to my pubes and pulled them. Not that one either. I put in the ball and cup, using the side with the three nubs to rub against my clit. It wasn’t long before I orgasmed. Hard. I was still a little disappointed though. I expected it to be explosive. It wasn’t until I tried to use another one of my clit vibrators that I realized how different and how awesome the Eroscillator was. I’ll be buying the other four attachments soon. I’m hoping they’re as awesome as you say they are.

I do have to disagree with you on one thing. I got the one without the extra power boost and I’m glad I did. I can’t even handle this thing on the second setting, let alone the third. I may have a really sensitive clit because if it had any more power I couldn’t use it at all! I am really glad I bought it and thank you so much for your really informative, honest review. It gave me everything I needed to know to make a decision about such a hefty investment in a sex toy.

Haha — first of all, I love that you had to watch porn because of me. Bad influence?! Secondly, I completely agree that other vibrators feel different in comparison. The more you use the Eroscillator, the more obvious the difference becomes.

I’m glad you didn’t need the power-boosted one. One day I will find an Eroscillator to compare mine to, and the truth about the power difference will be discerned! [Update: I DID IT. I compared the two!]

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