Review: Fun Wand

A pleasant stainless steel dildo overshadowed by its iconic sibling.

njoy Fun Wand

Nobody wants to know how the njoy Fun Wand is. Everyone just wants to know how the Fun Wand compares to the njoy Pure Wand.

Which I think is totally fair. When your big sibling is the Pure Wand (A.K.A. one of the best things to ever enter my vagina), it’s clearly the overachiever in the family and you’re just the smaller, oddly-shaped younger sibling. The Fun Wand is also about $20 cheaper, which seems to be a draw for people originally looking at the Pure Wand. Same manufacturer, same shiny stainless steel, why not save a few bucks?


Maintaining any semblance of objectivity with this one is hard1. But when one has experienced the glory of the Pure Wand and is aware that the same company also produces the Fun Wand, how is one supposed to avoid endless comparisons?

In an alternate, horrible reality — in a world without the Pure Wand — the Fun Wand would stand on its own. Its one-bulbed end feels amazing on my G-spot, more amazing than you’d think a little 1″ in diameter head like that could feel. Its three-bulbed end is pretty nice also, and fun for anal use (although I found it unwieldy when using it on myself). Its weight is lovely but not overwhelming. Its stainless steel is frictionless and beautiful.

But THANKFULLY, we live in a world in which the Pure Wand exists, and it has a small bulbed end that is almost identical to the Fun Wand’s, so both are perfect for up-and-coming G-spot explorers. However, the Pure Wand has that bigger end that is just fucking unmatched. A bigger end that you can grow into; a bulb that will inevitably blow your mind with its size and heft. Do you ever see someone in a porn movie using the small end of the Pure Wand? No, you do not.

The Fun Wand is quite a bit smaller than the Pure Wand, which I think people may not realize. It also weighs half as much, at 11 ounces. The general shape is different too: while the Pure Wand curves toward you while in use, the Fun Wand curves away. It all sort-of evens out, though: the Fun Wand is easier to thrust with weight-wise, while Pure Wand is heavier but its shape is more ergonomic.

I feel like anyone who bought the Fun Wand for G-spotting purposes would use it, enjoy it for a while, and then start to wonder what it would be like to have a larger bulb. Fantasizing about the Pure Wand would occur. Despair over lack of money would set in. The person would continue to use the Fun Wand but ultimately feel a bit unfulfilled. I would like to prevent this. Unless you really need a dildo that does double duty as an anal toy, or a dildo that weighs much less, choose the Pure Wand from the start.

Get the Fun Wand at njoy, SheVibe, GoodVibesBabeland, Early to Bed, Smitten KittenEnby, Pleasure Chest, Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

Or get the Pure Wand at njoy, SheVibeGoodVibes, Babeland, Early to Bed, Smitten Kitten, Enby, Pleasure ChestCome As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

  1. …especially considering I never bother with objectivity in the first place!