Aug 222010

njoy Eleven stainless steel dildoI don’t normally have sexual dreams, but I’ve had dreams about the njoy Eleven. They were always incredible jack-off sessions consisting of intense G-spot stimulation and unspeakable pleasure. At nearly $300 on most sites, the solid stainless steel Eleven is one of the most expensive sex toys ever made, and therefore should be the stuff of fantasies.

In my dreams, though, the Eleven didn’t weigh anything — and I sure as hell wasn’t wielding it myself. No, in my dreams it suspended itself for my pleasure, and all I had to do was grind down on it. I would wake up yearning intensely for the toy. I was certain I would love it. I mean love it. I’ve become a size queen lately, and the Eleven is practically made for people like me.

I was fully expecting to have to urge all of you to go spend $300 right about now. So I guess it’s sort-of a relief that I don’t have to do that, because the Eleven is a fine toy — but worth $300? No. It’s not.

Named for its 11 inches of stainless steel glory, the Eleven is also 2.75 pounds and girthy as hell. The smaller end is 1.75″ in diameter; the “holy fuck” end is 2″ in diameter. Um, yeah. No matter how big you think the Eleven is — it’s way bigger. I’d seen the Eleven in sex shops before I received my own, and I was still struck by the enormity of this toy.

Well, at first anyway. The creepiest thing is that now it doesn’t even look that big to me. I mean, I was able to use both ends of the Eleven the first time I played with it, so I’m clearly a mutant.

The sensation of the Eleven in use is surprisingly, and disappointingly, mundane. The toy just feels very heavy — not really like a specific shape, which is problematic for experiencing G-spot awesomeness. And, to my great dismay, clenching around either end does not produce ripples of G-spot pleasure. The G-spot stimulation is just… okay. Plus, I can barely feel those ridges that felt so amazing in my dreams.

Then there’s the thrusting issue. I can’t thrust the small end a ton because I have to hold onto the (VERY HEAVY) massive end. And when I insert the huge end, I can only thrust it back and forth about one inch, because it gets stuck in the small area past the pubic bone. If I were to squirt with this toy (which I haven’t been able to do), I wouldn’t be able to quickly push/pull it out like I can with softer/smaller toys, which could be dissatisfying.

After my first solo experience with the Eleven, I started to feel kind-of depressed. Using it did not result in an explosion of pleasure like I’d anticipated. I didn’t yearn to use it during my masturbation sessions. And meanwhile, my friend (who swears by the Eleven) kept prodding me to use the dildo with my boyfriend. But I was in a slump, so I dragged my feet for a while.

When I did try the Eleven with my boyfriend wielding it, I was faced with a familiar feeling: disappointment. While my hands were happy to be free from heavy stainless steel, my vagina was not responding any differently. Even with fast thrusting at just the right angle (which, holy fuck, took way too much time to find), I was perpetually stuck in a sort-of G-spot purgatory: definitely feeling the G-spot stimulation, but unable to squirt from it. Far more frustrated than pleased.

I realized that the Eleven was not going to be the stuff of dreams for me. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was true.

I continued to test the Eleven by myself, trying to pinpoint what wasn’t right. Here is what I realized: the Eleven’s angles are a problem. A big problem.  Because of its semi-S-shape, achieving the most G-spot stimulation would require me to push downward on the non-inserted part of the toy. I can’t hold a toy down like that. I can’t thrust and push it down at the same time. Hell, I can barely thrust in the first place.

I was able to achieve great G-spot stimulation once. My butt was propped up on my Liberator Wedge, and my back was against my bedrest pillow. Using the big end of the Eleven, I lapsed into the same blissful G-spot pleasure that the Pure Wand consistently provides. But it didn’t last, because thrusting with the Eleven made my hand hurt. Quickly.

If all I wanted was to be filled up, perhaps I’d be dying of joy over the Eleven. But I require G-spot stimulation. A lot of it. I expected it from the Eleven, and it failed me almost every time. At its very best, the Eleven is just a larger version of the Pure Wand. At its worst (which, unfortunately, is often), it is a pricey piece of stainless steel that feels nothing more than heavy.

$300 should buy me the kind of sensation that people wait all their lives for. It doesn’t do that. It may be shiny and big and heavy and come with a black leather purse with a freakin’ handle on it that I can tote around like a complete badass… but it does not feel like $300.

The Eleven is not easy to use, and it doesn’t usually hit my G-spot — two things that the <$100 Pure Wand does. For amazing, intense, jaw-dropping G-spot stimulation that doesn’t break your hand off, the Pure Wand really cannot be beat. The Eleven is more for filling up, with a side of G-spot stimulation. And if I want both thickness and G-spot stimulation, I’ll be reaching for Randy.

So what is the Eleven for? I suppose to say you’ve conquered it. It’s not every day I get the chance to insert 2″ of stainless steel into my vagina. I’m glad to own the Eleven, but it’s a frustrating toy that looks far more amazing than it actually feels.

Get the njoy Eleven at one of my fave shops:
SheVibe, Early to BedBabeland, Pleasure Chest,
Lovehoney (international), or Come as You Are (Canada).

  • Still want.

    While I love love love g-spot stim, I also like the feeling of just being horribly filled by a toy, and I think that this could do it for me.

  • The Eleven is definitely too big for me. The ridges look neat though, too bad you can’t feel them much.

  • Outspoken Clitic

    I still can’t manage the larger end. I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING!

    You’re spot on about the angle, though.

  • Juliettia

    I hope you enjoy your new $300 doorstop. 😛 This looks so neat but I’m afraid I’d have a similar experience.

  • Jackie H

    It’s stainless steel so you can use it as a paperweight AND NO ONE WOULD KNOW! 🙂

    Sad it didn’t work out for you though. 🙁

  • Jess Manifesto

    Hey, worst case scenario? Leave it by your bed as a weapon in case of late night intruders.

    I’m sorry it didn’t work well for you. I know the feeling of desperately wanting to like something, to no avail.

    Thanks for answering my question, btw.

  • Kama Sutra Girl

    Interestingly enough I tried the NJoy Eleven this weekend and found it to be FABULOUS! It was outrageously large, and shiny and intimidating… which made it all the more interesting that I too had the weird sensation of having it fit.

    I used it in a number of ways, mostly slowly and g-spot focused, and it was outrageous for me!

    So sorry that it didn’t work for you! I’m totally recommending it to my friends…

  • Your last few sentences really sum up how I felt about the pure wand.

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  • I would probably love this dildo, being a size queen and in particular a fan of girth, but for $300 it had better blow me, swallow, and cook me dinner for at least a week.

  • Goth

    I have to agree, i own one, and i was met with disappointment, too. I actually have found I prefer my Pure Wand for the excellent stimulation it gives.

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  • FD

    Oh no… I’m sad that the Eleven isn’t the magic of your dreams. I’m thinking I still NEED one. I don’t know why, maybe its this damn crush that I’ve formed for it? It’s fucking beautiful! I also love Jess Manifesto’s idea of using it as a billy club on an intruder. Wouldn’t it be great to “cock slap” an intruder with that shiny stainless steel phallus?! They’d never know what hit them! Teehee >.<

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  • I think I’ve just stopped lusting after this one quite so hard. After the awesome g-spot stim the Pure Wand gives… I just don’t know if this would do it for me. And $300ish is WAY too much for a toy that might or might not do it.

  • namelesschaos

    I still want this but more in a status symbol kind of way, i just want to say i own a $300 dollar sex toy. Although it weird as technically I already own a $400 toy, the little platinum, (got it when it was on sale for under a 100).

  • sophie2229

    It’s official: I LOST my Eleven! Luckily I think I lost it in my room at home, but I’m away at college for another few months :/

  • Selective Sensualist

    So sorry that something you’d anticipated for *so long* turned out to be a disappointment.

    This toy has always intimidated me! Perhaps someday I’ll have enough courage to try it (though I hope I’m not similarly disappointed).

  • Bri

    This helps me decide that I want the Pure Wand and not this. I’m glad to read before hand that it’s not worth the $300, what a disappointment that would be.

  • MF

    Even though you don’t like it, its sheer size still just fascinates me.

  • When this first came out and everyone was WHAT!!!! over it, I wondered how it would really be. Then I read some RAVE reviews, but mostly they were about feeling filled up. I like to feel filled up to, but I like different types of internal stimulation with it. I’m also not interested in carpal tunnel from wielding this thing frequently enough to find a good way to use it – regardless of price.

  • Crystalline

    How disappointing! To waste all that steel on something that can’t even hit the G note.

    LOL, I love some of the suggestions for alternative use, so: grinding herbs in the kitchen?

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  • nuala macmoragh

    I finally braved eleven after finding it used on a used toy classified site for $120 including shipping, all in the original packaging. This is probably the only toy I’ve massively disagreed with you on–I fucking love it, and wish I’d gotten it sooner. It could be because I usually lay on my back to get off. I saw one reviewer liked using it in a Liberator Pulse pillow, and that may become a new hobby of mine. For me, it’s pretty easy to hold on to, it’s not too heavy and doesn’t wear on my arm (maybe I just don’t thrust as vigorously), and it hits all the right spots. It’s not nearly as heavy as I expected it to be, given the size. The big end is a little TOO big, but given that it’s supposed to be a big toy, I’d be disappointed if it didn’t present a bit of a challenge. I love the steel–it’s like it’s coated in “magical horndog dust,” as someone aptly put it. Whether it’s worth $300–knowing what I know now, if I absolutely had to shell out that much to buy one, I probably would.



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