May 162010

[This post contains mentions of James Deen. I no longer support him or his work.]

Bartenders is the newest, yet-to-be-released feature porno from Burning Angel. Now, it takes serious hilarity to make me laugh aloud at something on the internet, and this trailer managed to do it — three times. Even my boyfriend laughed when he watched it, and he doesn’t like porn!

Best moments of this trailer:

  • 0:58 — Some dude slapping another dude’s tattooed ass to urge him to jack off elsewhere. Totally random, and obviously amazing.
  • 1:08James Deen showing his high-tech I.D. card. Swoon.
  • 1:21 — The introduction of Evan Stone into the storyline. Oh my gawd.
  • 1:33 — “Can I show you our gender-neutral bathroom? …for sex.”
  • 2:35 — Kylee Kross doing exactly what I have always wanted to do to James Deen:

  • 2:47 to the end — Evan. Fucking. Stone. Going nuts, as always. “CAN I GET ANOTHER BEER?”

So good.

P.S. Clearly, every porno starring Evan Stone must create a lovable creeper role for him. It is his destiny.

Update: Watch scenes from Bartenders at Burning Angel.

  • The Victorian Pirate

    ……….I don’t like porn either, and yet I want to see this for the sheer sexy hilarity of it. AWESOME.

  • “Hey, how ya doin’? Whatcha think?” ::beer thrown on him:: “Ok!”

    OMG, that was the best part of the trailer. And he kinda reminds me of Denis Leary with the cocky attitude. 🙂

  • Oh my GOD, Evan Stone is fucking hilarious; I’m not even a huge porn fan but he makes me want to watch every single film he’s ever been in ever.

  • Ah! I’m so glad to see Kylee Kross again! She’s so awesome. Probably the first porn star I really geeked out about.

  • Selective Sensualist

    This looks really cute (and totally different from the porn I’ve seen). (I’m trying to remember if you reviewed this one . . . going to check!)

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