Jul 112009

Tantus EchoI’ve had the Tantus Echo on my wishlist for a long, long time, ever since it lost in my mental choice between the Echo and the Goddess for my first 100% silicone dildo (can you believe that was just last October?). It was a horrible choice to have to make, but now I realize that it didn’t matter which one I chose. Both are fabulous dildos worthy of owning. And the Echo, especially, lives up to all the hype that I created in my head for it.

The Echo is made of 100% silicone, glossy and semi-firm per Tantus’ standard; it has a sexy pearlescent look to it. The circular base is harness-compatible but fairly small and redesigned to be chunkier, making it sturdier in a harness and easier to grasp. The dildo itself is average in terms of length (6 1/2″ long), but a bit plump in terms of girth (1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point). The ridges add a layer of difficulty for me, and I usually need some warming up before I can slide this puppy in.

But when I get there — oh man, oh god, oh man. The ridges are sensational. They are intense and seemingly neverending. This is not a dildo that I fuck myself crazily with (that would be for only the most texture-obsessed), but instead I slowly slide it in and out, savoring the ripply fullness. Or I leave it inside me, clutching around its girth. Either way, the Echo is like heaven on earth. It is easily one of my favorite dildos, and definitely my favorite silicone Tantus dildo thus far (with the Acute a close second). I should also mention that although the Echo isn’t meant for extreme G-spot stimulation, it does provide some.

Oh — and it comes with a watch battery bullet. I don’t really use those bullets anyway, but it’s especially not necessary in the Echo. The ridges are more than enough stimulation on their own. (Edit: if you want an actually good bullet that fits in the hole, look at the We-Vibe Tango or Screaming O Vooom.)

Can I also say how genius the name Echo is?

Yep, that’s about it. Awesome look, awesome ridges, awesome feeling. Unless your vagina shudders at the thought of texture, get it.

Get the Echo at SheVibe, Early to Bed, Pleasure Chest, or Tantus’ site.
Wishing this thing had a handle? Get the Echo Handle at SheVibe or Tantus’ site.

Want even MORE texture? Check out the Tantus Splash.

  • Lovely review, as always. Glad you loved it. 🙂

  • Miss KissThis

    Echo IS a genious name. And ooooooh the ridges.

    Wonderful review, but I wouldn’t expect anything less 🙂

  • Carnivalesq


    Just clicked your link.

    Somehow this makes your review seem more excited, but in a really overly dramatic and strange way. I approve 100%.

  • Wilhelmina

    i just got an Echo recently and i love love love it. and i agree with you about the name and the need to go nice & slow.

    you’re right, the link is worth it 😛 and that WAS the worst line reading ever……

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  • So many people love this. I guess I am kinda scared to try another Tantus product because the combination of firmness and size in the Goliath was not very pleasant for me at all. )=

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  • Selective Sensualist

    Love this one! I really need to try it. It reminds me of both soft serve ice cream and a unicorn horn.

  • Bri

    It’s so pretty. This looks like texture I could handle as opposed to that ceramic one that was all ripply. I want it regardless of wheter I could handle it. It’s just so pretty.

  • Liz

    the pearly sheen is so pretty! i don’t know, i just find that a hell of a lot more appealing (and maybe a little more luxurious, too) than sitting on some bright pink floppy dong. (to be crass about it, haha.)

    how many watch bullets do you have by now, just from getting them with all these dildos? i’m curious, haha.

  • @Liz: I have around 10 of those mofos.

  • Delta O.

    The Echo was your first silicone dildo? That’s crazy it was mine too! Weird…I bought the deep purple one on a date with my would-be-husband-partner-of-the-future so it has extra sappy special meaning. Awwww, sushi and dildos! I still *love* it too.

  • @Delta O.: The Goddess was my first, but I definitely prefer the Echo. More ridges = more love.

  • Sarah Marlatt

    I love Tantus toys, and as much as I’d love to be able to review for Tantus (free awesome sex toys!) I don’t think they’ll let me into that club. Is anyone in it? Anyway, this is definitely on my wish list.

  • nuala macmoragh

    I’m sure I’m sounding like a dildo addict by now, but I snapped this one up on closeout for 19.99 2 days ago and now it’s gone. It arrived quickly, and I’m really, really happy with it. ^^^^What she said. And don’t despair–they have a handled version still available! I got a white one and it’s all smooth. I want to say that the white seems less linty than the other colors but I know that I just can’t see it.

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  • Robin McClanahan

    The Echo was my very first (and currently only) dildo! I just couldn’t resist how beautiful it was. I’m so glad I was swayed by the pretty, because it’s quality as well. 🙂

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