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Wahl All-Body Massager vibrator
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Wahl All-Body Massager vibratorThe Wahl is easily lost in the shuffle — usually only mentioned in the same breath as the Hitachi as another once-innocent body massager that has been perverted. But since the Hitachi has been more universally perverted, the Wahl tends to be forgotten. Now that I have tried the Wahl, I feel that this is a grave injustice. And I am here to rectify it.

Previously referred to as the Wahl 7-in-1, the Wahl is an 8-inch long, gun-shaped massager that used to come with seven plastic attachments (now comes with four). Each attachment has a vanilla purpose, and they are named for them: scalp attachment, facial1 attachment, etc. These attachments fit not-so-gracefully around an inner post, usually after some shoving. The Wahl’s cord is a generous 8.5 feet long, with a regular-sized plug, so it doesn’t hog the outlet.

If you’re thinking the Wahl looks bulky and cumbersome — unfortunately, you are right. It is both large, unwieldy, and quite heavy — one pound, two ounces to be exact, most of it concentrated in the chunky head. So yes, the Wahl takes some effort to use, and some patience. When I use it with a dildo, sometimes holding the Wahl by its intended handle does not work out, so I end up awkwardly grasping its head. This vibe does collide with dildos sometimes, and makes thrusting with dildos more challenging than with less obtrusive clitoral toys.

But here’s what’s awesome: EVERYTHING ELSE. Mainly this: the Wahl’s two speeds are incredibly strong and feel completely different from one another — they really feel like two different vibrators. The first setting is more surface-level and buzzy, but very intense, and miraculously not at all numbing. In fact, if I had to choose just one speed to get off with for the rest of my life, it would be very similar to the Wahl’s first setting. I often orgasm with the Wahl before I can make it to the second setting.

The second setting is out of control. It’s deep, with a rumbling, thrumming sensation to it. And when I say that, I mean it. I don’t know if it’s actually moving back and forth, but it feels like something crazy is going on. Like a jackhammer… a really stimulating jackhammer. I have never felt vibrations like this, and I’m kinda in love.

I’m also continually dumbfounded by how quiet the Wahl is. It’s nearly silent on both settings, and sounds much like white noise. With the amount of power this thing puts out, its sound level is miraculous. (Edit, December 2013: I purchased a second Wahl because I kept hearing reports of really really loud Wahls. The second one is just as quiet. Unfortunately it seems like some people get lucky and others do not. See the comments section for suggestions on how to quiet noisy Wahls.)

A newer Wahl, turned onMy favorite attachment is the “spot applicator” — the gumdrop-shaped one. It’s the least obtrusive and easiest to use. Many of the others are simply too big, unless you’re looking for vulva massage. I would warn against ever using the spiky circular attachment on a clit, because it’s impossible to clean, and, you know, spikes. A friend also pointed me toward a nearly-discontinued attachment called the Spot Tip. It’s just a balloon-shaped piece of vinyl, but it’s softer than plastic and easier to clean (it’s louder, though, for some reason).

I don’t know if you can sense my giddiness over the Wahl, but I’m freaking giddy. This is a really awesome toy. The two speeds are strong enough and different enough that they could satisfy anyone; I actually love going back and forth between the two speeds when I use it. And its vibrations are so deep that I squirted using just the Wahl, with no insertable toys at all.

I always wished the Hitachi could focus on just my clit, and the Wahl does just that. The sensation of using the Wahl is quite different — more concentrated and pinpoint — but the intensity is similar. I will be recommending the Wahl to people who claim they can only get off with the Hitachi. And I will prove them wrong.

But what really seals the deal for me is the Wahl’s price: $20. FUCKING $20! That’s cheaper than a lot of bullets that really suck, and significantly less than the Hitachi. Pretty badass, don’t you think?

The Wahl can be found at Amazon, Walgreens, or Walmart.
See the Wahl in action in the video here.

[Edit, July 2016: The Wahl has changed since this review, and newer models are significantly less powerful. If you can still find the original, model 4120-1, get it. The shitty one is model 4120-600.]

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  1. I adore this vibe. Where oh where do you get the spot tip?

    I also discovered that suction dildos will stick nicely to the suction looking attachment. Oh the joy!
    I got mine at a drugstore for $17. You can get a heated version for 25. It comes close to the mind numbing power of the hitachi without the clit numbing (or the noise).

    *sigh* must be love.

  2. @Lilly 2: I got the Spot Tip here. I suggest you get one soon, because I barely found it at all.

    Good point about the suction cup dildos! I’ve read that elsewhere as well. I should’ve tried it before I wrote this; oops.

  3. Something very similar to the wahl was my 1st vibrator and I loved it so. But then I tried a hitachi and I’ve honestly never been able to go back. I think that the wahl will be awesome for some hitachi users and it will surprise them. But for me, I prefer all over vulva stimulation because my clit likes to hide right before orgasm. The hitachi is the best at finding it no matter where it tries to hide.

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  5. I finally bought this and it’s a little too strong for me – but it’s FANTASTIC as a massager!

  6. All right, chica, you’ve talked me into it. I admit I had always snubbed my nose at the Wahl and its clunky, frumpy appearance. I will definitely have to give this a try. 🙂

  7. I dismissed this because of it’s looks too…but after you’ve raved and the price is right…gonna have to check it out.

  8. O.O Looks shiver-inducing! And the fact that it’s so quiet…*neeeed!*
    Thanks for mentioning its bulk; I was wondering. And good point on the more complicated-shaped attachments. Cleaning would definitely be an issue.
    Thanks for the review!

  9. @Tuesday: Let me rephrase that.

    I’m going to have to give this one a more thorough try. I’ve only tried it briefly a few times at a friends house. Maybe its better when you own it and can use it for longer periods of time.

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  11. Yes, this is absolutely amazing! When my spouse came in the door after a long day at work holding this, I knew exactly what it was thanks to your review, and let me say it did NOT disappoint! I heart setting two. And I, too, was surprised at the (lack of) noise level.

  12. I just recently got a wahl from walgreens.. for fifteen bucks. I must be lucky, because it came with all seven pieces.

    When i first turned it on, it was loud as fuck! But I think I may not have put the attachement on far enough. My friend showed me hers, and it was quiet, so I was a little concerned.

    But because its been three years since the making of this review, I think Wahl changed some things about their attachments.They are still plastic, but they seem more flexible than plastic?

    I havent tried it yet, but I am very curious to.

  13. So, I’m really interested in this thing because I want a powerful plug in toy, but I’m dirt poor plus I have a roommate (who is awesome but we don’t have a hahaha-your-vibe-sounds-like-construction-equipment kind of relationship). I’m worried about the possible changes to the toy upping the noise level, though. Anybody else bought one recently? Deschutes, were you able to resolve the noise issue?

  14. I got a Wahl on Amazon last November and I don’t even use it because it’s so loud. It’s kind of a rattling noise, like a power tool with some kind of horrible problem.

    I also thought maybe it was the attachments, but after a bit of fiddling I don’t think it is. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I wedge them on or if there’s even one on it at all, it’s pretty much the same noise level. I was thinking of just opening it up and seeing if there’s an easy fix since I can’t return it.

  15. Mine started out loud and got progressively louder as I used it. I suspect some are aligned in the housing better than others.

  16. Got mine about 6 months ago. It isn’t whisper quiet but quiet for the sheer amount of power. It is also more rumbly noise rather than the high pitched noise of wand massagers. I have one of those 7 speed mains one and the Wahl speed 1 is about the same level for speeds 2-4. Wahl speed 2 is about 4-5/. Speed 6 and 7 on the wand is louder than the Wahl speed 2. I thought they were about the same but tested it and Wahl is quieter. It seems louder because of the power though, it’s sort of vibrating you at the same time. Also you are close to it, things further away don’t seem as loud to other people.

  17. Success!

    I got into the innards of the Wahl and found the source of the noise problem: a missing piece of foam padding between to two metal components.

    I should have taken pictures during the dissection, but it was pretty simple so I think you can get by without them.

    What I did was remove the three screws that hold the housing together so I could get inside; Inside there’s what I’m pretty sure is some kind of electro-magnet, the switch assembly, and some wiring. On the electro-magnet there’s a kind of L-shaped metal brace to hold it in the housing, but the magnet bashes against it as it oscillates causing rather a lot of noise. On one side of the magnet there was a thin piece of adhesive closed cell foam, but this was missing from the other side. I unscrewed the magnet assembly from the housing and unscrewed the brace from the magnet to gain access. I had some of the same foam laying around from camera repair stuff, cut a piece, and stuck it on. I put the whole thing back together and tried it out and it’s SO MUCH BETTER.

    The noise is now down a completely acceptable level, although setting 2 is much louder than setting 1 and the entire thing is a lot louder if it’s held with the attachment facing down rather than up, sideways is somewhere in between.

    If you didn’t have the right kind of foam I’m sure you could pick some up at a hobby store or even use a different material entirely.

  18. I just got it and it is awesome! It’s not so strong that it’s overwhelming, which is what I keep hearing about the Hitachi. But it is strong, and the orgasm I had with it was unlike any other. Really quiet too. I also liked using it on my head (with a different attachment) and oddly enough, my cats seem to like it too!

  19. I was really looking forward to trying the Wahl, and I was terribly disappointed when it arrived and I discovered that it was WAY too strong (it hurts to use on the first setting, and I don’t even dare to try it on genitals), and this thing’s loudness is around 110-120 dZ. It has the loudness of a chainsaw, and my ears actually hurt after I tried the face attachment on the first setting for a few seconds, and they’re still hurting as I’m writing this. I imagine this can cause hearing damage unless used with ear protection – but mind you, everyone in the house and outside may hear you. The attachments are plugged in properly, all the way in. I don’t see how people can rate this toy’s sound level as anything lower than extremely loud, to the point where it would be seen as unfitting for use. Maybe something broke in the mail, or the product has a defect, so I’ll try to screw it apart and see if I can solve the issue.

  20. Hold on! After yesterday’s major disappointment,I was inspired by DrawingDwarf and dug out my tools to crew the Wahl apart. It is surprisingly simple to reduce the Wahl’s sound level! Here is the epic journey – with a warning of potential dangers.

    I used a 100mm x 6mm Phillips star to unscrew the three screws that hold the Wahl’s plastic frame together. Inside, there is the button compartment, the wire, and a compartment of copper wiring wrapped enclosed by a metal brace. Now, the plastic piece that we put our attachments on is connected to a metal plate on the inside, and that metal plate hits the other metal when it vibrates. (Which explains why the massager sounded like rattling construction equipment.) If you insert something foamy between this plate and the metal that surrounds the copper wire, the sound will be reduced to a moderate level. I used an earplug, the cheap type that you insert to block sound from your ears. I simply pressed it flat and inserted it in between the frames. It widens and covers the whole opening. Not only was the Wahl quieter now, it was quite intense, but it didn’t hurt on the body! However, I noticed that the Wahl became louder and stronger after a little use, due to the foam being pressed together… hmm… I opened it up again and used two earplugs. Amazingly, the Wahl became very quiet, and mild enough for the intended use! Still I felt that something was wrong, and the lights flashed red when smoke came out. I turned it off and left it to cool down. An inspection showed that the resistance seemed to cause the device to heat up much faster, and the foam was starting to melt and burn onto the metal. Luckily, I had the silicone cover of a cheap, broken bullet around, so I took it off and cut out a small square piece, which I inserted between the plates.
    This time, the sound was quiet, and the strength was all right. Silicone is heat-resistant and rubbery, so I think it is a great material to use for this purpose, if you have some around. But please, don’t use materials that can melt or catch fire. Keep an eye on the temperature and check inside if you suspect anything!

  21. I bought a new one in December and it is just as quiet as my original. I have no idea why some of them are horribly loud, but a few folks have posted homemade solutions if it happens to you…

  22. Thank you so much for cracking open your Wahl and taking the time to post this! I have no goddamn clue why some Wahls are really loud while both of mine (I bought a new one in December just to check) are insanely quiet.

  23. It’s great for $15. I always get off with it on the first setting (I find the second a little too harsh) and my only real complaint is that it is a pain in the ass to clean

  24. Just bought one about two minutes ago!! First vibe ever in my 23 years lol…soooooo excited!!!

  25. I’ve wondered about this one a number of times, but thanks to your review I’m sold on it. And I really can’t argue with the itty-bitty $15 price tag (especially since my toy budget’s mostly used up for a while thanks to me ordering a Joque harness last night, mwahaha!).

  26. I bought this about a year ago after reading this review, and I LOVE my Wahl. It’s sort of loud, but nothing insane, and the vibrations totally make up for the noise. The first time I used it I think I lost count of how many orgasms I had. The only problem I have is that the attachment can be hard to clean, and sometimes I accidentally turn it off while i’m fumbling around/switching hands/trying to grasp it some other way because of the awkward and heavy shape. But still, it’s the best.

  27. I got a Wahl today after trying a slimline vibe for a couple months and being unimpressed with the vibrations. I absolutely love it, and even though I’m pretty new to vibrations, I like the power level. The noise is present, but tolerable on the first speed, and not audible under a duvet, and in the next room. And when the house is empty, I really enjoy the rumbly, deep thudding of the second setting.

  28. Update: I got my spot tip, put it to work, and immediately had 3 orgasms with it. I find it makes the second setting on the Wahl more tolerable, since it has a little bit of squish to it. The shape works better for me, since I tend to hold the side of the attachment to my clit, and the gumdrop Wahl attachment makes that difficult. Spot tip also doesn’t have the crevices I need a toothbrush to clean.

  29. Based on your recommendation, I got a Wahl today. (I wanted something stronger than my Lovelife Cuddle that didn’t run on batteries.) I had to walk to two different drugstores to get it, but wow. This thing is a *beast*.

  30. I’ve found that the vibration conducts pretty well if you put on the trumpet-shaped full body attachment and press it up to the base of a flat-bottomed silicone dildo. The second setting feels amazing internally.

  31. Have you tried the slimmer version of the wahl? It has 4 of the attachments. It’s less bully but the button also seems less ergonomic. It’s the one I have and I’d like to hear your opinion or if you know if there’s a difference.

  32. My Wahl isn’t loud, really, much quieter than the corded Hitachi. I find that the bell shaped tip is really nice for teasing if I can encircle my clit with, or I use the pinpoint one, but I need to apply lube with that one because then it just glides over my skin. I am not a fan of the low setting, but buzzy isn’t my thing. I really enjoy the deep thumping of the high, though, but my big complaint is it is incredibly difficult to thrust with a penetratable, so I will generally get one that I insert and just leave alone.

  33. I should have kept in mind what you said about being able to squirt with just the wahl, but since I’ve never had any luck with g spot stuff I figured it wasn’t relevant to me. whoops.

  34. I’ve found that the trumpet shaped attachment on the strong setting is a decent option when my clit’s gotten too sensitized to be touched directly. It takes a while – at first it just feels like you’re treating your vulva for muscle cramps or something – but once the vibrations work their way inward and start shaking up your CUV complex it gets to feeling really good.

  35. I used to have a Wahl; I loved it, but it got noisy and eventually shattered when I dropped it. Question: I’m finding some Wahls from resellers that are model 4120-1801 or 4120-1701. When you said that the original was 4120-1, did you mean 4120-1xxx (where x can be anything else?), or am I just out of luck? Thank you!

  36. Hello Ms. Epiphora. Could you do a review on the Wahl 4120-1701 and the celebrator. My gf is loves pinpoint stimulation. I can only find the crappy 4120-600. I can buy 4129-1701, but is it good buy or should j get the Tango.
    I almost forgot Ubiquity makes magic wand attachment kit with a pinpoint attachment. Please please review.
    Thanks for all the cool reviews and love your site.

  37. Hi Willi! I have reviewed the Celebrator here. From what I understand, the Wahl that I loved so much when I wrote this review has been altered, and according to reviews, the Wahl 4120-1701 is no better. I would recommend getting the Tango instead, yes.

  38. You might be out of luck. If you can somehow find the light grey, blockier shaped Wahl, that’s the one you’d want. I think it might be 4120-1801. Mine just says 4120-1 on it. The 4120-1701 is the “professional” version, which reviews seem to indicate has the same issues as the non-professional newer version.

  39. After being thoroughly disappointed and confused by the Wahl I had gotten at Walgreens this summer (so glad I thought to check this article), I managed to hunt down an original one on eBay through sheer luck! The first day with it, I had meant to test it out on my back before anything else to see if it helped with my chronic pain (in addition to being amazing for genitals and all), but after about five minutes, I was a nearly-comatose-from-joy boneless puddle on the floor with a very happy back and didn’t bother doing anything else for the rest of the evening. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

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