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Ah, the Tantus Alumina Motion. One of my favorite dildos. I gave one away in my blogiversary blowout, to an awesome guy by the name of Jaye Valentine. Jaye is always tweeting about the Motion — even singing to me about it — and it always makes me smile. I asked Jaye to elaborate on his and his partner’s experiences with the Motion, and boy did he!

When asked what defines sex-toy happiness for me these days, I have only three words:


I won this toy during Epiphora’s one-year blog anniversary and seriously, this toy is my butt’s newest, bestest friend. When my partner (Hi, Reno!) wields this toy, you can bet on three things happening: a) the neighbor’s are going to complain about the noise, b) Jaye will be a smiling boy the next day, and c) whilst smiling, Jaye will be changing the sheets.

On the other hand, the times I’ve turned the tables and used the fondly nicknamed Shiny Purple Ass-Missile on Reno, sexual coma has ensued. Which is why I am writing this mini-review and not Reno. It’s much easier to jot down coherent post-ass-ramming reflections when one is not unconscious.

Man oh man oh man, does this puppy feel fucking good. The smoothness of the anodized aluminum is hard to describe, like some futuristic hybrid merging of steel and silk. The smaller end of the Motion doesn’t really do much other than provide a modicum of a handle, but the larger end is OMFG outstanding. While the girth of the widest point isn’t even all that impressive, the flared head at the larger tip provides a happy-place “bump” that’s pretty much out of this world. If it has a similar effect on the G-spot, it’s a wonder the owners of this toy ever leave the house.

There’s also something about the weight of this dildo that bears noting. It’s a very heavy toy compared to its size, and that weight causes some interesting — albeit quite different — sensations whether I’m on my back or on all fours.

Bottom line: not the biggest, but undoubtedly one of the best ass toys I’ve ever played with.

This whole account is so awesome. Sexual coma. Ass-ramming. Happy-place. I feel giddy for you guys. Keep on rockin’ the Shiny Purple Ass-Missile, Jaye and Reno!

And now we know the Motion works wonders in the ass as well as the vagina. One of the best dildos ever, y/y?

  • That rocks! It’s great that someone who adores it won it, and that his partner loves it too.

  • JenB

    The pointiness of that toy worries me…maybe if there’s a more rounded version…

  • @JenB: There is a rounded version… it’s called the Revolve. But, even though I am sensitive to cervix-poking, I’ve never had any issues with my Motion.

  • you are a sexy bitch, im fucking drunk on Grwey goose, but hell, here’s another comment. now, stop giving me mental images whern im drunk and Horny….. FOR REALLLIES!! yeesh

  • @JenB The Alumina Revolve is just like the Motion, but rounded.

    I really want this toy, because I have the Revolve and I like it a lot, so I assume I would like this one, too.

  • @Epiphora: Jinx.

  • The Yaoi Review

    I thought this was a video review? I don’t believe anything unless I see it in action. BTW, I’m embarrassed to call you my friend after reading that. Just marry the damn thing and put me out of my misery. ~_~

    Wuv you, Cuddlebunz! ^_^

  • Brandy W

    Damn that made me wish I had one. the sexual coma is what got me. I’d love to be in one of those right now.

  • JenB

    Ooh, sweet! Thanks for telling me about the revolve.

  • Toygirl

    @JenB: The pointiness of the Motion has never once bothered me. It’s never poked me, and I have the world’s crankiest cervix. It’s awesome.

  • Libra

    Everything I keep reading/hearing about the Motion just makes me want it that much more.

    Though honestly, at this point, I’m not sure I wouldn’t end up thinking of Jaye and Reno, and start snickering every time I see it… and really, how *wrong* would that be??

  • I had a chance to play with everything but Flow from the Alumina line when I was in NYC visiting Ducky and I about tied of happy. If I had been her I would have patted me down upon leaving to make sure I didn’t run away with them. Every single aspect of those toys makes my body sing.

    Y Totes one of the Best Dildii Evar.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I’ve only tried my Tantus Alumina dildos vaginally (which works great!). I always wondered how safe these toys are for anal since they don’t have a flared area on them, though since they are double-ended, I keep wondering how they COULD have a flared base … perhaps by having a flare in the very middle where the O-ring is? But that would inhibit full vaginal penetration, which would suck.

  • @Selective Sensualist: Yeah, anyone using these anally should be careful, and preferably should employ another person to guide the toy, like Jaye does.

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