Jan 232012

I don’t know how to say this in a way that is pleasant, but that’s okay — I’ve never really been the queen of class.

It feels like I’m pooping.

Because the Tantus Severin’s final bulge rests right inside my ass, it feels like I’m on the verge of a poop. Constantly. Especially if I walk around. It feels awkward, like it wants out.

I’ve tried to push the plug in further, but it always ends up resting right at that spot, with the neck hanging out and the base poking into my ass cheeks. The base isn’t super uncomfortable, but it’s definitely… obvious. And distracting. And I don’t know why it has to be so big. And it blocks my vag.

But mostly, this butt plug just feels odd. I was hoping the bulges would feel nice, but instead that last bulge just feels like a persistent reminder that the thing in my butt doesn’t want to be there. I like butt plugs that slide into place and stay put, not ones that are planning their escape. Even if that escape never actually happens, the sensation is not fun.

My Severin is the small version (4″ long, 1.5″ wide); there’s a medium version (2″ wide), and a large version (2.35″) that make me scream in terror. Yeah, I’m sticking with my Ryder.

Get the Severin at SheVibe or directly from Tantus.

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    Yikes. That doesn’t sound pleasant in the slightest. What’s the deal with butt plugs that don’t feel like they’re properly plugging up your butt?

  • I have the large one! I actually enjoy mine, but it’s not one I could use for any great length of time, like my Ryder. I don’t have the same issue of it resting in that spot but it just feels so huge when it’s in I don’t think I could function normally compared to when I wear a regular size plug.

    This one is reserved for when I just need to feel something big inside my butt!

  • rocketlindy

    I have a Ryder (green! very green!) and I get “that poopin’ feeling” if I try to walk around in it for more than maybe fifteen minutes. It almost stays in place, but slides just enough that it feels weird. And the edges are pokey.

    I think my butt is a picky eater. Uh. You know.

  • That is not a sexy feeling. Thanks for the amusing, but unfortunate review of this plug. 🙂

  • TJtheMadHatter

    Ugh, I had that happen with a plug a while ago. It felt like I was in the midst of pooping. Not to mention the base was cutting into me. So, I ripped it apart and set it on fire. That’s what happens when a company says something is silicone and it stinks like a pool toy.

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  • awkwardshrub

    hey epiphora, i just tried it, andafter considerable warm up, i really like those ridges! i ended up thrusting with it >.>

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