Feb 242012

March 5th, 2009 — all laid out and drying after a nice thorough boil in a big pot.

Some dildos change, but boiling day remains the same.

Pictured sorta left to right: Phallix Inside-Out Spiral Rib Double Dong, Tantus Ripple, Tantus Alumina Revolve, LELO Ella, Phallix Dual-Sided Swirled Rib, Big Teaze Toys Dai-Do #4, Tantus Sherbet, Tantus Alumina Motion, Phallix Gold-Ribbed Love Wand, Phallix Cobalt Twister, Tantus Ryder, Ophoria Pleasure No. 6, Tantus Goddess.

I do believe this was taken at the height of my glass dildo kick. And an inadvertent Tantus kick.

  • Look at this photo long enough and the strangest questions pop in to your head.

    If you laid the contents of your toybox end to end, what would be the combined length?

    Do you sometimes get bored and decide to reorganise your toybox by weight, colour, alphabetical order?

    If you laid them all out to create the image of a face (like the picture of Rick Santorum made entirely out of gay porn) then whose face would you like it to be?


  • @Huff: Haha! I don’t reorganize my toybox very often because it’s a huge pain in the ass. I would want the face to be James Deen’s.

  • Ashes

    I want a Sherbet. Damn.

  • Beachy

    Do I need to boil? I’m a newbie with a whopping one toy (Ophoria Beyond 3 in tres chic black, thankyewverrymuch) and I usually do the foaming anti-bacterial hand soap scrub before and after use. I was thinking about using a latex condom even though I’m the sole user of said toy… but then I thought toy + silicone lube = bad things will happen. If there’s an FAQ for toy care section on your site, I’ll slink over there quietly as soon as someone points me in that direction.

  • @Beachy: You do not need to boil a toy if you’re the only one using it. Silicone is non-porous anyway, so no bacteria’s gonna get trapped on the toy. All I do is hand soap most of the time.

    Silicone lube can cause a bad reaction on silicone toys, but it depends on the toy and the lube. Some high quality silicones and high quality silicone lubes can play well together. I’ve never tried silicone lube with Ophoria toys so I couldn’t tell you, but you can do a test on the handle and see if anything happens. A reaction would cause the toy to get tacky. Otherwise, yep, a condom would work.

    Sorry I don’t have a toy care page… yet. I know I should, I just haven’t done it!

  • Is the Sherbet awesome? That ridged head is intriguing.

  • You can’t really tell that it’s swirly in use, but it definitely hits my G-spot very well!

  • Beth Dawsey

    So in the picture at the top of the page there is a pink glass toy with bumps toward the right side of the phone. I know u list the toys names from “sorta left to right” as the caption describes but I cannot find this toy. Its half hidden behind other toys. Would you know what the name of this toy is? The toy im refering to is directly behind Pleasure #6.

  • It’s the Phallix Gold-Ribbed Love Wand, and as far as I know, nobody sells it anymore and it may not even be in production anymore. A good substitute, though, is the Crystal Delights Star Delight.

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