Guest Review: Comet G Wand

Usually it takes a bit of time for my screaming endorsements to seep into the consciousness of my readers. Especially when the toys I love cost a pretty penny. But not this time. I flailed about the Jopen Comet G Wand less than two months ago, and I’m already getting reports back that peeps have bought and loved it.

Jopen Key Comet G Wand dildo balanced on top of a heart-shaped bowl, courtesy of Alex.

A reader named Alex sent me the sweetest, ego-stroking email thanking me for alerting her to toxic sex toy materials and iffy lube ingredients, the existence of good porn, and glass dildos. She bought the Crystal Delights Star Delight and Comet G Wand based on my reviews, and confessed, in perhaps the greatest compliment ever given to me, “my vagina thanks you from the bottom of its (our?) heart.”

Intrigued, I asked her to elaborate. And elaborate she did!

I bought the Key Comet G Wand as a bit of an impulse buy after seeing the review on Hey Epiphora. Actually I had originally been tossing up between it and the njoy Pure Wand, but the Comet G Wand was cheaper and therefore it won out. I should quickly preface this thing by saying that my G-spot and I are not the best of friends. Occasionally I can work myself up enough to have an amazing orgasm but that’s quite rare — usually it’s a stranger to me.

All right, so the first time I used this toy I was very ambivalent about it. I’d just gotten it out of its packaging and was raring to use it. My mistake — this toy is definitely not quickie material (at least not for me). I decided to set it aside and see if it got any better on a day when I had more time to myself. Oh man. Can someone say, “best decision of my life”?

The Comet G Wand was pretty much made for my vagina. I didn’t even realise my vagina could play favourites like that until this toy took my normally absent G-spot and shook it out of hibernation like a mofo. If I rock it, it’s there. If I thrust it a little, it’s there. If I stir it…

The Comet G Wand is so impressive because it is like the G-spot whisperer. It’s just heavy enough to give it a good weight and really make me feel it, but light enough not to tire out my wrists. The bulb is basically the perfect size. It nestles up against my G-spot (that’s right — I just used the word ‘nestle’ in a serious setting!) and doesn’t let me forget for a second that it’s there, rubbing against me, putting pressure in all the right places and making me really believe that G-spot orgasms can be a regular occurrence in my life and not just a one-off. It’s a little lube-hungry and it kind of drags a bit upon insertion, but once it’s in there… dude. Using this thing was literally one of the best masturbation sessions I’ve ever had in my life. If I were capable of squirting I’m sure I would have been a dried-out husk by the end of it, it was that good!

If you buy this don’t make the mistake that I did at first. This dildo is for those days when you are all alone in the house and you just feel like masturbating all day and there is literally no conceivable reason why you would ever need to leave your bed. This toy was made for that.

Good point, my friend. I tend to forget that most G-spots require actual warm-up, that most are not always rarin’ to go like mine is.

Also, DRIED-OUT HUSK. Such a grotesque image. I welcome it with open arms.

I know a few more of you jumped on this toy the moment I reviewed it, so add your thoughts below. What do you think of the Comet G Wand?