Jan 212011

This vibrator is not purple. It is fuchsia. Let it be known. Despite every product photo ever depicting it as a nice, moderate color of purple, it is instead a bright fuchsia that made me gasp when I opened the package. I’ll survive, but I just wanted you to know.

The Vanity by Jopen line is a mysterious line of luxury-style sex toys made by big-wigs California Exotic Novelties. Actually, I found out, the line was originally invented by BMS Enterprises and named Swan, but Cal Exotics bought the rights to it for North American distribution. To distance themselves from their sleazy reputation (for reference, they make things like this and this), Cal Exotics created a faux-company named Jopen, and each toy in the Vanity line is named Vr1, Vr2, etc. How this is supposed to entice consumers, I do not know, but I do find the masking of their actual company a bit icky.

But it did entice me a little, because the Vr9 (WTF, seriously?) is shaped like one of my favorite dildos ever, the NobEssence Seduction. I haven’t tried a new Cal Exotics toy in a whole year (the last one was the My Mini Miracle Massager), but I was intrigued enough to give this one a try.

And you know what? I am strangely impressed. Well, not by the packaging; it comes in a plain white cardboard box. Inside is a huge-ass drawstring storage bag with the word JOPEN on it, the charging cord, the manual, and a piece of frosted vellum that advertises every single feature of this toy that they could possibly think of (no need to shove promo at me, guys, now that the toy is in my possession). The toy comes already charged, and I haven’t needed to charge it since.

First things first when it comes to Cal Exotics: is it actually silicone? It doesn’t have much of a smell to it, and it certainly feels soft like silicone. I did a flame test on it with a match; it didn’t melt, but a faint black soot mark remains, even after washing. I asked Metis Black, president of Tantus, what this could mean, and she explained, “The soot is from oils in the silicone. Every silicone recipe is different so each has a different volume of oils (dimethicone etc). It usually wipes right away, or that has been my experience. It’s odd that this line doesn’t.”

So, while I personally believe that the Vr9 is made of 100% silicone, I would advise against sharing it without a condom, just in case. I would also suggest using a lot of lube with this thing; the silicone is very velvety and can drag if there’s not enough.

The Vr9 has two circular buttons on its middle to control the two motors, one in each end. A button must be held down in order to increase the vibration strength, which can take some getting used to; just pressing the button once will turn off the vibrations altogether, and on most toys that is how you move to the next setting. If you are a person who routinely decreases vibration strength while using a toy, being unable to do so could drive you mad. Personally, I like the controls — they make it easy to quickly get to the strength I want.

And the vibration strength is very good! Definitely strong enough for me. If you turn both motors on, the vibrations seem to undulate from end to end slightly. The smaller end can even be used clitorally.

The small end is a pretty rad G-spotter. Not for me personally, because I like my G-spot stimulation to come from thick toys, but it’s a great shape. It’s also flexible, so it doesn’t ever feel awkward when thrusted (although it does make a sloshing noise…). If the toy weren’t so damn expensive, I’d definitely recommend it for G-spot beginners.

The large end is decent, too, but a couple factors made it less than perfect for me. One: the small end doesn’t make a very good handle; it’s very pliable and makes thrusting a bit weird. Two: the large end is simply not curved enough to do the extreme G-spotting I had hoped for. Like, compared side-by-side with the Seduction, the Seduction has a more pronounced curve — and it makes a difference. The Vr9 does press against my G-spot, it’s just not as intense as it could be.

The Vr9 charges via a seemingly regular jack, yet somehow the toy is fully waterproof. I do not understand this, but I tossed it in a sink full of water and proceeded to forget about it… and when I came back, it was still vibrating the living daylights out of itself underwater. So… somehow they have managed to make it completely submersible despite its average charging jack.

$145 is the Vr9’s pricetag. On one hand, it makes sense: the toy is rechargeable, covered in 100% silicone, waterproof, double-ended, and has two motors. On the other hand, this toy is made by Cal Exotics, who are not exactly known for luxury, so I feel like they are aiming a little too high with the price of this one. Also, I would personally only pay $145 for a sex toy that would change my life.

But I feel confident in saying that the Vanity by Jopen line is a massive improvement over Cal Exotics’ other attempt at silicone toys with their Couture Collection. Whereas the Couture toys were average, battery-operated, and featured obnoxious battery chambers, the Vr9 is a more realized attempt at rivaling the luxury toy makers. Does it succeed? It would need to have better packaging for that, but it comes strangely close.

Get the Jopen Vanity Vr9 at SheVibe or Pleasure Chest.

  • sophie2229

    Let me get this straight, you’re giving your seal of approval to a pink Cal-Exotics toy?

    Excuse me while I pass out.

  • @sophie2229: Why oh why must you phrase it that way!?!

  • sophie2229

    @Epiphora: Well let me make you feel a little better: I really want to try the Vr3

  • Hahaha it’s a grudging seal. Of semi-approval. Don’t listen to her Piph.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I really want to try this one, as well as the Vr10 rotating rabbit, the vibrating vaginal balls (I think those are the Vr1?), and the Vr3 or 6.

    I’m pretty intrigued with this line overall, but I wish they weren’t so darn shockingly expensive. I’m surprised Cal Ex didn’t go all out for luxe packaging since that is something which has become taken for granted now with higher-end toys. After all, so many companies have really raised the bar and re-set the standard in regard to packaging . . .

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  • Oddkin

    I’m lucky to live in Europe where Swan is comparatively cheaper (145 USD would translate to 105/110 EUR, I can find lots between 95 and 100, and one 90) because a Jopen/Swan toy did change my life, or came closest to doing so.

    I use it totally the wrong way because the only reason I got it was MOAR POWR and it delivered on that. It also holds up to my pressure-applying abuse. I totally get those who give CalEx the side eye but I’m pretty glad with mine (I got the Whooper/VR6)

    As someone with a high orgasmic threshold I like it very much. I just hope it will hold up stronger than most CalEx toys, because oooh boy if this thing breaks after what I spent on it.

  • sleeping beauty

    im so glad i stumbled upon you blog while looking for a good first vibe.

    you opened my eyes to consider not just vibes!

    im a beginning masturbator even, i always just figured he gets the job done so eh.. but as im getting older im realizing i want to know my own body, and where as its nice for him to be able to get me there, I want to know how far my body can go even.

    a bit of back story: ive only been having sex about seven years now with nine different partners, and some could get me off clitorally more then others but not like i can for myself. ive never had a vaginal orgasm, and ive never used anything but my fingers. i have a slender frame and im a bit over a hundred pounds 5’7”. ultimately my goal is to get to vaginal or G-spot orgasm.

    so i was looking at a few different options and i wanted to know what your take on it would be for me;
    -Njoy Pure Wand
    -Jopen Key Comet G Spot Silicone Wand
    -LELO Ella
    -LELO Mona
    -vanity vr8
    -vanity vr9

    i would really really fancy your help. i know i must seem like such a cow not being able to pick out a good dildo or vibe style toy for my own body, and im sure my collection will grow but at almost 100$ a pop i dont really have the funds to blow on 6 dildos. and whats the fun in that. eventually i’ll get my collection to seven but right now what would you recommend the best vibrating and non vibrating G-spot dildos would be out of the six? or any you just think arent good right off the bat?

    thank you so much!



  • The only toys on that list I’d veto would be the Jopen ones. They’re just not as good as the others. Otherwise, it depends on whether you want just a dildo or something that vibrates. The LELO Mona is great because it can also be used clitorally if for some reason you don’t like it internally. But the Pure Wand and Comet G Wand are incredible G-spotting dildos, with more intensity than the Mona.

  • Klavia Anya Harkov

    I own the Vr8 and I actually really like it …. And my opinion about it remains unchanged after I learned more about Jopen//California Exotics as companies. Now I want to try Vr5.5, 6, and 6.5 but I don’t know which one to start with!!

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  • twenty_fifth_night

    Okay, so hoping I’ll get a reply even though this post is old, but has anyone compared this vibe to a Swan Wand? Are the vibrations similarly rumbly in the larger ends or not so much?

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