How I know squirting is real (and also not pee)

I’ve felt it, smelled it, and soaked towels with it, and many other people with vulvas also report: it’s not urine.

September 2014: Ejaculate all over my leg and soaked through a towel from the njoy Pure Wand.

So I was interviewed for a piece about female ejaculation/squirting for Fusion recently. The article finally went live, and lo and behold, I’m not mentioned at all because some new bullshit study came out that had to trump everything. Also, they needed to make room for all those animated GIFs.

I’m no scientist and I’m not in the business of picking apart studies, but I will say that its findings contradict several other studies which have previously shown that ejaculate contains zero or low levels of urea and creatinine. Its findings also go against several thousand million1 vagina-owners, including myself, who have reported that the stuff they ejaculate does not look, smell, or taste like pee. Also, WHO FUCKING CARES what the chemical make-up of the ejaculate is?! Are we trying to “prove” it’s pee so we can keep shaming people for doing it?

What makes me truly seethe, though, is the way this study (which included a mere 7 test subjects, by the way) has been snatched up by the media and gleefully misreported as SQUIRTING IS PEE. The fear of peeing during sexual activity is widespread, and it’s something sex educators have been trying to eradicate for a very long time. So thanks a lot, media, for this huge step backward.

Missing from many reports of this study, including the article I was interviewed for, is first-hand information from people who actually squirt — not porn stars who fake it or scientists armed with ultrasound machines. Therefore, I have enacted a hashtag, #notpee,2 where I’m encouraging folks to share their experiences of ejaculation. And here, I’m publishing my response to the interview questions.

[Edit: we made it onto Cosmo, Playboy, The Daily Dot, Dr. Drew, and Mic. Summation of the hoopla can be found here! Nice work, everyone!]

I know female ejaculation is possible, and some women do it a lot – but I am trying to decipher the difference between ejaculation and actual squirting. I have been talking to a lot of porn stars and they say squirting is faked in porn. I was hoping to get your experiences with it, because (what I gather on your website) it happens to you. 

So my question is does it happen like it happens in porn (squirt gun style)? Did you have to train yourself to do this? Did this happen naturally? Is the sensation more akin to peeing the bed?

When you say “the difference between ejaculation and actual squirting,” I assume you are imagining squirting as only when the ejaculate physically spurts out? I don’t draw that line. I call all of it squirting, because I just like the word, and “female ejaculation” doesn’t work for me since not all people who squirt are female. I would say that most sex educators feel similarly, in that ejaculation and squirting are two words for the same thing.

I have heard that squirting is faked in some porn, and I believe it, because all they have to do is put some water in their vaginas and then forcefully eject it at the perfect moment. If you’re watching really mainstream porn and it looks like an over-the-top stunt, it probably is.

However, not all squirting in porn is fake. Queer porn, which is more authentic, tends to include genuine squirting. Queer porn stars such Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan squirt quite often in their scenes. If folks want to see real squirting, they should check out queer porn from places like Pink & White and Trouble Films.

March 2010: A huge puddle of squirt on my Liberator Throe... and on the floor.
March 2010: A huge puddle of squirt on my Liberator Throe… and on the floor.

Squirting is different for everyone, just like penile ejaculation is different for everyone. Some people experience a dribble, some feel a strong gush, and other people shoot outward with some force, squirt gun style. I have no idea which is the most common, but the squirt gun style is probably the least common as it requires the most bodily control. For some it’s hard to squirt when something is in their vagina, yet something has to be in their vagina to induce squirting — so removal of said object has to be timed exactly right in order to ejaculate. It can be tricky.

Squirting did not come naturally to me. I had read about it online and knew that intense G-spot stimulation could cause it, but I had barely found my G-spot at the time. I was finally able to squirt one night in 2008 when using the LELO Ella and thrusting it insanely quickly — until I had the sensation of needing to pee, and then beyond. I was so impressed with myself!

I recounted the experience in my review of the toy:

I was very, very turned on, which lead me to almost immediately thrust hard with the G-spot end. The flat and wide tip went straight to my G-spot, quickly stirring in me the now-familiar sensation of needing to pee, yet wanting to fuck myself even faster. I sped up. I gripped the thick end, dropped my head back, and fucked myself with the Ella as fast as I could.

I think I could feel it coming, because ejaculation seemed more within reach than usual. My jumbled thoughts drifted to what would happen if I did squirt. It occurred to me that, as I’ve seen in porn, I could potentially squirt quite far in practically any direction, but I could not be bothered with finding a large protective covering for the bed. I was too far gone in the throes of pleasure. The towel under me would have to do.

And right about then, as I was dismissing all thoughts from my mind, a warm sensation washed over my vulva… and I knew. I was about to come. Really come. And I’m not usually loud when I come by myself, but yells of pleasure involuntarily spilled from my lips. I lost all control, and I released. I came, hard and warm, lost in the moment. And best of all, for once, my clit was of no consequence. None. All the orgasmic feelings were concentrated deep in my vagina. I was in awe.

When I regained some semblance of sanity, I looked down and saw only a splattering of come on the inside of my thigh. That’s it? I thought. But then I got up and glanced back at the towel from whence I came, and there it was — a wet spot about nine inches in diameter. And under the towel, a corresponding wet spot on the comforter. And under the comforter, dampness on the sheets.

Being the huge dork that I am, I actually said out loud to myself, “no way.” I picked up the towel; I felt it, I smelled it. I was almost crazy with disbelief and euphoria. I promptly rushed to Twitter and updated in all caps. When my boyfriend came home, I clobbered him with details about the experience. And here I am now, gushing about it again (pun intended!).

After that, it was like I had unlocked a secret talent my body could do. I knew what G-spot stimulation felt like, and what the precipice of squirting felt like. I knew what was required to achieve success – I had to thrust crazily to get that release. I acquired more toys, particularly the njoy Pure Wand, which remains the single greatest toy for squirting that I’ve ever tried. I even found that I can squirt if the stars align and the vibrator on my clit is strong enough, without anything in my vagina.

June 2013: ejaculate on the NobEssence Seduction and on the floor.

But I don’t squirt all the time. It’s usually voluntary, planned. It’s also a bit different every time. Sometimes it’s just some extra wetness during my clitoral orgasm. Sometimes it’s a gush, like that first time, which penetrates the towel or Throe beneath me. Sometimes the force of removing the toy causes my squirt to spill onto the floor.

On a few occasions, I have purposefully and vigorously squirted outward or upward. In those cases, I have to go for the gold and thrust with an insertable toy very, very quickly. For instance, I was determined to christen my new office, and so I squirted like a fountain and left a puddle 16″ across. But the most epic squirting moment of my life so far was probably squirting in front of — and onto — my girlfriend. It just kept coming, probably because I was trying to show off, and it was awesome. My girlfriend reported:

After discovering squirting porn and obsessing over it for the past 13 years, experiencing you squirting all over me in person was unbelievably sexy. Did it look or smell like pee? Nope. It was clearly voluntary — you had to work hard to make it happen, which only made it more impressive to watch.

As for the sensation, it’s a build up of pressure, and I can sometimes feel the fluid pushing to the surface, begging to be released. The sensation can feel like needing to pee, since stimulating the G-spot also stimulates the urethra, which sends a signal to the brain that you have to pee, but once I started squirting I no longer associated it with that.

I often find myself holding my breath when I’m about to squirt. The moment of squirting feels overwhelming; I can feel the ejaculate rushing out of me, sometimes splashing my legs or seeping into the towel beneath me. It’s completely different from clitoral stimulation or a clitoral orgasm — not better, just different. It’s more amorphous, with no definite start or end to the orgasmic feeling. If I keep thrusting, I can prolong it — but at some point, my arm gets tired.

Does it feel like peeing the bed? No, because it isn’t. Several studies have shown that the fluid contains very little urine, and in fact contains some markers similar to those found in prostatic fluid (produced by the prostate). Some sex educators say that it’s not actually possible to pee when aroused, and we know this to be true at least for people with penises. So it’s all psychological. If you believe the fluid is pee, it may “feel” like peeing the bed. But it shouldn’t, because it’s not pee.

Yep, that’s literally how I ended my email. #NOTPEE.

And so I repeat: comment below with your squirting experiences. Because they are important, relevant, and true. No matter what the latest study or some random dude on Twitter says.

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  2. Hashtags, of course, are not nuanced, so please remember that this is more about giving the finger to alarmist media outlets than definitively stating what ejaculation consists of.

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  1. Y’know honestly, who the fuck cares if it’s pee (unfortunately a lot which is bullshit but whatever)? I’ve been saying that piss is the new anal for years. What I ACTUALLY care about is findings from a scientifically and statistically significant study. That means a considerably larger sample size than this so-called “study”. These people need to brush up on how scientific research is done and what scientific and statistical viability actually means.

  2. I do remember the first time I squirted was back in college during one of my marathon masturbation sessions when I had the room to myself. I gushed everywhere and the feelings that came with it were different than any other orgasm I’d had up until that point. I experimented over the next few weeks, trying to figure out if it had been a fluke or not, but I discovered what I needed in order to squirt. The best way I was able to describe it to a friend was “just push beyond the feeling that you’re gonna pee” and now she and I are both squirters 🙂

    On a slightly related note, I don’t immediately tell my partners that I can squirt because then they become fixated on it in a way that isn’t really about getting me off, but validating themselves and using it as future sexual credit with another partner.

  3. I’ll be honest here- there’s enough of a niggling doubt in the back of my mind from the “It’s pee!” naysayers that sometimes I’ve wondered if I am, indeed, peeing. And then I’m like, no way- if that much urine was soaking into my sheets and mattress, surely everything would reek for days afterwards, right? And it doesn’t; sometimes there’s a whiff when I hunker down nose-to-wet-spot, but otherwise it just smells musky and like vagina, with a trace of something indescribable. And when I had white sheets, they were never yellow or even yellow-ish. Not to mention the occasions where it’s a little creamy in a way it doesn’t make sense for urine to be, or the fact that I can still pee like a racehorse after squirting.

    Yet still I’ve wondered and worried . . . particularly because I get aroused by and enjoy masturbating with a full-ish bladder, which also often coincides with me squirting. So then it becomes a question- am I squirting because I’m super turned on, or is it because my bladder’s so full a G-spot orgasm renders me incontinent? And the stupidest thing is that I *know* it’s not pee, and yet I’m still reduced to all this doubt thanks to so many people telling women that it is. It drives me crazy.

    But enough doubts. My squirting experiences have all been with the Pure Wand (aside from the first time, which was also with a G-spot toy but, I suspect, primarily attributable to some serious elbow grease). They always require extended and prolonged G-spot effort, and I’d say that about a quarter of the time, they take me by surprise or, if it’s a smallish amount, I don’t even realize I’ve done it until after the fact. I’ve never been able to actually “squirt”, possibly because I need something in my vagina, and also because, like, I’m either orgasming or oftentimes only the cusp of cumming when it starts to flow, so no way am I going to remove the source of pleasure just for a chance of Splash Mountain optics. I do recall when I was first trying for it that I did have that slight “Aack, feels like I need to pee!” feeling, but now that doesn’t even register. I’ve also wondered if perhaps “retrograde ejaculation” is an actual thing, because I’m much more likely to just unleash if I’m kneeling rather than laying horizontal (i.e. gravity and nowhere else to go).

  4. I have always been extremely familiar with my body. Really. I have been giving myself orgasms for as long as I can remember. My first experience of squirting was when I was twelve years old and just discovered my g-spot. The ejaculation was amazing, but the aftermath was extremely awkward because my mother eventually found my soaked bed sheets and accused be of peeing in my bed. For a few months of my life after that incident I started squirting every single time I would masturbate and when she noticed me washing my bed sheets every other night she yelled at me and asked me all sorts of accusing questions like, “Why are you still wetting the bed? Are you scared of something? Are you doing drugs? What the hell is wrong with you?” To which I replied “I AM JUST MASTURBATING MOM!” and slammed the door in her face. Not a fun experience. Sort of traumatizing actually. My mother is much more well educated now on the subject of squirting and she has since apologized for her ignorance, and I have since apologized for yelling, and everything is cool between us now.

    To be honest, I didn’t even know what was happening to my body during these squirting orgasms until adulthood. My entire life everyone had told me that I was just peeing and that I was being gross and that I needed to start using the bathroom before engaging in masturbation. Except I DID try emptying my bladder before masturbating. I still squirted. The stuff that came out never smelled or tasted any different than the rest of my vaginal fluid. The only time it ever smelled suspiciously was during a time when I had a bacterial infection and all of my vaginal discharge had an unusual odor.

    I had an ex-partner of mine recently post about this article on their Facebook page and used it to publicly shame and harass me for being a squirter. They called me a “disgusting bed-wetter” among other things, and sent abusive messages to a few of my current partners warning them not to let me sleep in their beds. I appreciate hearing your wisdom on the topic, because after this week I was left feeling extremely insecure and slightly traumatized on this subject.

    This study seems more like a ploy to shame people for their sexual behavior than anything else. All I know is that squirting feels good, it looks beautiful, and it makes me happy. What could be more important than that?

  5. I don’t trust anything I see on film, and I know very little about the porn world, but I’ve had so many sexual partners I’ve lost count, and I’ll try almost anything (legal) at least once. So when I read about a company trying to
    freak humans out by shaming them, my reaction is disgust.

    I’ve had partner make me ejaculate. Once while being fisted, once while experiencing water-boarding while a fucking machine pounded into me. Was it possible it was pee? Yes, possible. Did my partners care? Nope. I have peed, though. In my kink life I’ve been punched hard enough in the stomach that I’m fairly sure I urinated a little. Also, with a female partner who was teaching me to deep throat I gagged so violently I’m pretty sure I peed. Also, vomited. On camera too – I still have the record of it. At a kink play party with 100 or so people watching, including several close friends and ex partners. You know what? It’s one of the hottest memories I have, because there Was. No. Shame.

    Not everyone is going to enjoy the things I do, but within every sexual
    encounter there should be a cherished and tender safety in which nothing is

    Few years ago while camping a man I was overjoyed to see gave me a big bear hug. Except. Being a big man, used to hugging other bears, I don’t think he realized that I’m short girl who’d just road-tripped several hours, drinking at least three slushies on route. He hugged, lifting me off the ground, and made me pee. I stepped back so it wouldn’t ruin his clothes. I removed myself, showered. Put on a clean sun dress. Later that night, by the bonfire I told him what had happened. His roar of laughter is a memory I’ll always cherish. Because No. Shame.

    There are women right now who suffer from Stress Incontinence. They already revolve their entire lives around avoiding accidental urination caused by laughing, running or sneezing. While there are many causes, many women are told it’s from laziness in not “recovering” fully after childbirth. So women internalize this guilt and shame. It can interfere with work, isolate someone from relationships and make them feel that they can’t have sex ever again. To fear-monger with “OMG, PEE!” is horrible in general, but devastating to women who are already convinced their bodies are broken.

    So if there’s pee, there’s pee. Fuck shame. Be with people, be in your body. If it’s consensual and feels good, let what happens, happen.

    I’ve made a few women ejaculate. I know what urine tastes like. I know the difference. It’s not pee.

  6. Thank you for always leaving such awesome and articulate comments! Also:

    I’m either orgasming or oftentimes only the cusp of cumming when it starts to flow, so no way am I going to remove the source of pleasure just for a chance of Splash Mountain optics.

    THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE and why I often don’t really squirt much when I’m masturbating. So well put!

  7. BLESS YOU. So many people need to hear this message. FUCK SHAME.

    I am one of those (although I don’t identify as a woman) who has dealt with stress incontinence for the past 23 years, since my first child was born. I’ve Kegeled until I’m blue in the face. I’ve tried weights and machines and the Taoist jade egg practices. I wear a device inside my vagina that supports my damaged pelvic floor and prevents all but the most severe incontinence episodes (like when I have pneumonia or really severe bronchitis and the coughing is out of control). Because I have to remove it to have sex with any type of penetration (even small toys or fingers), I’m up front with my partners about my incontinence before we ever get into bed together.

    I squirt. Sometimes I worry that it’s pee. Mostly I don’t, because I’ve already discussed it with my partners, so I know they’re not freaked out by pee. (Also, most of them are kinky folks, which helps with not being freaked out!) With my damaged pelvic floor muscles, I gush a big puddle, but there’s no force behind it. Penetration isn’t always necessary for it, but it usually helps, and the volume is much higher with penetration.

    My husband is a trans man and usually requires penetration to squirt, but likes to squirt the forceful stream (OMG HOW DOES HE ALWAYS MANGE TO HIT MY EYE???) so whatever he’s being penetrated with has to be removed quickly. I’m getting better at knowing when that moment is, after 8 years of having sex with him. LOL

    We used to teach a fisting class and always included discussion about the bladder and urethra as well as squirting and pee, which gave us a great chance to deliver the “if there’s pee, there’s pee” message.

  8. I’m getting better at knowing when that moment is, after 8 years of having sex with him.

    Seriously! It’s so hard to quickly tell someone in the heat of the moment when you can barely talk to begin with.

  9. Here’s a fun super-sciency test you can try at home!

    Step 1: Take antibiotics or eat something that turns your pee day-glo green
    Step 2: Take out your trusty Pure Wand
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Buckets of perfectly clear orgasm juice!

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never squirted myself, but after a g-spot orgasm I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom right afterwards and what comes out is always completely clear and odorless. Make of that what you will.

  10. Sorry; mine’s pee – at least some of it. All the same feelings of build up and pressure and yep – so there with you. Or maybe it’s not all the time; but sometimes it’s definitely pee. Which is kinda hot in it’s own filthy way. So. I’d feel a lot less shame over all of it it we could just stop arguing about everything and let people fuck.

    Also? “Some sex educators say that it’s not actually possible to pee when aroused, and we know this to be true at least for people with penises” I’ve got a lot of penis having watersports aficionado’s who will testify differently.

  11. Thank you for your article! I can do it and I know it isn’t pee. But as you pointed out, they are going to keep studying and publishing anything they can find to make damn sure everyone believes it is pee. *eye roll*

    I have lots of way out there theories about what it is and where it comes from…but what’s the point in going there, you know? Let’s just let those who are into it and can do it, do it if they want…and a lot of people will still do it even if they think it’s pee.

    And anyway…why are those articles SO AGAINST the idea of peeing on each other? It is clearly a sort of “well, we thought squirting was sexy until we decided it was pee, so now, yuck, you are all perverts who are peeing on each other.” Personally, I’m not into golden showers, but I think people who are into it are usually just very sexual people. I admire them. Peeing on each other seems quite edgy and raw to me. More power to them! And to squirters, too! Towanda!

  12. I recently turned the best part of a double bed into a damp patch, and was later complimented on the smell. Definitely not pee!

  13. An excellent post about a topic that’s piqued my interest recently. It’s insane how these seemingly random studies are focused on discrediting any “deviant” sex act as unhealthy or somehow an anomaly. In the UK, urination is now banned in porn and I’m willing to bet the small-minded regulators would include squirting in there (it’s totally pee, you guise. Totally. 100%).

    It’s definitely time normal, pleasurable experiences lose their bogeyman status!

  14. I should also note that as a woman who experienced idiopathic overactive bladder and stress incontinence at a very young age (thankfully, I’ve recovered my PC muscle tone), having someone lump the experiences together makes me seethe. That experience was frustrating, embarrassing, and physically uncomfortable – the total opposite of squirting. Also, women aren’t morons, and instead of telling them that they are clearly doing this or that, we should be encouraging them to learn their body and understand their sexual being even better. I think I know when my bladder is betraying me, thanks though, study dude!

  15. I can’t pee when I am at that level of arousal. I’ve tried. I can sure as hell squirt though! The smell is sometimes similar to urine, but it’s different, so I always figured there was some overlap, but… BFD.

  16. The first time I squirted I was like 14. If I’m not wrong it was the first time I had like a proper super awesome orgasm.
    I think for me at least, there is a small amount of pee, sometimes. Not everytime, just sometimes. I squirt pretty much every time pentration is involved. It feels so much different to peeing. Its the same pressurey feeling but like, its not peeing. Ive made myself pee while getting off, I’m kinda into pee stuff, and squirting isnt pee. It feels and smells and looks and tastes different.
    Ive definitely accidentally peed when orgasming because ive been too lazy to pee beforehand, and it feels entirely different.
    Squirt doesnt smell like pee. If it did, my room would reek of piss. Sometimes if I sniff the wet spot theres a hint of peesmell, but its only a tiny hint, otherwise it just smells like vagina and something else.
    It doesnt taste like pee. Im dehydrated like 90% of the time and I’d know if i was tasting pee. And if it were pee it would stain like hell. But the most I get is occasionally a very faint VERY faint yellow. I leave the stain as it being a bodily fluid, sweat stains white things as well.
    If it were pee, I’d be cool accepting that, I dont really care. I’m happy to accept that there is some level of actual piss in squirt. But the entire experience is different. Squirt isnt 100% pee.
    And even *if* it were, its just pee. I wish everyone would let vagina-havers have their orgasms and their pleasure and stop trying to shame them for how they experience it. And trust that we know our bodies.

  17. I have tried to pee when I am aroused to the level I have to be aroused for squirting to happen, and I couldn’t. I had to give my body a few seconds of quiet in order to get any urine to leave it, and then it only trickled out. When I squirt, I am in the midst of arousal, and it travels. So there’s that.

    And I have always assumed ejaculate had some overlap in makeup with pee, because it smells similar to me, but it also smells different. When I walk into the room after someone has ejaculated, I don’t think “who peed?” I think “Wow! It smells like pussy in here!” And there is some overlap in feeling, as well, but squirting, as a whole, does not feel like peeing. That said, BFD. Why does anyone care if it’s a lot like pee? It it’s an intense, fun experience, that enriches the sex a lot of people have. Pee doesn’t hurt anyone. The idea of peeing in someone’s mouth doesn’t necessarily turn me on as I sit here thinking about it, but in the moment, when everybody is all hot, and my lover is slurping me up, and things are feeling really fantastic… if pee is indeed what’s happening, I say FUCK YEAH, PEE!

  18. It wouldn’t really matter if it’s urine or not. We’re looking at something that gives people pleasure and can be done somewhat easily with the right tools and know how. Since we’re looking at something that feels really, really, good, it’s worth it even if you do have to clean up afterwards.

    Because what really matters is if women feel good.

  19. Thank you thank you thank you! I read that article and was PISSED as hell about it. As a woman of a certain over-50 age…who didn’t ever squirt until age 52…yeah. Squirting is NOT pee. The study says…way down at the end where hardly anyone will read all the way to….that there wasn’t much uriac (sp?) acid, but there was significant amount of that prostate fluid. And once my squirt stain dries…it doesn’t smell like pee, and leaves a distinct white mark. Not exactly like a regular orgasm smut mark makes, it’s more diffuse, but WTF? Who CARES if it has a wee bit of pee (ha, see what I did there? Wee…haha)…anyway…it’s all just bullshit meant to make us feel embarrassed for ejaculating in the first place. Stupid male bullshit.


  20. I think I’m pretty not typical in that the first orgasm I ever had when I started seriously masturbating at age 13 was a squirting gspot orgasm with an especially well formed hair brush handle. Of course I immediately thought I had peed, but even dumb little me could immediately tell from the smell that’s probably not what it was. So that study is obviously more bullshit meant to confuse and shame women for having a handle on their bodies and the spectacular things they can do!
    I need very specific gspot simulation to ejaculate, usually toys but every once in a whIle I’ll find a penis that does it (which is awesome). And luckily no one has ever made a big deal about it. It’s just a normal thing and as with most things, I take great joy in putting down uninformed shit bags who try to shame my bodies.

  21. The first time it happened to me was with a one-time partner who had a really long penis with this very interesting curve toward the end that hit just the right spot. I couldn’t really feel a lot of liquid leaving my body, but there was definitely a different feeling to the orgasm from clitoral stimulation. I was on top and I pretty much drenched him. The second time was with my long-time partner, who has a very straight, thick penis that doesn’t usually… go there, but I was on top and the angle was… unusually good. Similar experience… lots of wetness. It’s not pee, it’s not sweat, it’s whatever it is. Which we don’t know because it’s easier to shame and discount than actually try to find out what’s going on.

    I had a female partner once who squirted regularly. I never saw it shoot across the room or anything, but it definitely soaked the bed. And if your face was close enough to it, you could hear the sort of squelching noise it made when it came out. Damn, I miss her.

  22. This study is a huge step backwards for sex education and sex positive activism. Firstly, 7 participants is hardly a representative sample. From what I understand, these researchers claim that before sexual stimulation participants emptied their bladders, but before orgasm they’re bladders were once again full. After female ejaculation, bladders were once again empty. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how the fuck does someone produce enough urine to completely refill the bladder in such a short amount of time. Perhaps fluid from the skene’s gland is redirected into the bladder so it can be released through the urethra. Female ejaculate is #notpee!

  23. Like you, I learned to squirt after reading a lot about it and then just experimenting with myself. This was before I bought my first sex toys so I managed it just using my fingers very vigorously. The first time I squirted it was very dramatic and surprised me so I stopped what I was doing and didn’t orgasm. The second time (a minute later!) I pushed through it and had my first G-spot/vaginal orgasm ever.

    Shortly after I started being able to achieve orgasm through PIV intercourse which was frickin’ amazing, but I can’t squirt with my partner inside me BUT I can feel it building up. After coming several times/he finishes, I find I have to go for a ‘sex wee’ which are usually totally clear/very very pale and smell different to pee so I’m assuming this is the potential ejaculate that doesn’t get the opportunity to be released during sex. Is that a thing? (Also I always pee before any sexual activity just to be totally sure).

    Anyway, it’s been a good 4 years now and today I’m still learning more about how my body functions in regards to squirting.

    If I *want* to do it during masturbation then I have to go for my G-spot with my Comet or Ella, or sometimes something filling like my Cush, and totally pound it but remove the dildo at point of orgasm, et voila. I’ve only had it happen a couple of times just from a clitoral orgasm.

    However, over the last 18 months I’ve started to regularly squirt from oral with little to no G-spot stim… I don’t know what the fuck my partner is doing down there but it’s bloody brilliant and I don’t have as much control over the squirting as I do when I’m doing it as described in the paragraph above. And then TODAY he managed to get me off using his fingers on my clit (I have a vulval skin condition so avoid masturbating this way myself because of unwanted friction, let alone allow someone else to try) and OMG I came over and over AND low and behold, produced a massive puddle. I don’t know where I’m going with this bit, but damn my partner has some skillz.

    Aaaanyway, that’s my experience. My partner has always been totally accepting of my sexual quirks and despite the one hilarious incident of ejaculating while sat on his face and him not having a clue wtf just happened (bless him), we both have a great time. For him I think it’s a bit of an ego boost, for me it just feels fucking ace. I dare anyone to find fault with that.

  24. I have that same exact experience – every time I target my g-spot and get a good, quaking orgasm or three out of it, it’s straight to the loo to unleash a stream of clear, odorless squirt, and it definitely does not feel like it’s coming from my urethra.
    to be frank, I love the feeling of letting all of it come out.

  25. Well I for one know that when I do get myself to squirt it is not pee, I make sure I use the bathroom before hand because sometimes I get that urge like I want to pee. Plus I have smelled the difference between that and pee and it is not the same. They will never just let it be what it really and truly is. I don’t squirt big like some others but at times I do leave a puddle underneath me.

  26. You know, for the longest time playing with myself, I have always wondered why in the heck some vagina-havers needed lube, because I’ve always been rather on the ‘juicy’ side. I thought it was entirely normal. However, the more I learn about myself and just sex in general, I start to wonder if I may just be a natural ‘leaker’, due to the fact that I have yet to experience (mutual, enjoyable) sex or masturbation where I didn’t leave some sort of wet dribble behind. (and no matter what, I always have to wipe off all the wet on my toys before cleaning them off – they’ve been downright drippy at times)
    And that’s NEVER been pee. It’s usually been during the throes of passion that I leak, so I wasn’t much able to focus on the sensation until I started pointedly targeting my g-spot. I’d get a few good quaking orgasms from that, have my dribblespot, then I’d head to the loo, because it felt like I needed to pee – except it didn’t feel like peeing, and I had to actively push to get it out. Definitely NOT pee.
    At times it would even get me off for a smaller orgasm, just pushing it out.
    A couple times I pushed for a good squirt while working myself over – the wet spot was huge. I was rather proud of myself for that.

  27. when i got my first vibrator i played with it for hours, squirting and squirting and squirting until OOPS—that one was pee!

  28. The first girl I was ever with made a point of warning me that she had the tendency to squirt as I was about to go down on her for the first time. At the time, I knew nothing about it and remember being excited at the idea of potentially eliciting that kind of response but also worried that it might soak my t-shirt. Yeah, I was still wearing a t-shirt at this moment. A t-shirt my dad might see drenched when he picked me up after our hangout.

    “Are you close?” I asked, wanting to be prepared to avoid the blast.

    “Don’t worry, I can control it.”

    I didn’t even wait until I got home to start googling, genuinely fascinated by all of it. Admittedly, I thought it was just an extreme porn trick, one that may or may not be legitimately possible between non-performers. The articles and studies online provided very little definitive answers regarding pee vs. not and mostly discredited the phenomenon in the way most hypotheses about ways woman might actually get pleasure from sex are typically handled. A few pondered the feminist point of view that I happen to agree with: let’s not call it ‘female ejaculation’ because it’s not just ejaculation happening to women’s bodies, it is it’s own special thing. And some, I was especially glad to discover, provided pointers regarding how squirting might be achieved with a partner. Come hither, and all that.

    The following weekend I enthusiastically accepted a sleepover invite from this girl, more curious than ever. With the entire night and following morning to experiment, it was sure(r) to happen. And it did. I’ll never forget the first time I felt hot liquid splash across my bare chest whilst my partner orgasmically contracted around my fingers.

    I read more and found accounts from women who were avid squirters and others who said they tried and tried but just couldn’t achieve squirting. Was this a learned skill or natural selection?

    A few sleepovers later, a combination of vigorous, deep fucking while kneeling in almost a squatting position finally did the trick for me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The emotional relationship between me and this girl was less thrilling, however, and things ended badly. I didn’t want to attribute my successful squirting to this individual and decided to take matters into my own hands (yep) and set out to learn how to make myself squirt.

    An experienced and long-time auto-manipulator, I vaguely remembered feeling as though I had wet the bed on at least one such occasion, but was mostly embarrassed and didn’t dwell on it. Now, after having experienced the real deal in all its glory with a partner, I was dwelling. I started by trying to recreate the angles and momentum that got me there in the first place and eventually managed to make myself squirt way more than she ever could, which was a big win for me.

    A couple partners later, I remember giving the same sort of warning I had received while starting to hook up for the first time.

    “That’s fucking hot,” she responded, making eye contact for a hot second.

    “Oh, good.” What a relief, I thought.

    Except, no. Not a relief. I spoke too soon. It didn’t happen that night, and wouldn’t for quite a while after that. This had nothing to do with me being able to control anything. The sex was the best ever, and I got so close so many times, but it still just wouldn’t happen. Even solo, I was suddenly having a really hard time. I got all cerebral about it, put way too much pressure on myself and couldn’t perform. Without the release I was looking for –craving for– the orgasms I did have were sometimes even a little painful. I felt like I was edging, constantly, and it wasn’t intentional. It was brutal.

    Our sexual encounters got steamier the closer we became and kinkier the more we got comfortable with one another. One night, after attempting to fist (which is an entirely different beast) it finally happened. The fisting wasn’t happening, but I was so turned on by how sensual things had gotten in her attempt to ease me into her easing into me that I found myself begging to be fucked especially hard and then I came, especially hard.

    The first time I came from oral was interesting. This partner did not expect this response from me and immediately spit out a mouth full of me. I apologized. She refused to accept it. Later on, she told me that the experience of accepting my squirt into her mouth the next time it happened was more delicious than fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. For this reason alone I refuse to accept that squirting is simply involuntary urination.

    In my experience, squirting is inconsistent, unexpected, messy, and damn fucking sexy. Don’t worry about soaking the sheets, those can be changed. Instead, revel in the possibility. Yes, you’re going to feel like you need to pee but not in a standing-in-line-at-a-theme-park-after-an-XL-slushy, no-end-in-sight, pure torture kind of way. More so in a finally-get-to-pee-after-a-long-car-ride, why-are-gas-stations-built-so-far-apart, euphoric kind of way.

    Trust me on this one.

  29. For years, whenever I got that “need to pee” feeling during sex (which happened only with a handful of partners, Coto to think of it), I always held back for fear of peeing. Recently, however, I learned abopreviously irting and was encouraged to see if I could do it.

    Researching the idea led me to Epiphora, then to getting my beautiful shiny Pure Wand. That led me to masturbating to 24 orgasms and then to easily rinsing the sizable puddle of #notpee down the drain of the previously dry bathtub. I think I felt liquid hit my (elevated) ankle once during the process, but I didn’t ever see a stream of anything. I just know I was coming really really hard over and over again, that I had peed right before I started masturbating, and that the puddle under me was no sweat and that it was #notpee.

  30. I’ve peed on my boyfriend before (by accident) and I’ve squirted on him before. I can smell the difference for one, and for two, all the times I’ve squirted, I immediately burst into tears. The time I peed on him, I just laughed. So. If I cry, it’s not pee. Seems pretty cut and dried for me.

  31. I drink a lot of energy drinks, some would say too many, too often. I know that when I have more than one Amp in a day, it turns my pee bright, electric green for the rest of the day. I have had two Amps, peed bright green, masturbated, squirted clear, then when I go to pee post sex it’s always bright green again. If it was pee, wouldn’t my squirt be bright green as well? Or at least tinged? It never has been. I went through a period of nearly a year where I could only orgasm through intense g-spot stimulation, which caused me to squirt every time I masturbated. I was fed up with dealing with the mess all the time, but never once did that mess smell like pee, look like pee, or leave stains like fluorescent green pee.

  32. Why do people immediately assume the worst? Why is this “shaming” women? I have no idea if the study is right or not… But whether they are right or wrong, why is bringing forward these “possible” facts considered shaming women? If they thought they found some facts that were previously thought to be different, should they not present them? Of all the reasons to assume they started this study, to jump on “they’re just trying to shame women” seems like a real reach. Like someone that pulls the race card out when it’s not necessarily true in a situation. Let me ask you this… If their results ended up the way you preferred them to and they discovered it wasn’t pee, do you think they would have not published the results because it didn’t end up the way they’d hoped? They’d have kept it a secret because it didn’t shame women and they didn’t reach their goal of doing so? Ha… Geez….

  33. I love women ejaculating. In my experience it’s definitely not pee. I like to refer to it as amrita, a Sanskrit word meaning immortality nectar, now I wouldn’t go so far as to say it bestows immortality but drinking it does fill me with vim & vigour!

  34. I commented on Twitter but I’m glad to have a chance to tell a longer story here. I learned about squirting in my early 20s but never felt sensations in my body either alone or with a partner that resembled the “need to pee” sensation. I learned how to do it on my own, completely accidentally, while playing alone one night with a stone dildo and the Hitachi Magic Wand. Right after coming, I pulled the dildo out of me and its exit was followed by a short spurt of fluid. “HUH!” I thought, “I think that was squirting!” For me, I don’t squirt from internal or g-spot stimulation, I squirt exclusively from strong clitoral stimulation. Early on my squirting experiments, I went on a massive amateur porn binge, looking for any video I could find of a woman squirting while only using a vibe on her clit. I found them, and it was a HUGE RELIEF. Yay, other people are like me, and the books are wrong! I am firmly convince now that everyone’s crotch is a little different, and if you’re squirting from just clitoral stimulation of any kind, it’s a totally legit squirt, AND…still not pee!

    In the eight years since I learned to squirt, I have ejaculated on a variety of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, and smelled most of them afterwards. It never smells like full-on pee. I have smelled my own pee on my hands, and on fabric, and it has a distinctive smell. Sometimes there is a tinge of pee-smell to the ejaculate just as it leaves my body, but it never lingers, either on me, my partner, or the fabric, and only leaves behind a faint smell of arousal or no smell at all. Back before I could control the squirting more, I had one particular white comforter that I often ended up squirting on. The ejaculate left a number of stains that resemble pit stains on a white t-shirt, but there was not ever a smell that remained – and dried pee most definitely does smell bad. My point is that even if you squirt and it leaves a mark when it dried, it’s still probably #notpee.

  35. Well if you have no idea if the study is right or not, you should probably read it and brush up on what makes a study scientifically and statistically viable. This isn’t. Why do we say shaming? Well firstly there is the fear that many vulva-endowed folks have that they are peeing when this happens. This fear is based on a societal and cultural taboo against urine. Golden-Showers/Watersports are often the butt of jokes and are right in there with coprophilia, age-play, and furries when it comes to general acceptance within prevailing cultures. Even CHILDREN who urinate on themselves/their beds are made fun of and chastised, let alone adults. See also jokes about adult diapers.

    While squirting is a big seller in pornography, it is typically not a big seller in most folks bedrooms. Even revered sex-educators and advocates are on the record as being disgusted by it and saying “not in my bed you don’t!” about it. So let’s combine an extant fear, a cultural taboo, the butt of jokes, societal lack of acceptance, and add the “reinforcing data” of a scientifically and statistically insignificant “study” to the mix and yeah- shaming. Shaming the sexuality of vulvaed folks is a longstanding tradition worldwide.

    That’s not to mention the gifsets and general tone that has accompanied the “journalism” surrounding this “study”. Images of disgusted faces, patronising tones of voice, punch-down tactics. Yeah, shaming. Would the “study” have been kept secret if it had different findings? No. Would it have gotten sensationalised viral coverage with clickbait headlines? No. That last bit is the important part.

    Thanks for playing!

  36. AMRITA yes!!! the whole reason i chose my name Madame Amrita, is because i learned at age 40 to make myself squirt, releasing “nectar of the Goddess” which im[orts immortality to those who consume it…i attribute the legend to the presence of stem cells in the ejaculate fluid, which causes the skin on the thighs, labia, vagina, hands etc…to become hyper softened tissue..anywhere the fluid lands, for hours afterwards! even after showering! if there are indeeed stem cells in the fluid, that would explain the softening and rejuvenation or regeneration of skin epithelial cells! i love the taste of mine..tangy similar to a tangerine! great article as usual Epiphora and everyone who responded!

  37. First off, I enjoyed your silly typical online retort finale of “Thanks for playing” as if you locked this case up!

    Anyway… I’m not here to fight with you regarding the general culture’s thoughts on this. Hell, I think it’s awesome! My point is that shaming usually comes with “INTENT.” Which you sort of pointed out in your last paragraph. But this sounds like it’s more or less the bloggers rather than the researchers. Correct?

    I looked above and while many things in the article are hyperlinked, I didn’t have one that links to the original story in question. Can you link to that? I’d like to see it again. I don’t remember seeing all the disgusted faces when I initially read it, and now I can’t find it. Maybe I read the info on someone else’s blog than the one you’re talking about. But if you have it, let me check it out 🙂

  38. There seem to be some people here taking the scientific data personally when science doesn’t work like that. Science doesn’t care about your feeling. Science just presents the facts that it discovers, society puts in the other stuff.

    The discussion from these findings shouldn’t be what basically boils down to “nu uh” and redirected to the fact that squirting is a valid female sexual response and should be treated as such no matter what is expelled.

  39. It wasn’t until 2013 that I gushed for the first time. It is now mainly a feat I achieve on my own however I have experienced it with four partners. It is definitely not pee (obviously). And it is definitely different than ejaculation. I can achieve both cum and gush from clitoral stimulation alone, and otherwise finger fucking or me riding during sex is the best achieved method, however tried and true it is always a success alone and takes a lot of trust still for me to reach gush with a partner. It is a gushing flow, not a squirt, it pours out – and it pours out A LOT. It goes in waves, it isn’t just once, I will gush once and keep stimulating my clit and it will keep coming, I can usually continue for about 5 more waves of fluid before I am satiated inside and out. It wasn’t until about 2012 that I actually even trusted myself enough to reach orgasm, from being sexually active since about 2002 – so ladies – keep going, keep letting go and keep freeing yourself! #notpee #gushgushgushgush

  40. I dont thunk they included the time durations between first and second ultrasound in the free abstract so unless the full version contains this data we are unsure what the actual amounts of time were. Also one of the researchers’ next project is researching if the bladder increases rate during sexual arousal. So, it is a known variable to the researchers.

  41. So you are trying to dismiss a scientific study published in a peer reviewed medical journal with a bunch of anecdotal evidence? Do you have the credentials to do so? A science degree? Maybe psychology?

  42. Ugh, this whole debacle makes me furious. I am one of those women who held back ANY ORGASM for a LONG TIME because I was terrified of peeing the bed.

    Then one day, I confided this in my husband and he was like…who cares? And then I realized that NO ONE FUCKING CARES. So after finally getting to the point where I could orgasm, one day, I ejaculated. I was using a pretty powerful toy. It felt REALLY different than my usual orgasm, warmer, more pressure, and then the most intense fucking release you can imagine.

    I also stopped using the term ‘squirting’ because I find it kind of misleading (maybe that’s because of porn? idk). When I ejaculate, it’s more like a gush. If I’m laying down, it kinda goes backwards (if that makes sense) wetting the towel or sheets below my bum and lower back. ‘Squirting’ just doesn’t seem to encompass that experience, at least for me.

    Now when it happened, I did a very thorough investigation (after all, I was always terrified of peeing while orgasming, right?). This was nothing like pee. It was on a white sheet, totally clear – no yellowish tint. Now for some gross information. I drink a LOT of coffee and my pee usually smells a lot like coffee. This had no smell whatsoever. No urine smell, no coffee smell, really just nothing. It looked like I had spilled some water on my sheet and mattress, if anything. That being said, can I definitely say there was no pee mixed in there? Nah. Do I care? Nah. When it happens, it feels fucking WOW good and that’s really all that matters.

  43. Thank goodness! A post to rescue us all from the crap those “scientists” published! And I’ll tell you how I know it’s crap.

    I don’t remember when I first squirted. It was probably about 5 years ago. I’ve always been highly sexual, and one day while masturbating, I decided to push past that “I need to pee” feeling. The result was my first squirt! It was a little bit of liquid that trickled out of me. “Huh”, I thought. “Interesting”. I smelled it. Not pee.

    From then on, I could just do it. I couldn’t do it voluntarily, like our brilliant, intelligent author here could. So actually, it became annoying at times. Sometimes, a girl just wants to play with herself without taking a cum-shower, followed by an actual shower. Followed by trying to hide the mess from her roommate while avoiding the question “dude, why do you wash your sheets so often??”. Unlike our brilliant, intelligent author, I could also do it from clit-stimulation alone.

    I first started the gun squirting when I met my now-husband. The combination of his fingers inside me and a vibrator or my fingers on my clit, sent me to never-before-seen heights. I started having to put down a towel. Then two towels. Recently, we bought a shower curtain to protect the bed. True story. Hubby usually blocks it with his hands, but sometimes we think it’ll be fun to play “let’s see if you can hit the ceiling”, and on those occassions, we line the floor with towels, have 2 towels under me and use the shower liner. We also have one of those fancy eucalyptus bed sheeting covers that protect your mattress from getting wet. You know, in case.

    In addition to all the above, I can squirt around 9 or 10 times in a row. Do you know anyone who can pee THAT much? I’ve seen an elephant take a leak. That’s about the only comparison I can make to how much liquid comes out of me. And I’m not grey, with big ears, and weighing a couple tons.

    And in case people STILL don’t believe me, I often pee right before it’s cum time for me. I pee, and 5 mins later I’m giving my husband pornographic snorkeling lessons. Still think it’s pee??

    I don’t mean to punt my own page, but my husband and I do have a PornHub, and have videos on there. It IS VERY EXPLICIT. If anyone would like to see a few videos, our username is Slutwife5280. Again, it IS EXPLICIT. DO NOT GO AND LOOK IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH NAUGHTY, SEXUAL THINGS.
    I have added this purely for those who still doubt, and are interested in seeing a REAL couple make squirting happen, and not porn that may or may not be faked.


  44. Except for the fact that a sample size of 7 who were purposefully selected for an atypical volume of fluid expelled isn’t good science. It’s a scientifically and statistically insignificant sample size and thus any findings from said “study” are hardly worth publishing let along creating media buzz.

  45. My admittedly-limited experience:

    I will still get the stinging need-to-pee sensation during intense g-spot stimulation. Though I actually don’t find it that pleasurable, it’s clearly doing something.

    Afterward, I will often feel like I have to pee, go to pee, and no pee comes out. Pressure and swelling from the urethral sponge on my urethra, maybe? I wait, and the sensation dissipates.

    This happened multiple times. I finally sat down after one of these sessions and *forced* myself to “pee”. It took hard pressure to get anything out at all, and it didn’t . . . it didn’t feel like it was coming from my bladder. It didn’t smell or taste like much of anything. Well, I didn’t know what pee tasted like, so I tasted my own pee — well-hydrated afternoon pee, nearly clear. Definite taste, slight smell.

    I’m obviously not squeamish, so if it WAS pee, I wouldn’t really care, but . . . I’ve tried it off and on on multiple occasions, and it’s just NEVER tasted like pee.

  46. I’ve been squirting since I was 17. I’m 26 now, always pee before sex, and my partner and I fuck at least once if not twice a day, every day. Each time the bed gets soaked in a spot or two. If it were in fact pee that was coming out in that amount even after emptying my bladder then my entire room & definitely my mattress would smell like urine. But it doesn’t because it’s #notpee. I also had the pleasure of making my ex girlfriend squirt for the first time in her life. It was on my face & some went into my mouth. It wasn’t pee then either. I’d know since I have a set of mean old pranksters as brothers who have tricked me into drinking pee a few times over the years when I was a lot more trusting of them. Ha.

    In my experience, squirt isn’t even the exact consistency that pee is. It is more slippy & oily than just pure watery stuff & just adds even more lubrication to the mix. For anyone who has tried to fuck in water, we know that water is not a good lube. If we were pissing while fucking then the same effect would take place as in water sex but it doesn’t, it just makes everything move a little easier.

    The shaming needs to end. Hell even if someone did pee in the middle of sex instead of ejaculate, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at them over it. It would really just be NBD.

  47. Yes… That’s the one I saw too. I didn’t think there were any photos like the ones she mentioned above. Unless she found it on a different site. Waiting on the link she’s talking about.

  48. Interesting. My eyes always get watery right before I squirt. I wonder if this is a common thing?

  49. They, not she. Maybe try looking at the sensationalised articles on the subject put out by media sets like vice, etc. Or I dunno- the links in Epiphora’s post. Clickbait and scoffing, yeah that’s not profiting off the cultural institution of shaming female sexuality. Totally not. FFS.

  50. Nope. Dismissing it because the sample size and selection was laughable, and this subject has already been published on with much larger and more scientifically significant studies such as:
    And the research used for this:

    You don’t have to have a degree in science or psychology to know how scientific and medical research works. This also is about the way the media has picked up on this with headlines of OMG SQUIRTING IS PEE! sensationalisation and clickbaiting. If this “study” (I’m loathe to call something with a sample size of 7 a study) wasn’t about piss NO ONE would even know it existed. No news sources would have picked it up. Vice wouldn’t give a shit. Jezebel wouldn’t give a shit. Idiots on twitter wouldn’t give a shit. But no, it’s about piss and culturally piss = gross/bad/shameful.

    Please don’t be rude to my friends in this manner. It makes me cranky.

  51. TL;DR – Ignore the media hype. Read the actual science. Don’t take personal offence at science because the results make you feel squicky.

    I read this study with interest as I’m generally a sex geek. It’s a very small sample size (7), but it still has some really interesting findings that I think could be explored further. However, as with most sex science, the media reports have been sensationalist crap. But mostly I’ve been disappointed with how many people seem to have taken personal offence to this study and are adamant that the liquid produced during female ejaculation/squirting is not urine (or #notpee if you prefer) and their only evidence is personal anecdote or that they “just know”, which isn’t science. I suspect the main reason people have taken offence to this is that they feel that urine is something gross and they simply don’t want to believe it. That’s a pretty strong cognitive bias, but that’s no excuse for dismissing something out of hand.

    Involuntary urination during orgasm is a plausible hypothesis. Bladder function is strongly linked to pelvic floor muscles. Some people experienced involuntary urination when laughing, which involves the pelvic floor muscles and orgasm definitely involves the pelvic floor muscles, so it’s completely plausible.

    The interesting findings from the study for me were the ultrasound results. The first scan showed an empty bladder. The next scan after arousal showed significant bladder filling. Then the scan after the squirting showed an emptied bladder. Seems pretty clear that the liquid from the bladder exited the body. I’m curious about what triggers that bladder filling and where does it come from? Is it different in make up to normal bladder filling? Could that explain the perceived difference in “normal” urine and “squirting” urine that some women claim to have noticed?

    Personally, I occasionally squirt during orgasm (both small amounts and copious amounts), and I’ve always been curious about how that happens. I’m a sex geek and love learning about the science of sex. If the evidence says squirting is most likely urine, then I’ll accept the evidence. In this case, I think the study findings are interesting and raise more questions for future research. In any case, I’m not going to change what makes me feel good just because the truth is a little squicky.

    Sex is messy and involves many and varied bodily fluids. It also feels damn good. Your call on whether doing what feels goods outweighs your personal squickiness about bodily fluids.

  52. I am not squicked out about pee. I am, however, squicked out about studies which go against previous findings about the chemical makeup of ejaculate, especially when so many people with vulvas can confirm that the fluid they ejaculate doesn’t seem like pee.

    I also am not in the business of debunking studies — as I state in this very post, “I don’t want to go into the study too much.” This is not about the study, but about personal experiences. And many many personal experiences point to ejaculate not having the properties of urine.

  53. I squirted for the first time when I was 12 from a very intense clitoral orgasm induced by my mother’s back massager (thanks/sorry mom!) I thought there was something wrong with me and I cried. I scared myself out of ever doing it again, essentially for many years. Now, I have all kinds of squirting orgasms. Most of the time it trickles out like when I pee (even though it’s NOT pee!) other times it explodes in cute little spurts and other times, when I have full body orgasms, it shoots out. I always have a good g-spot toy in place when it happens and for me, I think my squirting orgasms are very tied to my g spot because if I remove the toy, it doesn’t happen, there needs to be direct pressure for the duration of my orgasm (most of the time). I’ve had both squirting orgasms and i’ve also ejaculated – they’re not one in the same for me. I squirt all the time, a clear liquid that’s salty like semen but also sweet and not strong scented like urine. Once in a blue moon, when the vagina gods are smiling down on me, I cum and I produce a thick white substance extremely close to testicular ejaculate/semen. It’s different than my natural lubrication, which is clear and slick. This stuff is thick and kind of mucousy in consistency. Basically, lots of cool shit comes out of my vagina when im having sex and none of it is pee!

  54. Personal experience is just that. Unless your personal experience happens in a lab, it’s not reliable evidence. This applies to my personal experience as much as yours. What I squirt doesn’t seem like pee, but I honestly don’t know and neither does anyone who hasn’t had the fluid analysed by a lab. There are deep, cognitive biases against ejaculate being pee and that influence is really showing in the responses to this study.

    I know you “don’t want to go into the study”, but you kinda have to if you’re going to be critical of it’s findings and claim that it goes against the findings of previous studies. I am someone who is in the business of going into studies and I don’t think this study goes against the findings of other studies, rather it adds to them. Previous studies (also very small sample sizes, often only case studies of 1-2 participants, there really isn’t a lot of research in this area) have also noted two “types” of ejaculation: a small amount of milky fluid and a larger volume of thin, watery fluid. The larger volumes (commonly referred to as squirting) were found to contain dilute urine and the smaller volume of milky fluid was found to contain prostate specific antigens (PSAs), which are produced by the Skene’s glands (female prostate) and emitted via the urethra. This study found the squirting samples had both dilute urine and PSAs. The main new bit of information is the ultrasound of the bladder at several stages. As I mentioned, I’m really curious about the bladder filling observed after sexual arousal. Perhaps the ejaculate comes from the bladder but isn’t the same make up as normal urine. When women observe that their squirting doesn’t seem like pee maybe this is because it is more dilute than normal.

    I completely agree with slamming the sensationalist crap the media has run with around this study. It is going for cheap click bait by playing up the cultural ick factor around pee. Ironically though, articles that are so adamant that squirting isn’t pee based on personal belief rather than science, just reinforces this notion that urine is gross and peeing during sex is really, really gross. Maybe it’s because it makes people think of “golden showers”. Otherwise, why would people be making a such fuss instead of just going “huh, how about that?” and continuing their sex lives as normal.

    I think the key question is: If you collected a sample of what you squirt during sex, sent it to a lab, and the result came back that it was urine – how would you feel about that? Would you care? Would it change how you orgasm? If the prospect of squirting being urine makes you uncomfortable, I’d suggest not reading any further research on this topic and putting it in the “don’t need to know” basket.

  55. Well of course theres trace amounts of pee-it comes from the freaking bladder.
    Here’s how i know that when i squirt I’m not peeing:
    -I almost always pee before having sex or masturbating
    -Sometimes it has a whitish tint. Does pee EVER have a whitish tint?
    -For me, it DOESNT feel like I have to pee-it just sort of comes out.
    -Pee usually rushes out; my squirt dribbles out.
    -Sometimes i eve squirt before I orgasm! I can kind of understand peeing during the orgasm while your muscles are acting all wonky, but if you aren’t having an orgasm, whats causing it?
    -Its really hard for me to pee when I’m turned on; I don’t see how it would happen by accident when its so hard to do on purpose.
    -smells nothing like pee
    -clear or white, never yellow
    -A partner, who has tasted my urine and squirt, confirms that they taste nothing alike.
    Really, do they think we uterus-bearers are so unaware of our own bodies that we can’t tell when we are and aren’t peeing?

  56. I’m DFAB and identify as male, and I’ve squirted. It wasn’t the gushing squirt-gun style kind, because I know that probably takes practice. However, I have the Njoy pure wand, and nearly every time I use it, not only can I repeatedly come but by the time I’m done with it, I am usually dripping come. So yeah.

  57. The sensationalist media crap sucks, I agree. But don’t blame the study or researchers for what the media does with their work. They often have little control over press releases. We also need to make sure our own cognitive biases don’t lead us to cherry pick what research we “like” simply because it fits with our beliefs. And I feel like you’re letting your (justifiable) anger at the media promoting a “pee is ick” notion spill over into being offending by the study itself.

    Just a tip, if you’re going to dismiss a sample size of 7 as laughable, linking two articles that had sample sizes of 1 and 2 as part of “much larger and more scientifically significant studies” doesn’t help your case 😛

    Back to the actual science…There really isn’t a lot of research on this topic. What does exist is generally case studies and small samples. I’m guessing funding is difficult to get for larger studies, not to mention the palaver of getting it through an ethics committee.

    This new study doesn’t go against previous findings (including the articles you linked), it adds to them. The findings that the squirting samples were dilute urine with PSAs is consistent with a number of other studies. The presence of PSAs in ejaculate is relatively consistent across studies, however some studies only report the PSAs and not the rest of the ejaculate make up and others report level of urine markers. This study compared the squirting samples to normally voided urine collected before and after.

    Now the interesting part of this new study that people seem to glossed over, is the ultrasounds of the bladder at different stages. This is the first time a study has looked at the bladder like this. The findings show the women starting with a mostly empty bladder, then significant bladder filling after sexual arousal, then an empty bladder post squirting. This seems to indicate the source of the larger volume of liquid is the bladder. I’d like to know what the bladder is filling with. Is it different to normal urine? If the samples show dilute urine, what is it diluted with?

    I’m a sex geek, I want to know how stuff works and what happens while I’m having sexy fun times. I get irked when the media distort sex research for cheap click bait, but I get just as irked when people dismiss research because they don’t like the results.

  58. Riding my bike causes me to do this often. It’s awesome. It smells like if I were to cram my labia full of clover flowers and whiff it (so, smells like happy snatch plus a faint floral smell that doesn’t usually come to mind when people think of floral smells). At first I was curious if it might have been a mixture of pee and other fluid, so I let that pair of undies sit for a while and sniffed it an hour or so later to check for an aged ammonia scent… And at that point it smelled more like how the rind of brie (you know, the best part) tastes. So, in other words, not pee, very sticky, and not quite as solidly milky as male ejaculation. Love it.

  59. Maybe you are looking at this with very little thought of anatomy. Males ejaculate out of their urethra and the prostate is connected to the urethra track. The male ejaculate would more than likely contain some urine in it because there would be traces of it still in the urethra etc…
    When a female ejaculates is it coming out of the vagina or the urethra??? I am clueless and this question hasn’t really been answered. That is contains chemicals similar to prostate chemicals leads me to think it probably comes out of the urethra and would contain slight traces of urine….just like male ejaculate would.

    I have had an experience with female ejaculation that I must admit I found a little unpleasant. Not because of any fear that is was pee…my partner knew and I didn’t and he set me up so it happened while she was sitting on my face and I almost drowned…the morale of my story is if you do ejaculate please make sure you warn people….I almost died.

  60. I’m more ashamed that I can’t squirt. I wish it wasn’t talked about bc it makes me feel inadequate

  61. I squirt gush style. It smells like ramen noodles. I think physiologically it is the result of the uterus walls weeping fluid into the uterus. This creates swelling which is a parasympathetic nervous system response to relaxation/pleasure/stimulation of genitalia. The orgasm is actually a contraction triggered when the uterus has swelled to it’s threshold in combination with a sympathetic nervous system ejaculation response. I can only squirt when I can psychologically release control/trust/receive… It happens on it’s own terms, can’t fake it. Love helps.

  62. Execpt that most studies that have been previously published on the topic typically have one participant (case study) or sometimes two. Can you link me to a “squirting” study (not female ejaculation because, scientifically, they are not synonymous) with more than 7 participants? Getting hung up on the number of participants is simply an excuse to ignore scientific data you don’t personally like.

  63. That’s silly. Being about to squirt does not make a person better than a person who can’t squirt. I can’t make the Vulcan symbol with my fingers, it doesn’t make someone who can,better than me. Our bodies just don’t work in the same way.

  64. Wow this is so true I’m one of those woman who can “squirt” the first time it happened I thought I may have peed myself as I came but I soon realized I didn’t, that I had ACTUALLY had a very strong orgasim for which I immediately felt really embarrassed about. For the longest time I thought I cud never tell any1 what I cud do bc I just never heard of it happening to other women or at lease other women weren’t talking about it. I would always stop myself in the middle of an orgasim just to advoid squirting but bc more ppl are talking about it now (yes it’s a real thing) I no longer have that feeling of shame. Shame that was only brought on due to the lack of real sexual education. Women can physically come if they let themselves. As far as I understand most women come internally, there are ways u can make urself ejaculate aka squirt by basicly building up ur orgasim as the author of this story explains u can feel the pressure of almost having to pee but don’t worry ur not gunna so u don’t gotta worry just push outward a as u come and that shud do it. Drinking water 30min b4 I’ve notice can help produce more liquid if u find u cannot do it takes more practice for sum. A lot of us have been told we can’t orgasim at all so it’s sorta like retraining ur brain into believing what ur body is telling you is happening. This has been happening to woman for so long where we’ve been shamed into being these non sexual ppl only here to reproduce and to never enjoy an orgasim. Orgasim are not for men only!! Enjoy it. Enjoy urself. Practise practise practise 😉

  65. Yes, I squirt (typically more of a gush, although I have hit things across the room before). My boyfriend has perfected the art of causing this in me. No, it doesn’t happen every time. Yes, it smells, tastes and is a different consistency than my “typical” cum. And no, IT IS NOT PEE. Doesn’t even smell remotely like it. I’m still shy about it, but there should be no shame. Why? Because making me squirt also means I’m experiencing some of the most mind blowing incrediable orgasms ever. We soak multiple towels on a regular basis. And sometimes when we are finished? Then, I have to pee. If it was pee, with the copius amount of fluid involved, there would be nothing left.

  66. The only thing that discharges from a woman’s vagina is cervical mucus and blood from her menstruation period. Cervical mucus is mostly made up of water but also contains electrolytes such
    as calcium, sodium, potassium, glucose, proteins, and amino acids. Neither blood nor the cervical mucus “squirt” blood or mucus out. When a woman “squirts” in porn videos, it is urine from her urethra. When some women climax, some do at times urinate because of the temporary loss of muscle control due to the orgasm. What you see in porn videos, that’s not true. The actress drinks lots of water before the “money shot” and she unloads a huge stream of urine. Lots of editing done there. As for a males ejaculate, it is also made of mucus. Sperm need a safe delivery system to survive the trip into the vagina. This mucus is that delivery system. Just like cervical mucus, the man’s sperm is made up of mucus. Inside the mucus you will find sperm cells, enzymes and proteins. Yes, there might be small traces of urine but not mixed with the mucus. The mucus has properties to ensure that urine does not get mixed in with the sperm.

  67. Actually, it was supposed to be “SHE.” I was talking about you when you said you had a link to the story where it showed people being disgusted by this. That’s what I was looking for. I don’t want to try looking for one. It sounded like you had an example above. It was part of your defense in this debate that you closed off after your first reply 🙂

    Hahah, I’m not trying to fight about it. I’m just saying that if there were facts that they thought they found, I wouldn’t consider it shaming women because they released it. If blogs are indeed making it seem “disgusting…” then I’d like to see proof of that in a link. Otherwise, all I see is people telling what these scientists think they discovered and a few women jumping on the “stop shaming women!” bandwagon because they’re just looking for a situation to be mad at… Either that or insecure about what their bodies do because of OTHER stupid articles on the net… Hell, i get insecure and weird telling women what I like in the bedroom sometimes… I’ve had women not relate to things and make me feel weird. Shit happens!.

    But don’t show me OTHER articles… We are talking about the article everyone is talking about the last few days… The one with the people popping the champagne bottle. To say there are OTHER articles out there shaming women isn’t really staying on track to the matter at hand. The matter at hand is this study with the 7 women (whether you find it credible or not) and whether THAT article is shaming women. I don’t think it is. When you told me it showed people disgusted, I started to change my thinking, but that article doesn’t have that. So, without jumping to other people’s links that “might” show something or the profiting of shaming women ELSEWHERE… Tell me where THIS study is shaming women. Please… And thank you.

  68. Not even getting into it about anything else in this thread, but Lorax knew you were referring to them when you said she. They were clarifying that they do not use female pronouns.

  69. I squirt sometimes just from nipple stimulation or making out. Or evenz just deep sharing sexual energy with someone, clothes on and all. It doesnt have to be induced by hard or vigorous thrusting, though, as with myself, this is most often how the first ever squirt happens. But once the flood Gates are open, there are many many ways that squirting happens. I’ve even squirted from laughing incredibly hard. That one is awkward, but funny. Also, squirting can happen independently from peak orgasms or at the same time.

  70. No. Because female is not their gender identity. Just like you probably don’t want to be referred to as “she”.

  71. Lessee… women make up about 51% of the population of the human race. Dear “scientists” (in quotations because missing this very basic fact makes me skeptical of any degrees you claim to have): I think maybe you need to increase your pool of test subjects to more than 7. Like, a couple hundred at least. If I was testing to see what percentage of women had brown eyes, and I only grabbed 7 test subjects, the odds of me getting accurate numbers are pretty much nil.

    I squirt. I squirt profusely sometimes. Is it pee? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t – it depends on how lazy I was about emptying out ahead of time and how much liquid I’ve had that day. I don’t care either way because that’s what the sex blanket/spare towel/bathrobe I needed to wash anyway is for.

  72. That was me who originally posted it to Tumblr and Twitter. The first line was from one of your tweets though. You summed it up pretty well.

  73. For the record, I can pee just fine no matter how turned on I am. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other women can, too, so that probably doesn’t help the pee/not pee debate much.

  74. I’ve been thinking about sharing my experience when it comes to squirting for quite a while. I think it is time.

    A few years ago, in my early 20s, I met this guy who opened my mind about sex, in a way I thought would exist but had not experienced yet (somehow a lot of guys are indeed quite conservative in this department). One of the items on the menu was squirting. He claimed *every* women had the physiological capability to squirt, even if they had no idea how to (he was a doctor by the way, heart surgeon if that makes any difference). He also claimed he had a technique that would work most of the times. I was sceptical. Until I experienced it. And boy, did I squirt! At first just enough to feel through my thighs, but soon enough to make a pool in a motel bed. A pool where my feet was in fact under water (or whatever the liquid is). It had no colour, no smell, it wasn’t even hot the same way pee is. It definitely didn’t feel like pee. It was coming out of my pussy. I watched him doing the same thing with somebody else who also had never squirted before. Up to this date, I joke with my girlfriends that they all should had had sex with this guy. Talk about magic fingers..

    Ever since it is something that can happen given the right arousal, toy, fingers or penis. I had a few guys who freaked out, thinking it was pee, which makes me start warning every single new sex partner that it is a possibility to avoid embarrassing situations. Some think it is hot, some start putting pressure to see it (which is a big turn off), some are cool with it until you make a mess in their beds.

    But out of everything, there is one detail that makes me sure (about my body, that is) that I am not peeing: I cannot pee during sex. Even if I badly want to, my body cannot release it while there is something inside me. As soon as it is out, and my vagina is free, I can pee. With squirting is exactly the opposite.

    I see it like this: some people are very flexible… they can put their feet behind their head. They usually had to do a lot of training – or have a special talent. I can’t. I can barely touch my toes. But it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t learn, or that because I cannot do it, it isn’t real. Stop shaming people, and please stop showing this kind of “research” that only spreads ignorance. We had enough.

  75. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people jumped on the women shaming band wagon partly because this study, valid or not, was conducted and released just after the UK put a ban on displaying female ejaculations/squirting in pornography sold and made in the UK? I haven’t read up on either subject with any great detail, I only reiterate what I have been told by my partner who researched both subjects and is completely horrified by the study and the timing of it to ride the coat tails of the UK legal decision, as well as being horrified by the decision itself. That would be the only circumstance I could see where women shaming may come into it, but otherwise it’s just science, and as it was eloquently put above, science doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s feelings. I personally don’t think that squirting is peeing, based on my own experiences, but there is no doubt that bloggers that read the study are making a huge deal about it and putting a negative spin on the studies findings, again valid or not, so apart from the either very poor or soullessly ingenious timing of the study, I don’t think it’s initial intent was to shame women.

  76. As a squirter, I’m so tired of, “But it’s pee!” No, it’s not. And then these teeny tiny studies come out and say, “Look! Look! It’s pee!” It’s ridiculous. I’ve had a few people in the past couple weeks come to me and say, “Yeah, about squirting…is it pee?” NO. STOP ASKING. I’ve even met a few vagina owners that are deeply and psychologically afraid of the sensation because of drivel like this. Ugh.

    Personally, I know I squirt, and I know it’s not pee. It doesn’t have the same look, smell, or even feel on the fingers. Definitely not pee. And even if it was, it’s not worth shaming over.

    (And a sample size of SEVEN? Seriously, scientists?)

  77. Very happy to see detailed rebuttal to that awful study. I squirt often, sometimes just a little, other times enough that it ends up on the walls, floor and bedside table, not to mention my all over my husband and myself. I love squirting on my own face especially. I first squirted without tying. My boyfriend was rubbing my clit while caressing me in a really wonderful way and a forceful squirt soaked my dorm bed. Once we realized this possibility, we began exploring different methods. I squirt pretty easily, via clitoral stimulation and/or g-spot stimulation. My husband’s penis is the perfect size and shape to hit my g-spot so often all it takes is a few good thrusts to get me going. I squirt almost every time we have sex and it has never made our bed smell like pee, nor has there ever been discoloration of bed clothes. In fact, there have been times where we begin to have sex and I realize I have to pee, but I put it off to keep the mood going. It takes more work to squirt when I have to pee (because I’m worried about peeing so it takes more effort to relax enough to squirt), then we’ll get going, I’ll come a little or a lot, then once we’re done, I’ll pee. If squirt was just pee, I wouldn’t be peeing right after I squirt. I also notice the sensation that I imagine comes with trying to pee with an erection. If I’m still aroused, I have to really concentrate and push hard to urinate. I know for a fact that my squirt is not pee and I will shout it from the rooftops if it means more people can feel comfortable enough with their bodies to have the kind of orgasms I have on a regular basis. I also know that I wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable enough to squirt if my partner was not loving, accepting and willing to communicate as much as possible about both of our needs and expectations.

  78. I’m a squirter. And it can be embarrassing but now I’m with someone and she’s accepting and it actually turns her on. The only problem now is when I don’t she thinks something is wrong.

  79. I am a 60 year old woman who has only had the intense pleasure of squirting orgasms for the last couple of years. Before that, I had been ‘celibate’ for 8 years (does masturbation count as sex-cause if it does, then I was not celibate-just flying solo). The partner I have had for the last 5 years has been the best sex of (both our) lives. At first, I thought I might be peeing and I was very embarassed. Then I went ahead and put my finger on the fluid and smelled and tasted it. It was definitely not pee. As an aside, I have been a medical lab tech for over 35 years and have smelled way more than my share of pee-so I feel more than qualified to be able to tell the difference. My partner has had the experience of my orgasmic fluid all over his face while performing cunnilingus (he loves it!) and has seen it come out of my vagina not my urethra. So, whoever wrote that paper and performed that study is full of something resembling feces.

  80. I just squirted for the first time yesterday, as a consequence of obtaining a pure wand. I ignored the “needing to pee” sensation and kept thrusting until I felt a gush. It felt nothing like peeing. (As someone who wet the bed until age 12, I can attest to that) To me, it felt way more sudden than peeing. It had the same sensation of relief, but it was just a quick gush. I was worried for a moment that it actually was pee. I smelled and tasted the ejaculate, it was… Fresh. My partner likened it to Fiji water. Ready to get really grossed out? For scientific reasons, I tasted my own pee. The two are DEFINITELY different things. Furthermore, I must say, if I could pee during sex and achieve the squirting sensation, I would. In a heartbeat. I would piss on the very media that tries to shame people with vaginas for doing what feels good. That being said, I’m off to purchase a liberator, and continue to make myself happy.

  81. I’m reposting some of the stuff I’ve put in previous comments regarding this field of research as it seems like a lot of people a) are taking personal offence to this study and b) don’t have an understanding of what other research exists.

    First up – for everyone saying “It’s not pee because it doesn’t seem like it to me” – personal experience is just that. Unless your personal experience happens in a lab, it’s not reliable evidence. This applies to my personal experience as much as yours. What I squirt doesn’t seem like my normal pee, but I honestly don’t know and neither does anyone who hasn’t had the fluid analysed by a lab. There are deep, cognitive biases against ejaculate being pee and that influence is really showing in many of the responses to this study.

    Before we go any further, here’s a hypothetical to consider:
    If you collected a sample of what you squirt during sex, sent it to a lab, and the result came back that it was urine – would you accept the result?
    How would you feel about it?
    Would you care?
    Would it change your sex life in any way?
    Would it reduce your enjoyment of orgasm in any way?

    If the prospect of squirting being urine makes you seriously uncomfortable, I’d suggest not reading any further on this topic and putting it in the “don’t need to know” basket. Not wanting to know is a completely valid choice. Getting pissed at a study because you don’t like the results, not so much.

    If you’re curious about what comes out during squirting and have an open mind about what it may turn out to be, here is a brief summary of the research in this area.

    #1 There really isn’t a lot of research on female ejaculation and/or squirting. ALL studies to date have been effectively case studies with very small sample sizes. This study with 7 women is actually on the larger side. There probably isn’t enough funding for large scale studies and it would be a palaver to get through an ethics committee.

    #2 This study does not go against the findings of previous studies. It is consistent with previous research with regards to there being two “types” of female ejaculation – one produces a small amount of milky fluid and the other produces larger volumes of watery fluid. The latter tends to be referring to as “squirting” but the literature isn’t consistent. This study also had similar findings to other studies regarding the biochemical make up of the fluid produced. Previous studies have found both dilute urine and dilute urine with varying concentrations of prostate specific antigens (PSAs). The type of ejaculation that produces a small amount of milky fluid tends to contain higher concentrations of PSAs whereas squirting tends to be dilute urine with a lower concentration of PSAs.

    #3 Previous studies have established that the Skene’s glands/female prostate produce a fluid with these PSAs that can be emitted via a duct into the urethra.

    #4 Previous studies have observed that fluid from female ejaculation or squirting may contain PSAs, but normally voided urine doesn’t contain PSAs.

    #5 Previous studies have observed that women who experience squirting with orgasm do not generally show signs or symptoms of urinary incontinence. This separates squirting from coital incontinence.

    #6 Previous studies have observed a significant correlation between women who “squirt” and women who have very strong PC muscle contractions during orgasm. Very strong PC muscle contractions were also associated with orgasms from intense internal/G-spot stimulation. As the PC muscles are also used to control urine flow from the bladder and internal stimulation of the G-spot places pressure on the urethral sponge, some studies have hypothesized that this combination is what leads to squirting.

    #7 The new information that this study contributes is the ultrasounds of the bladder, before, during and after squirting. Particularly interesting is the observation that the bladder started empty, then showed significant filling after sexual arousal, and was empty again post squirting. This is the first time this has been observed. It would explain why some women experience squirting despite emptying their bladder beforehand. It also raises questions about why sexual arousal would trigger bladder filling and is the fluid the bladder fills with different to normal urine. A number of studies found the squirting fluid was *dilute* urine, which raises the question “diluted with what?”. If the urine is dilute and also contains PSAs, this would probably account for the common experience that squirting fluid does not look, smell or taste like normal urine.

    I’ve included a number of references for those who are interested. Note a lot of them are from the 1980s and include some outdated theories, but still contributed to the field. This isn’t a definitive list, but it covers the majority of published research in the area.

    Women with greater pelvic floor muscle strength have better sexual function (2014)

    Female ejaculation orgasm vs. coital incontinence: a systematic review (2013)

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  82. I just thought I’d share my containment method. After much trial and error, and with an intense dislike (almost to the point of being turned off by the mere idea) of plastic sheets/mattress covers, Alos I feel that hospital chucks are way too clinical to be sexy for me. I have discovered that the flannel-backed vinyl table cloth is the way to go! Yes, the cheap one you get to go on a picnic, and probably throw away when you leave the park. They’re awesome. I usually add a towel to this setup–I’m a gusher. I never soak it through, and we never have a lot of cleanup to do. Just saying’. And you’re welcome.

  83. Do you only squirt while being penetrated? I’ve squirted while only having my clit stimulated. Also, my experience is that it’s involuntary.

  84. I haven’t really wanted to comment yet, not really sure how to articulate what I’ve wanted to say, nor even really sure which identity to comment under. There is SO MUCH I want to say, because I see this from several perspectives, but mostly, I see it from a scientific perspective.

    I worked in scientific research for 10 years. I’ve been taught to disregard anecdotal evidence. I know bunk science. I know good science. I know medical research from basic research from technological development from translational research from white papers from dissertations from qualitative survey analyses from commentary the media runs off with as “proof” of something when it was just one scientist stating his (yes, almost always his) opinion. I’ve watched people who don’t know what they’re doing publish. I’ve watched research assistants and lab techs do all the work. I’ve watched post docs have the eureka moments. And I’ve seen Ph.D.’s take all the credit. I’ve seen some studies that literally showed nothing but the correct data manipulation could make it say something. I’ve seen big pharma pay government researchers and doctors to promote their drug for off-label use, frame it as some sort of clinical trial, host conferences in Hawaii consisting only of those doctors, researchers, and big pharma executives, and seen some of those patients die. And I’ve seen those same doctors get awards and receive medals and full retirement and everyone with very tight lips about the whole thing until the statute of limitations ran out.

    As a professor once told me: “If you want facts, go visit a courtroom. If you are looking for new truth, find a new religion. If you want proof, the Mathematics building is next door. If you want a discovery, go dig with the anthropologists. Science does only one thing: tests a hypothesis that is either supported or unsupported with a duplicable process. That’s all.”

    Science and medicine are not perfect, but we hold them to a much higher standard. We debate Creationism vs. Evolution (yes, that’s still a debate) even though only one involves actual experimental science. We tout the discovery of genes we always knew were there. We celebrate with men on Maury who are NOT the father! *does a little dance* And oh the marketing!! Yet, science is wrong when someone beats the cancer odds, when something inexplicable happens after prayer, when our experiences are challenged.

    My main issue here is we are trying to see it through both the scientific and experiential lens. Right now, the two don’t match reality, because we simply don’t have enough information yet. We have a relatively young and weak scientific community that’s accepted a paper that probably shouldn’t have been and a misogynistic media frenzy coupled with people who have very different experiences. Plus, this is a female-centric topic by & large, and the scientists are dealing with a population that doesn’t conform to neat categories all the time, and who don’t look like them. To say STEM is white cis male is to tell a statistical truth. So, when we see scientists try to approach something that is on the very fault line between biology and sociology – sex – they have no idea how to approach the intersection of quantitative and qualitative data so as to paint a picture that reflects reality. For instance, I read something today in the Atlantic regarding female arousal studies using only vaginal moisture as a measure of arousal, simply because penes are easier to measure for arousal than clits – literally, they only measure in the vagina because they haven’t had a device that could measure the clitoris, and NONE of those studies considered that perhaps even when not aroused, a stimulus that’s uncomfortable yet sexual in nature might trigger a rape adaptation mechanism to lubricate the vagina in the presence of any sexual stimuli, regardless of whether that stimuli are arousing to the viewer. And yet, the article still stated the clitoris is the homologue to the penis, when actually it’s the other way around. We all start out as girls, y’all. If dudes don’t get the right androgens at puberty, they develop secondary sex characteristics – breasts, fat on the hips & thighs, etc.

    I know, I’m getting off course.

    Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this article in and of itself, because I have yet to find a full text of the article. The issue hasn’t been published, and the source wants cash moneys in order to view this thing. Ah, I remember this tactic! When your journal either isn’t doing too well with citations, its rank, or it’s relatively new, you let an article in that might be debunked later, but will garner some press. The media hopefully pick it up, go nuts, and as you sell full texts, as the debate spins, your journal is suddenly cited, linked, and THE must-submit-to publication.

    Let’s not forget human research is strictly regulated, including timelines. For example, you submit a proposal, and are awarded the money, which is good for only one year. NOW that you have the money and the go-ahead, you must secure contracts, get everything approved through the review boards (which is more stringent for humans and sometimes holidays get in the way of committee meetings), procure equipment, and hire qualified, certified-to-work-with-humans people. Then you put your plan into action with a matter of weeks to experiment, and oh yeah, people aren’t like lab rats – they sometimes don’t show up or turn in surveys for the study, no matter how much you’re paying them. You take what you can get, so to speak, and unless you have the right reputation and the right money and the right study, you’re not going to get a large scale longitudinal study that comprehensively provides the data that something like this might need. This one wasn’t even double blind, because there was no control group. Seriously, I’ve seen better designed human research by doctoral candidates whose work was ripped to shreds by the department and their conferral denied. I’ve seen better research walk out the door sobbing, y’all.

    Oh, and before anyone goes off on case studies, those are a different CATEGORY of study. By definition, they only have one subject or subject family (as were the pair of boys I met while studying B. pertussis resurgence in vaccinated individuals that happened to catch whooping cough while on vacation in California and because they were home schooled, had little outside contact that couldn’t be traced back epidemiologically).

    The simplest explanation is usually the correct one – this study is kinda crappy science by a guy with connections at a journal that was looking for something sexy to move it to the front of the line. Impact Factors, the H index, and the like are not unlike Google page ranks and Alexa rankings – if you self-cite, it proves you exist, but others have to cite you for your rank to go up. Therefore, if news journalism outlets have to cite you (because they HAD to buy the data from you), your rank goes up by default. Getting press raises your rank whether you’re a blog or a peer reviewed publication. And by the way, this journal is filed under urology (because penis), while others with a more egalitarian perspective are going to be found in reproductive health or sociology. Unfortunately, female orgasm is neither necessary to reproductive health nor a wholly sociological phenomenon. Again, science doesn’t really “do” intersection well. Say what you want about the validity of the study – this journal is hurting for rankings, folks. The numbers are shitty no matter how you look at them – I looked at IF, H, and hacked into my old work account that was never deleted for the Reuters ISI. This journal is bottom of the barrel and needed the attention to stay relevant and probably financially afloat. That’s just a hypothesis, though. I need funding to do further research. 😉

    And so what if 5 or even women did pee? It’s sterile. You don’t want it sitting around, as bacteria & fungi with urease capability come in and eat it up and you can potentially give yourself an infection if you touch it and then some orifice. Say what you want about shit and the bacteria that could potentially make you sick; piss is 100% clean in individuals not actively infected with a UTI or STI. I love what someone else said about no shame. Own that piss! It really makes no difference, except that most of us know what happens when our kids wet the bed by the next day and what happens when we squirt. Even if it is urine, it’s incredibly less prone to bacterial breakdown after the fact and does not stain, at least not from my experience.

    I usually completely disregard anecdote. But you know what? The first time I “squirted” – I was trying to impress someone. I peed. I knew it was pee. He knew it was pee. The first time I really squirted, I was on all fours, getting furiously finger fucked, with heavy pressure on my G-Spot, and ridiculously turned on, and I came hard and felt it splash on my calves and feet. It was with the same guy. “That time, that was it,” he said. “That was definitely #notpee.”

  85. This comment is the greatest. THE greatest. Thank you for taking the time to write it. My favorite part:

    And by the way, this journal is filed under urology (because penis), while others with a more egalitarian perspective are going to be found in reproductive health or sociology. Unfortunately, female orgasm is neither necessary to reproductive health nor a wholly sociological phenomenon. Again, science doesn’t really “do” intersection well. Say what you want about the validity of the study – this journal is hurting for rankings, folks. The numbers are shitty no matter how you look at them – I looked at IF, H, and hacked into my old work account that was never deleted for the Reuters ISI. This journal is bottom of the barrel and needed the attention to stay relevant and probably financially afloat. That’s just a hypothesis, though. I need funding to do further research. 😉

  86. The first time I squirted I was 17 years old and had been having sex for less than 6 months. I had never heard of female ejaculation or squirting and neither had my partner. I was on top of him and it legit hit him in the face. I was so fucking embarrassed because I thought I had peed on him that I cried and it took me a really long time to be able to relax enough with him to have an orgasm again.

    A few years later, when I still didn’t know anything about it, I was hooking up with a guy who said “ew!” when it happened and I was so traumatized and embarrassed that it wasn’t until I got into the kink community and found out a) what it really was and b) that there were (lots) of people that both thought it was hot and aspired to be able to do it that I stopped being ashamed.

    Over the years, I learned my body really well. I can articulate to a partner how to make me squirt and where to push. I know when it’s coming. And when it happens, it’s pretty clear that it isn’t pee. The smell and taste is completely different. Incidentally, I *have* peed during sexual activity and when that happened, I knew it was pee.

    I’m not going to go into the study because I know my body, I know the bodies of partners that I’ve had, and I don’t need science to prove that I’m not peeing when I orgasm. I will, however, share my experience because it’s important for other women (and other people with vaginas) to hear it and know that they’re not abnormal or gross, but totally normal and totally awesome.

    And even if it is pee, sheets and bodies can be washed. If it feels good, go with it, you know? And anyone that’s grossed out by that doesn’t deserve to get naked with you anyway.

  87. From personal experience, it was never anything like pee. I had a girlfriend that I made squirting a few times while seeing each other. She was always ashamed of it but I was fascinated and loved it. It was something I had looked to do with a girl since a young age and it’s a beautiful moment all together. It didn’t squirt, but It did gush out and go everywhere from stimulating her clit. She always informed me how it was 2 different organs from 2 different parts where the “squirting” only comes from the “outside”(she was shy with discussing it)

  88. no way is squirting peeing.. I read that article last week about the 7 candidates the ‘scientists’ used for their so called study. I can squirt, but it just happens.. I can’t control it. I squirt most often when I am using a toy like a bullet or vibrator (no insertion). More often it like shoots out water gun style, one time I thought I broke my phone because it was on the opposite end of my bed and it soaked it! So now I always make sure there’s a towel underneath me a beach towel extra large! I always always pee before I have sex or masturbate! Even if I don’t have to I try anyways. Every girl I know who squirts squirts like me- water gun style (pee can’t do that)!!!! I am so sooooo happy someone corrected that ludicrous article!!!

  89. 2 1/2 years ago, I came for the first time, with a another person.I have always been able to come on my own, but it’s a diffrenr feeling.
    Using his fingers i made me squirt! Yes, thats when i new I was a squirter.
    A couple of weeks ago i came during sex, when his penis whas in side of me. This hadn’t happens before. In guess what! I squirted!

    I can tell You that squirting isn’t peeing yourself! It has a diffrent colour, doaent smell anything.

    So I can tell you thats its not pee comming out!p

  90. I’ve been squirting for about 4 years now. I started doing it pretty soon after i started penetrating with my fingers. So far using a single finger internally works well, but recently it happened quite unexpectedly with a slimline vibe internally.

  91. Honestly, I’m very sure when this happens to me it’s pee. It smells like pee and it’s tinted yellow when I mop it up with a cloth. However I have never been able to climax from g spot stimulation and my orgasms are soley achieved by clitoral stimulation outside my body. I have long orgasms so if I continue to stimulate myself as I’m cumming, I release a liquid involuntarily whether I needed to pee or not. But it’s always pee as far as I can tell. Once I squirted all over a boy who requested it and I’m not sure if he noticed, but all I could smell the rest of the night was pee. Sheets were discreetly washed the next day. That’s my experience.

  92. I didn’t have full blown orgasms until I was 32 because I thought I was going to pee on myself (among other weird reasons for not climaxing). I finally had to take a leap of faith that I wasn’t about to wet the bed. When I had my first full, squirty, gushy orgasm, I spent so long sniffing the sheets and my hand (and yes, I even did the taste test) that it was only the sense of complete relief that I definitely WASN’T smelling or tasting urine that I was willing to keep trying. I don’t squirt every time I orgasm and each time I do, it varies. Sometimes a trickle, sometimes a flood.

    But if while I was having my sexual awakening, I had come across a report claiming it was urine, it might have been years before I was willing to let go enough to orgasm fully and squirt all over the place. And that’s what makes me angry about this – the woman out there who’s discovering herself and may see the article, not see the rebuttals, and slow down her own sexual awakening because she feels ashamed about the possibility of peeing on herself or her partner.

    Oh, and I am DEFINITELY using that hashtag. It is #notpee damn it!

  93. “Science just presents the facts that it discovers, society puts in the other stuff.”

    I think this statement underpins a lot of the issues with this study.

    If people were just getting upset about a study that would be one thing (it’s something I would still say is valid but that’s something ill touch upon in a moment). But what matters here is that this isn’t just about a study; it’s about the social and cultural ripples of such a study.

    The majority of people aren’t researchers, nor are they scientists. Most people are not going to read the study directly. However what they *are* going to read are various forms of media which are reporting on the study.

    Therein lies a bias–a social impact which is (by the seems if it) announcing this news with an emphasis on shaming and debunking people who experience squirting.

    People most likely won’t read the study but they will read reports on the study and so how it is reported on dictates the impact it has for the layperson.

    Because of this I feel like it’s a little naive to assume that people won’t take this study personally because a lot of reports on the study are making it personal. As you said, society puts stuff onto science and what it inserts is oftentimes more widely received then what the original study may have intended or set out to represent and, therefore exerts and impact which needs to be addressed.

    On a side note I also disagree with the idea that science is somehow this unbiased, uninfluenced, pure observer. Science may aspire to provide facts but studies are done by humans–humans who had a personal reason for wishing to pursue the study and who are influenced by their own social, cultural, and political background.

    I’ve encounted a fair few scientists and I know that they try to make their writing as neutral as possible but I also know that they are just people like anyone else, and their background can influence their findings.

    Think about previous scientific discussions and discoveries and how both the language used and the research findings often seem to reflect the time and culture within which they work. There is a reason that the medical humanities exist.

    Today’s science will most likely be an interest piece for tomorrow’s cultural, social, and medical historians and anyone in that field can tell you that science is not simply factual, does not exist outside of its culture, and can say more about society then you might necessarily expect.

  94. Bull to the pee thing. I don’t get much enjoyment out of pressing on my G-Spot, but I know where it is because when I use a very strong vibrator, I can feel the fluids well up underneath, and it can even be painful if I don’t ~*let it go*~, that’s how bad the pressure can get. It’s nothing like bladder pressure, this feels much more acute.

    Sometimes the fluids will just dribble past the dildo, but that’s only in the 5% of times that I’m not using a fucking huge one, in which case the squirting just so happens to coincide with the thing shooting out of my vagina. I don’t think that’s coincidence. It also comes out at much higher quantities and under vastly stronger pressure.

    And this is why I masturbate in the shower. Because a gazillion towels won’t stop it.

    So yeah: DEBUNKED. By the chick who doesn’t even have G-Spot orgasms.

  95. My honest male perspective: I have entire organs dedicated to producing ejaculate and I have never produced, nor have I ever seen even a male porn star produce the sheer volume of female ejaculate, which can even come multiple times in a very short time period. The only organ in the female or male body that can hold or even generate that amount of liquid is the bladder. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong or depraved about it, but it’s basic physiology. It is not the same thing as trying to scientifically prove the g spot, which is neurological and very complex. A simple bladder ultrasound before and after squirting is a pretty simple scientific and reasonable way to figure out what is happening physiologically. If people or governments use this study to make people feel bad about their sexual practices that is totally wrong, but you can’t deny the truth just to feel okay about it- eventually the hard truth of human physiology with settle after more research.

  96. I’ve been waiting to comment on this since I had so much to say about it/wrote my own response, but in a nutshell, my experience of squirting is most definitely NOT that of peeing, and to call it things like “adult bed wetting” is incredibly condescending and damaging. Also, this study of a mere 7 people obviously biased and inconclusive–there have been dozens of other studies that show that squirt is not chemically the same as pee, though even IF it was, I don’t care because the experience IS NOT THE SAME. It is tied to my pleasure and sexual experience and is definitely not “orgasmic urinary incontinence.”

    Thank you so much for speaking up about this and writing this brilliant post–we need to fight to dispel these negative myths about our sexuality!

    I don’t usually leave links in comments, but if you want to read all of my thoughts on the topic, they’re here:

  97. I can also say from experience that it’s #notpee! I have been able to distinguish clitoral orgasms, g spot orgasms, squirting orgasms, and cervical orgasms. They all feel a little bit different for me. A previous partner of mine was quite good at making me squirt because of his shape, and because he knew the angle to move at in order to make it happen.
    Sometimes it felt like I must have gushed about 12 ounces of fluid from my body! It would drench the bed, and had its own faint but distinct smell and taste. Which was nothing like pee. Keep proudly gushing, ladies. We’ll drench everything until they realize that it’s #notpee, and then we’ll keep doing it. Because it’s awesome.

  98. I apologize if I’m repeating info that’s already been posted. I don’t have time to read all the comments. But, I had to comment because my GF is a regular squirter. In fact, for us, “real” orgasms include a satisfying gush. And, good long sessions mean having a backup towel at hand.

    Since I was skeptical about squirting in porn before I met her, I was super curious about any info I could find on the topic after I embraced her talent.

    One study I found was really cool and they actually did MRI during intercourse. It showed many things but what is relevant here is that the bladder volume increased. Obviously much faster than the kidneys can produce urine. The study didn’t try to explain it.

    Another study I found was looking for “sources” of the female ejaculate and found many (hundreds? ) of glands that emit in and around the urethra. But none were big enough to squirt/gush.

    On a personal note, we have a policy that my GF urinate just prior to sex. Not because we are offended by urine. Because we like to limit the number of towels in the wash….practical experience.

    My conclusion, totally unscientific and without claims of any sort: Her squirting comes from her bladder. Whatever it is, it gets made during sexual arousal. While she is climaxing, contents of her bladder are ejected, sometimes forcefully. If there is urine in there, it comes out too. If her bladder was bone dry just a few minutes earlier, she can still squirt. Hence #notpee.

    As a previous skeptic, I can understand the lack of understanding for someone who hasn’t done the hundreds of hours of research we have done. (No exaggeration.) If it comes from the urethra and seems like an impossible volume unless it’s pee, the obvious conclusion is that it’s pee. Having a partner who squirts more than once, every time, has convinced me that it’s not that simple.

  99. I “squirted” for the first time a few months ago when I was lying on my stomach- my boyfriend going from behind me and not so much as thrusting, but more of moving it back and forth along the front wall. It felt much different than usual and as he kept going I kept getting more and more worked up! Then all the sudden I was DRENCHED. I thought I had peed myself! But it was more like a lubricant, so I didn’t know what to make of it. I was able to do this twice more, but each time I felt more uncomfortable and that it was possibly pee! Although it didn’t smell or look like pee- I still felt embarrassed.
    I think maybe I’ll try again because DAMN did it feel good. Anyone else have a similar experience?

  100. I squirt all the time and is one of the things I am most proud of about my body. I don’t require genital stimulation to squirt, although it definitely helps. I can sometimes squirt just from being slapped or bitten on my inner thighs. When I squirt it shoots out in a pretty solid stream that sometimes feels similar to peeing but my girlfriend has confirmed time and time again after being soaked in the face that it is DEFINITELY NOT PEE!!!!

  101. Congrats. Squirting is more of a problem for me, though. I do this involuntarily, and makes quickies really hard to do… the problem is, if I don’t cum for a while, or even if I cum but don’t squirt, it builds up and then the next time I cum, a 3’x3′ puddle soaking through all the blankets and towels and mattress pads.

  102. I discovered about six months ago that I could squirt. I was in bed with a regular sexual partner, having our regular fairly wild but still pretty mainstream sex, when I suddenly knew it was going to happen. And it did. I’m a gusher, leaving big puddles, and once you pop, the fun don’t stop – if I keep being fucked, I’ll keep squirting, either until the whole bed is soaked, I can’t take it anymore, or my partner’s fingers fall off.

    As soon as it happened the first time, we both looked at each other, breathing heavily and saying over and over the only words we could: “holy shit.” We had to sit on the front porch and have a beer and a cigarette about it. She asked if I knew I could do that. I said I’d always wanted to, but had no idea that I was actually capable. She told me she’d never experienced it from either end, but that she’d suspected that I might be able to because of the way I orgasm in general.

    Back to the bedroom we went. For more. And more. And more. I squirted into her mouth, straddling her face. I felt powerful. I giggled. A lot.

    I love squirting. In groups of three or more, my first squirting partner has shown others exactly what to touch to make me squirt. She guides their hands. She shows them how.

    I can squirt when I masturbate, but I don’t do it as often. Most of the time, masturbation for me is a quickie.

    I agree with you completely. It’s not better or worse than a clitoral or regular vaginal orgasm. It’s just different. And getting rid of the shame associated with the fluid is important. I’m pretty sure I lost a new sexual partner because it freaked her out. Understanding is the key to making things less freaky. Especially with our bodies.


  103. Another aspect of “amrita” that I have never seen mentioned is that it dries much faster than pee or any other liquid for that matter. I’ve seen futons soaked through with amrita dry in a fraction of the time it would have taken with any other fluid. Anyone else notice this?

  104. I wish they had done ultrasounds on the skene’s glad right before and after ejaculation. Right before a G-spot orgasm I can feel a hard lump growing of what I believe is my skene’s gland filling up if I keep a hand on my lower abdomen. Where the liquid in that swelling comes from – I don’t even care.

    I just wish I could squirt more reliably these days. I seem to have lost my G-spot mojo.

  105. Slapping hard cock on very aroused pussy, legs open, creates a fountain of squirting gush here 😇

  106. I never having a feeling of having to pee, or wetting the bed.

    The first time I ejaculated my boyfriend was using an hitachi magic wand on me. It was the first time we had ever used one, and I remember cumming for what felt like forever. It was an extended orgasm that transcended any feeling I had ever had before. Then he told me I had squirted. I was embarrassed at first but he was so excited and pleased by it I quickly got over the negative feelings I was having.

    I just feel like I’m the precipice of life itself. I’m not conscious, just in a completely primal state when it happens, only noticing I squirted afterwards.

  107. I’m really curious about the bladder filling from sexual arousal too. I think that’s one of the best findings from this study that raises questions for future research. Why does sexual arousal trigger bladder filling? What is the bladder filling with and is it different to normal bladder filling? Other studies have found *dilute* urine, but haven’t been clear about what it’s diluted with (water?). If the bladder was filling with more water and less of the typical markers of urine (urea, creatine, uric acid), then that, plus the inclusion of the fluid from the female prostate, might account for why it appears different in look, taste, and smell from normally voided urine.

  108. “My main issue here is we are trying to see it through both the scientific and experiential lens. Right now, the two don’t match reality, because we simply don’t have enough information yet. ”

    I think a larger problem than the lack of data is that unless people have access to a lab, they have no way to determine the biochemical make up of what they squirt. There also seems to be a very deep seated cognitive bias against urine at play here.

    The other issue is that it is not as binary as pee/notpee. This study and previous studies measure key biochemical markers of urine (urea, creatine, uric acid) and PSAs. Most have found that the “gushing” fluid that comes from squirting contains urea, creatine and uric acid ranging from normal urine concentrations to more dilute concentrations. The majority of cases also contain PSAs. The PSAs are the main feature that is not generally present in normally voided urine but is found in squirting/ejaculate. Some of the early studies that looked at this were often misinterpreted by the media as implying that female ejaculate contained *only* PSAs, which has unfortunately led to a lot of people thinking this study is the only one that has found samples to be consistent with urine, when in fact this has been found in several previous studies. However there are other things that make up a urine or squirting sample that aren’t measured (e.g. water) and these could be what makes squirting fluid seem different from normal urine.

    Perhaps the more accurate hashtag is #notjustpee?

  109. Psst, your cognitive bias is showing. Unless you’ve got access to a lab, you don’t *know* the biochemical make up of what you squirt. Neither do I. It seems different, but that’s just our perception, not objective data.

    But seriously, we need to get away from this simplistic pee/notpee argument as it’s more complex than that. A more accurate hashtag would be #notjustpee,

    This isn’t the first study that has found that “gushing” fluid from squirting contains urea, creatine, and uric acid at concentrations consistent with normal to dilute urine. Several other studies have found this as well. The thing people often get confused with is the presence of prostate specific antigens (PSAs) in squirting/ejaculate. The early studies that found PSAs got a lot of attention as this was a substance that clearly indicated a female prostate and was not generally found in normally voided urine. Unfortunately a number of media reports misinterpreted some of these studies as saying that female ejaculate was *only* made up of fluid from the female prostate. Majority of the studies to date have found that squirting/ejaculate varies from normal to dilute urine with varying levels of PSAs.

    Now this study was the first to include ultrasounds of the bladder before, during, and after. The findings showed an empty bladder to start with, then significant bladder filling after sexual arousal, then an empty bladder post squirting. This is a pretty strong indication that the liquid squirted comes from the bladder. It also correlates with the experience many women have of being able to squirt despite emptying their bladder beforehand. Now the more interesting question would be what is the bladder filling with and is it different to normal urine? Suppose the bladder is filling with more water and less urea, creatine, and uric acid than normal, which would produce a more dilute urine, as found in some studies. A more dilute urine combined with the fluid from the female prostate could produce a fluid that appears different in look, taste, and smell to normal urine, but on a biochemical level still contains the key markers of urine (urea, creatine, uric acid). Afterwards the bladder would presumedly go back to filling normally so the next time you pee it would seem normal.

    Just a hypothesis, but I’d like to challenge people to see that this isn’t a black and white, pee/notpee issue. Less knee jerk reaction and more engaging with the study and seeing it as an opportunity to ask more questions rather than dismissing anything that doesn’t fit with our cognitive biases.

  110. There is so much controversy going on with female ejaculation and whether it is pee or not that it seems to take out all the fun and excitement out of the entire thing. Well for one thing it is not pee. For those who want some real fun can watch streaming porn videos on demand at

  111. You’ve nicely laid out the key things that many women experience that they feel are at odds with this study. I’d like to respond with information from the broader research in this field as well as this particular study to hopefully shed some light on things.

    I almost always pee before having sex or masturbating.

    This study was the first to include ultrasounds of the bladder before, during and after. The findings showed an empty bladder to start, then significant bladder filling after sexual arousal, then an empty bladder post squirting. This would explain why many women can squirt despite having emptied their bladder beforehand.

    For me, it DOESNT feel like I have to pee-it just sort of comes out. Pee usually rushes out; my squirt dribbles out.
    I’m guessing you’re referring to that sense of urgency you get when you need to pee? Previous studies have shown a high correlation between women who have very strong PC muscle contractions during orgasm and women who squirt. The PC muscles are also used when you start and stop peeing and some studies have hypothesized that very strong PC contractions would also squeeze the bladder, ejecting fluid.
    If it is a small amount of fluid, it is likely fluid from the Skene’s glands/female prostate. This fluid contains prostate specific antigens (PSAs) and is usually a bit milky in appearance. Often, what comes out is a mix of dilute urine and fluid from the female prostate (which enters the urethra via duct before the main opening. When there is a small amount of fluid, it tends to be mostly prostate fluid with a small amount of urine from the bladder. When there are larger volumes of watery liquid, it tends to be more dilute urine with a little bit of prostate fluid.

    Sometimes i eve squirt before I orgasm! I can kind of understand peeing during the orgasm while your muscles are acting all wonky, but if you aren’t having an orgasm, whats causing it?

    Well the good news is that a number of studies have found that most women who squirt do not show signs or symptoms of urinary incontinence, which means squirting is different to coital incontinence (i.e. incontinence during sex). Female ejaculate from the female prostate can occur prior to arousal, but also PC muscle contractions can start before the actual “peak” of orgasm, which can push fluid out of the bladder.

    Its really hard for me to pee when I’m turned on; I don’t see how it would happen by accident when its so hard to do on purpose.

    That’s because squirting is not an intentional voiding of the bladder. It’s an involuntary release of fluid. You’re not trying to pee but your body decides to expel some fluid from your bladder. Does that make sense?

    smells nothing like pee, clear or white, never yellow. A partner, who has tasted my urine and squirt, confirms that they taste nothing alike.

    Now this is where we need to get away from the binary notion of pee/notpee. What most of the studies have found is that squirting samples contain urea, creatine, and uric acid in concentrations varying from normal to dilute urine. They also contain PSAs. Now these things are measured because they are key biochemical markers. However, there is other stuff that makes up the fluid that isn’t measured (e.g. water) that may not be significant on a biochemical level, but could affect appearance, taste, and smell.

    Think about how much your urine varies even within a 24 hour period. You know if you drink a lot of water, your urine tends to have less colour and less odour, and if you’re dehydrated it’s darker and smells more. Now think about those ultrasound results showing significant bladder filling after sexual arousal. We don’t know exactly what the bladder is filling with or whether it’s different to normal urine, but suppose it is filling with more water and less urea, creatine, and uric acid. This would produce dilute urine (as other studies have found) and it seems plausible that a dilute urine mixed with fluid from the female prostate would appear different in look, taste, and smell, than normal urine. Afterwards, the bladder would go back to filling normally so the next time you pee it would seem normal. It’s a hypothesis, but hopefully it illustrates how we could produce a fluid that looks, smells, and tastes different to normal urine, but still contains the biochemical markers of urine (urea, creatine, uric acid) and PSAs.

    If you really want to geek out and read references, see my earlier comment that included a stack of links at the end:

  112. Ah, if only the media could actually represent reality rather than cherry picking whatever will get the most clicks. Previously they picked up on the female prostate aspect, this time they chose to focus on the urine. Reality is that the research for a while now has shown across a number of studies that it’s a bit of both, but that’s hardly a catchy headline.

    The early studies that found prostate specific antigens (PSAs) in female ejaculate were misinterpreted by a number of media reports as meaning female ejaculate ONLY contained PSAs. There are a number of studies prior to this one that have found that squirting/ejaculate contains some urine and PSAs. The PSAs got a lot of attention as they indicated the Skene’s glands were analogous to a female prostate, with implications for related diseases/disorders of the prostate (could women get prostate cancer?), but initially the bit about female ejaculation was almost incidental. PSAs became a marker of female ejaculate as they are not generally found in normally voided urine, but are found in squirting/ejaculate. But most of the studies on this either only measured PSAs or found that the samples included varying concentrations of PSAs as well as urea, creatine, and uric acid in concentrations varying from normal to dilute urine.

    It has never been the case that there were lots of studies all saying squirting/ejaculate was just PSAs and then this study popped up saying it was urine. That’s just selective reporting by the media that has sadly generated a pee/notpee debate when it’s never been that binary. I’m not sure #somepeesomePSAsandsomeotherstuff would catch on as a hashtag, but how about #notjustpee?

  113. I’ve only been able to ejaculate with a partner (I actually like ejaculate as a descriptor, as it puts it on par with male ejaculate, in my opinion), and my experience with it was always a small amount of liquid, gently dribbling out of my urethra. I usually achieved it by rapidly thrusting back and forth while on top of my (male) partner, causing his penis to push against my g-spot and pushing the ejaculate out. I feel a pressure build up every time I have sex, but that pressure is only relieved if I ejaculate. I do not ejaculate often, and it is very hard to achieve, but it’s amazing when it happens. It smells sweet and appears clear. Sometimes a little milky. Never even similar to urine.

  114. Honestly, the use of 7 women in the study is what gets me. Seven??? There are countless women who squirt. Why only seven? And since when is a pool of seven participants enough to make any kind of claim about anything??? And this is science?

    I personally have been squirting since my first partner at age 18. That makes 26 years of squirting. At this point I’m not going to let some trumped up science experiment change my opinion about my own bodily functions.

    My early squirting experiences were from clitoral stimulation only. Actually MOST of my years of squirting were by clitoral stimulation only. Less than two years ago I discovered I can squirt from vaginal penetration. And less than a year ago I found that I can also squirt from anal stimulation. As they say, with age comes wisdom. 🙂
    Each experience is different though. It not only LOOKS different, it FEELS different.

    Squirting from clitoral stimulation for me is that warm rush of fluid escaping my body, the puddle on the bed. As I approach climax, I can feel my climax building and climbing and as I orgasm it is like the freeing plunge, falling over the edge of that orgasmic cliff.

    Alternatively, squirting from vaginal penetration is more of an over all wetness for me. And the sensation is just part of the enjoyment and orgasm of having vaginal sex. I really dont notice a difference when I do and do not squirt other than me and my partner being wet from our belly buttons to our knees!

    Squirting during anal is the newest area for me, and is by far the most dramatic. For me this type of squirting is much more intentional. I can feel the build up of the oncoming orgasm, however unlike the relax/release that comes during clitoral squirting, I experience a full body response of every muscle in my body tightening, resulting in me squirting like a fire hose! And after it occurs once, it is likely to occur at least two more times in that session if not more.

    Truth is, when I first squirted at 18, I did worry that it was pee. I had no one to talk to, no one to ask. As a student of science I did the logical thing…I looked at it, I smelled it, and it possessed no resemblance to pee. So embraced that it was something else. I have not worried about it since and I have never had a partner react negatively to my squirting. In fact at 18 my BF’s bench seat in his car had most certainly been drenched repeatedly – and in the heat of the summer it did NOT smell like the stadium’s men’s room – although it did smell a bit like me when I am aroused. *blush*


  115. I would just like to point out that sweat also contains varying amounts of urea, but is also not pee.

    I’ve been squirting in all sorts of amounts and ways since I first masturbated with a vibrator when I was 16. When I was a teenager, I got really freaked out thinking I was peeing the bed, and so would stop. Fortunately, in college, I learned that squirting was a thing. Unfortunately, by that point I’d tried so hard to stop doing it that I developed a pretty big block about it.

    Here’s how it is for me: I usually squirt from intense, direct clitoral stimulation. Like, Hitachi-right-on-the-head-of-of-my-clit level of intense and direct. G-spot stimulation can make it happen more quickly, but I don’t usually do it unless penetration is removed. I have only ever squirted at the same time as an orgasm once or maybe twice, so it clearly wasn’t “orgasm induced incontinence.” Usually I squirt before having an orgasm. Also, I have dribbled and I have gushed big puddles and even had ridiculous, porn-esque super-soaker squirts that accidentally overshot the throe and went halfway across the room.

    One time, I did lose control of my bladder during sex (there’s a blog post about it here, if anyone’s curious) and it was very different from squirting. It happened at the end of a really intense orgasm, and I could tell almost immediately from the smell that it was pee. I’m into piss play, so at this point I don’t have a whole bunch of shame and stuff wrapped up into whether I’m squirting or peeing, or whether my SO is squirting or peeing on me. But I can say that, both for me and my partner, squirting and peeing are totally different things.

    I only get peed on when I’ve been very good, for one thing.

  116. I completely agree squirting is a real thing and is not pee. I have been squirting since I was 17, the first time was involuntary and since then I have been practicing for fun to show to my partner. Over the years you can train yourself to squirt many different ways. My favorite is shooting upto 4 or 5 feet in long spurts. Squirt can contain some pee if not all is emptied from the bladder before ejaculating. But use the restroom before and there will be no problem. It’s rediculous to say it is not real when many women can and do in fact do it.

  117. I know for sure it isn’t pee or very little pee! Aside from all the good science done that has analyzed squirt’s chemical makeup, I know personally it doesn’t feel like peeing, and after I squirt (has to be with my boyfriend penetrating me very deeply or a specially angled toy thrusting really hard) I usually have to go actually piss, like full-on, emptying-my-entire-bladder peeing — you know the saying, “pissing like a racehorse”? In fact, having a fuller bladder helps me squirt… but if squirting were the same as evacuating my bladder, how could I *possibly* be peeing afterward?

  118. I’ve had a few small examples of squirting. Mine have all been very much cut off by my paranoia of the bed getting horribly wet with it and the fact that I’m a complete clean-freak. But twice, I’ve made a tiny puddle before I even came. So I know I could do it, but I need to figure out how to get past that mental road block… and what to aim for feeling-wise to make it happen. But, yeah, not pee.

  119. Ive been the windshield to many a downpour and couldn’t agree more. Fuck now when i try to convince a girl that shes not going to pee if she just emvraces the semsation shes going tto throw crappy work cited ish at me

  120. As a person who has had this fluid ejected from my body, and all over my bed and living room floor and bedroom floor, i can confirm that it is most certainly not pee. I am missing some organs, and release a lot of bodily toxins through sweat and urine, so my pee always smells really terrible. If it was pee, i would definitely know. Also, I’ve had this fluid in my mouth. Pretty sure i would know if it was urine in my mouth. Honestly, it tastes really similar to penile ejaculate. Sweet and salty, warm, slightly sticky sometimes.

  121. I’m going to be honest, I’ve peed while masturbating for kink reasons, I’ve also squirted a few times before, and the two feel completely different. Not to mention the fact that it’s super difficult to pee when I’m aroused!

  122. Women can ejaculate without squirting. This article is making it seem like either your squirt massive amount of liquid, or you don’t ejaculte at all. As an ejaculating woman, I can tell you that it is not pee, but it’s also not this massive amount of liquid that erupts from me while having sex like some sort of fucked up geiser. Science will tell you that when a woman is ready for sex, she will secrete a filmy, mucasy liquid that makes insertion possible. During (good) sex this substance will continue to be produced. When I have an orgasm, it is that substance that is being secreted.

    So to sum it up, I do think that squirting is pee. But that doesn’t mean that women cannot ejaculate.

  123. Wow, thank you. This article was comforting. I’m a straight female with a propensity to squirt when properly manually aroused. A lot of guys get obsessed with the mission once they figure out how to do it. Some guys are just really turned on and game. And some guys think it’s pee. For a porn-focused heterosexual community allegedly focused on “pleasuring women,” it’s no surprise that a relative anomaly like this is met with sexual shaming. We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. I can’t wait to hear more anecdotes from women in a similar situation! Thanks for speaking up!

  124. In my experience it does squirt out very fast like a jet stream. It’s definitely not pee.
    Even if it were, why would it matter?
    Women willingly put swimming semen in their mouths. It’s alive. Pee is also very sanitary.
    Just calm your tits people.

  125. I literally said Some people experience a dribble, some feel a strong gush, and other people shoot outward with some force, squirt gun style. Never did I imply that people only squirt a lot or none at all.

  126. I encourage everyone to go read the actual study. It found that both female ejaculation and squirting are happening — not just one or the other. Nowhere in the study does it say that it’s just pee. For the millionth time it says that it’s BOTH. The author of the study says IT IS BOTH. Doctors, scientists and other studies say IT’S BOTH, and the original FUSION article say it’s both. Even Dr. Ruth tweeted the Fusion article because it was trying to show that it’s real, it’s happening and it’s BOTH. So the #notpee hashtag means you’re HALF agreeing with the study anyway. Congrats.

  127. I encourage everyone to go read the actual study. It found that both female ejaculation and squirting are happening — not just one or the other. Nowhere in the study does it say that it’s just pee. For the millionth time it says that it’s BOTH. The lead author of the study says IT IS BOTH. Doctors, scientists and other studies say IT’S BOTH, and the original Fusion article say it’s both. Even Dr. Ruth tweeted the Fusion article because it was trying to show that it’s real, it’s happening and it’s BOTH.

  128. I have been battling the idiocy and ignorance surrounding the G-Spot debate for a little over a decade now. I stumbled on a wonderful technique that allowed easy and extended stimulation of the G-Spot … and, after the wife died, I SHARED it. Initially I was attacked on several sites and banned from others. In the end ONE site, populated by mostly mature, helpful and experienced ADULTS became the home for the TRY THIS thread. Overall the responses and posts have been incredibly positive. Many couples who thought they had experienced everything wonderful about sex and each other discovered an entirely new way of giving pleasure and growing closer.

    Many, over the years, have claimed this thread, thanks to ALL the contributors, is THE definitive site for learning about G-SPOTS and how to stimulate them properly and what MOST women can expect when they do. Ejaculation is one of the “side-effects” but not IMHO the best. The best is being able to produce massive G-GASMS over and over and over again. Only a few posters have ever claimed that ejaculating improves the orgasms so whether the “mess” happens for you or not there are few things in life more fulfilling that being able to give your woman as many orgasms as she can handle – every night of her life!!

    Please take a look and SHARE.

  129. Thanks for posting that. Even anonymously it takes guts to open up like that. One of the greatest challenges in disclosing GSPOT function and some of the side-effects is the possibility of fluidic discharge – anywhere from a good dribble to being used by a local fire fighting crew to suppress a raging bush fire up some canyon!!

    I have received DOZENS of IM’s and emails from women who have read my “TRY THIS” thread and finally realized they were NORMAL. Around the world women, I’m sure, have been beaten and likely even killed for “peeing” on a husband or lover. The ignorance is stupefying!!! Educating the uninformed isn’t JUST about improving sex lives. It is about SAVING lives too. That is one reason I think the findings of this latest study was done without ANY REGARD whatsoever to the safety and happiness of every woman out there who squirts or ejaculates at times during sex.

  130. ANY reason in particular why you deleted my post? I was agreeing with you and sharing info which is why, I presume, YOU posted the article in the first place. Sharing knowledge to improve love lives and in this case PREVENT dangerous assumptions on the part of the ignorant is a GOOD thing. My TRY THIS thread on Literotica now has over 890,000 reads and is full of stupid “definitive” research just like the article you are referring to. It is also full of revelations of the EUREEEKA moments discovered by couples using the techniques described there.

    So this is a BAD thing or are you just not willing to share the spotlight? I don’t get it.

  131. I used to be a cam model, and most of the money i made was from my squirting. in a 20 minute period it can happen for me 3-6 times, some are little spurts (2oz or less) and others are giant gushes that have sprayed the camera and soaked my entire bed. they never smell like pee, even when i was dehydrated. my boyfriend was severely infatuated with it for some time, and would spend hours fingering me and using toys on me so i would splash his face. I love the feeling i get from it, I had always done it when i masturbated as a teen, and when i started having sex i had to work hard to suppress it. after being with my boyfriend for a year or two and fully exploring sexuality with him i did it once when we were having sex, it was on accident, and i couldnt even help my self. he thought it was amazing and wanted to keep trying, but at that point i was so numb and twitchy from the intense orgasm i had to stop him. squirting is the shit, even if it might have some pee in it, or even be pee entirely. i love it and no one is going to stop me or shame me for it.

  132. The people who think squirting is peeing, clearly have not had to wash post-sex sheets. My boyfriend makes me squirt almost every time so needless to say I have done my share of laundry. One of our sheets is blue and while doing laundry one day i noticed their was a “crispy” patch on the sheet. I unfolded it to see my “love stain” had dried and turned a bit hard where it had dried, leaving a thin white “crust” on my sheet, similar to when a man let’s jizz dry on a shirt/sock etc (according to my bf it looked almost the same as jizz when it was dried) also, there is no way it could have been a jizz stain from my bf because it was about 7-8 inches in diameter. Pee does not dry into a white crust. #notpee

  133. I have been with 2 women who have ejaculated during sex… one woman just experienced an explosive orgasm while I performed oral sex (definitely didn’t smell OR taste any urine) and another woman who ejaculated 6 times in the space of 30 minutes- showering me with wonderful ejaculate. Besides the fact that it neither tasted nor smelled of urine, tell me if you have known anyone who can pee that much in that brief a time period? Yeah, I don’t know anyone who can pee that much either. It was amazing – love me some squirting 😉

  134. I am a pornstar, and a squirter and although I will say there are a lot who ‘pee’ in the movies, there are also the real deals. Although I don’t agree with faking it, keep in mind that adult movies are a tool, a product to visually stimulate, therefore a bit of faking is part of the job. That being said, I wanted to share my blog on how I taught myself to squirt.

  135. Well I may not squirt but my wife does. And it can come out really gas and hard and literally squirt everywhere. It’s not pee because it come from farther inside. When a woman is about to squirt you can tell cause a pocket inside here vagina, if you put a finger inside and press up and toward the clit just behind that, when this fills with liquid you can tell feel it has your working this spot and she starts to come you can push to spot towards the clit or towards her belly and it will squirt out faster and harder. Sometimes though it only leeks out with a heavy flow. Once fluid release you feel the pocket inside here deflate with a lack or liquid that came from behind the bladder

  136. My wife squirts – dramatically and extatically. But only if I bring her to it with the right technique. And I can assure you it most definately is NOT pee!

  137. I actually like the idea of #notjustpee, heh. I also agree with your comment further up about this survey raising more questions (what’s the bladder filling with? being one of them), certainly more than it answers.

    It seems to me that a liquid that comes from the bladder is going to contain some amount of urine. It would kind of be impossible for it not to? so why even focus on whether there is any, when what we should be focusing on is what is the rest of the liquid?

    One obvious question that I have after reading about this is are we defining pee wrong? Like, do we have a good way to differentiate between urine and other fluids that the bladder may contain? Is the “pee or not” question one that can be answered with our current testing? And if not, does publishing these surveys do any good if the science isn’t good enough yet?

    On a personal level, this is interesting because I’m not even having an orgasm when I squirt. So what’s up with that? LOL

  138. Made by a professional sexologist, people. I also love the radical notion of not discrediting people’s experiences with their bodies, and considering that there might be something to the mounds of anecdotal evidence that females have with ejaculate vs. urine.

  139. These researchers gave no thought to what the possible result of calling it pee would be. Women have been beaten up and some likely KILLED because their partners thought it was urine. Women in the west have been subjected to surgery to “repair” the muscles around the bladder neck because DOCTORS had never heard of female ejaculation or just assumed, like so many others, that ITZ PEE!!!

    I started a thread on the Literotica web site (How to Cafe-TRY THIS) many years ago when I stumbled on a technique that works well for MOST couples. Most of my feedback / IM’s and posts have been great because I explain HOW and WHY a woman can keep orgasming with the right stimulation – something that tends not to happen with clitoral orgasms due to oversensitivity.

    Not all women ejaculate and from the feedback it does NOT increase the intensity of their orgasm … so I question the desire to make your partner make like a fire hose. Many emails I get explain that with the technique their woman has gone from rarely even having an orgasm to having 10 – 20 – 30 or more massive ones a night. They then ask why are they FAILING … “she doesn’t squirt. What am I doing wrong?” OK. Lemmie get this right. Before she hardly ever came and now she comes 30 times a night and you’re wondering what you’re doing WRONG??


    The # ONE question that I get these days is: “HOW DOES SHE STOP SQUIRTING?” It doesn’t matter if it’s pee or not (itz NOT) just the fact that some women can ejaculate copious quantities across the room makes for long clean ups, never any spontaneous sex where a flood would give you away or wreck furniture or your car.

    Yup… “”HOW DO I MAKE HER SQUIRT?”” followed by “”HELP! HOW CAN SHE STOP SQUIRTING??? “” Never satisfied are we?

  140. It’s not pee. I usually pee before masturbating if I plan on squirting, just to be sure. And I figured out how I can squirt with toys. Until recently, I had always done it with my fingers. But basically, mid-orgasm, my crazy strong PC muscles push out whatever toy I’m using, and then I squirt. If the toy has a bulbous head, I usually have to take it back out and reinsert it a few times to make sure I’m opened up enough for the toy to come shooting out.

  141. not more than half an hour ago, I experienced my first real squirt (Tantus’ Adam O2 did all the work. no vibe, just the dildo). Now, I’d also been turned on for nearly 2 hours beforehand, but couldn’t do anything about it (work, and getting home from). So maybe that had something to do with it. Throw in some ‘guilty pleasure’ porn (for some reason, well done fake incest really gets me going), and just keep going at it . . . holy wow that orgasm was insane. I have been wobbly and well-sated the whole time before I came here to post.

    I didn’t squirt far, maybe a foot tops, and with the toy still in me, but it was most definitely squirt, my computer chair is semi-soaked, and I gave it a bit of a taste for the hell of it. Kind of reminded me of slightly tinny lemonade, really. Not exactly a pee taste, but maybe some very faint similarities. Yes I will admit to have tasting urine. So it’s not exactly pee, but it’s not exactly not, by my experience. Will have to experiment further to see if I can attain a similar liquid by varying amounts of dude-juices. (that’s gonna be a fun convo)

    Do I believe this study’s claim that it’s wholly urine? hell no. Not even diluted urine and nothing else. There is definitely other flavours in there that are not at all in urine. Do I believe there absolutely cannot be traces of urine in there? not at all. As I said, there were some faint similarities.

    I will say though, the Adam O2 is definitely my favourite toy from here until I find something new.

  142. I was so shocked about an hour ago. I was masturbating and after clinaxing about 5 times I was trying for a 6th. (Greedy I know) but I felt so badly that I wanted to come but couldn’t. I gave up and removed the toy in hadte and with slight anger that I couldn’t reach climax. At that moment I felt a gush of warm liquid that felt like my waters breaking!! It sprayed across my legs and all over the bed. It sure is not pee but Iwas so shocked and worried about what t e heck it was! Hence the hasty google search!! I wish more people spoke about these things!!! Im still in shock though!!

  143. Love ur article!!! Best one I’ve found yet & u summed it up… Unless ur a woman who has actually squirted or have been the other end of her gushing it in ur mouth u have no clue. I’m 38 married with 2 kids have always doubted with if this phenomenon existed cuz we love watching this in porn! For the 1st TIME IN MY LIFE MY HUBBY GOT ME TO SQUIRT!!! & not dribble or ooze.. SQUIRT with force that I had no control over that it shot in his face & mouth…I can’t even get close to describing ALL the sensations I’ve never in my life felt! & then I did it again & again with in minutes…more liquid each time….never felt so relaxed & satisfied in my ENTIRE LIFE! No one is gona tell me it was urine..u can say whatever u want! I want to add I can only speak for myself but I DON’T SQUIRT FROM MY URETHRA! ! IT’S CALLED A SKENES GLAND & mine fills with fluid ..protrudes somewhat out of my vagina when I squirt & for all u experts ur IDIOTS…cuz that’s where mine shoots from & im not alone! .my hubby & I both know for a FACT it’s not pee….we both tasted it & it was clear with a fricken AWESOME taste &thicker! It came from a gland that swelled up & shot the fluid out of the vagina…big difference than peeing out of ur urethra! When I did urinate which was not long after it was dark dark yellow since id been drinking/dehydrated. So with that there is no doubt left in our minds…by the way r blown away now from this mind blowing continuous experience & feel bad for all the women who haven’t had this life changing orgasm & for the men who haven’t either cuz ALL OF U R MISSING OUT

  144. U stated some real facts on how many women or couples deal or feel bout this subject. …thank u! & what u said waa my story. …but found the perfect guy to help encourage & support me in my dream & his of me squirting & can proudly say my hubby gets lots of credit!! & now I can say I know what a true orgasm is!!

  145. Lol unless in lab ur saying dismiss what my body shows me with my own eyes…when I squirt it doesn’t come out my urethra!! It comes straight from the whole of my skenes gland it…I c this with my own eyes!! Im sure there’s traces of urine in there…duh it’s near ur urethra when it portrudes out to ejaculate so I’m laughing at all u idiots saying how we’re peeing which some for me I’m love finally experiencing a TRUE FULL BLOWN orgasm! Bahaha…

  146. I love when someone tells their personal experience all the idiots have to shoot em down rite way & say unless we’re in a lab we can’t say either way..MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. ..FACT I’M NOT PEEING …SIMPLE REASON MY OWN EYES C WHEN I SQUIRT IT COMES FROM A OPENING IF MY SKENES GLAND..I VISUALLY C MY GLAND PROTRUDE OUT FROM THE TOP OF MY VAGINA WHEN I SQUIRT/EJACULATE…! Im sure there’s traces of urine in there…duh it’s near ur urethra when it portrudes so I’m laughing at all u idiots saying how we’re peeing which some for me I’m love finally experiencing a TRUE FULL BLOWN orgasm! Bahaha…

  147. U & ur hubby ROCK! 38 & JUST EXPERIENCED this AMAZING orgasm for my 1st time with my new hubby! Gona check it out cuz I wanted to do the same thing to shoot all these idiots down…degree or no degree! #notpee

  148. I just figured out I could squirt less than a year ago, by accident, at 48. I thought it was pretty cool but I didnt try to get better at it. Then I got with my new man…He has made me squirt over 50 times in one night..It’s like one unbelievably long excellent orgasm all night.
    His fingers know exactly how to get me there. He just keeps getting better and better at it. And its not always just g spot stimulation that does it, Last night in the middle of a big one, he just kissed me and off it went soaking our thighs and my butt. Its amazing how I can just keeps coming and coming..
    In the last week I also found out firsthand that not all those foot long or longer squirts are REAL. Although I have no idea how to do it at will, I just know it was proportionate to how very turned on I was, heart body and soul.
    As a footnote, I have never been able, personally to go pee when my clit is excited and engorged. It doesnt even feel like im peeing when I squirt. I an glad this place is here to bring enlightenment to the idiot medieval notions that are being maliciously spread across the internet.

  149. Your enthusiasm for what is clearly a fantastic experience is great! But I just want to point out that, as a woman who has not yet had the pleasure of squirting, being told, “ALL OF U R MISSING OUT,” is rather hurtful. I have tried a variety of tools and techniques, and I suspect that I very well might be missing out on a delightful sensation, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. However, I have a spectacular, attentive partner, and the sex we have is fucking incredible just as it is. That is what’s most important.
    I’m sure your comment wasn’t intended to cause anyone distress, but I thought it important to let you know that it could, especially having seen another commentor above say that even seeing discussion of squirting makes her feel inadequate for not being able to.
    All that said, good for you! I’m truly glad that you’re having so much fun!

  150. My ejaculate, or squirt, or whichever word you like to call it wavers between an almost male-like milky white, to thin and clear with a really sweet taste. I don’t so much squirt as I gush. If I take a toy out and I can feel come just dribbling down my ass, or soaking the bed, or if my partner rather vigorously works my gspot with thick, curved or textured toys. This is not an involuntary response and we do prepare (lying out layers of towels) and plan for it, and to be fair, I’ve never noticed pee to leave white stains on my bed. Just saying.

  151. My apologies! No that wasn’t my intent!! Again SORRY. ..all those idiots had me way too riled up.

  152. I know this is older but I thought I’d throw down my experience. I have squirted with a partner once in my life (one partner I should say), and it required me to be in missionary, knees up (sometimes with my legs around my partner’s hips), and fingering my clit during sex. And 90% of the time, with zero voluntary action, I would squirt, a lot, sometimes multiple times in one session, definitively squirt gun fashion. It was very much not pee, and my partner found it extremely arousing, and enjoyed having to put down extra towels. #notpee

  153. I remember the first time I got to experience squirting. I’ve had times in the past when using various toys that gave me an odd sensation that was vaguely like having to pee, but it never went very far beyond that.

    It was within the last year that, while using a dildo with a very pronounced head, I noticed that whenever I was pulling it outwards after thrusting in, a little blip of liquid would squirt out. (kind of like those little plastic squirt guns!) It was almost completely clear, but I though ‘oh dear, I’m getting pee on my carpet.’ So I moved to the bathroom to make cleanup easier. I figured hey, I had a giant can of beer just a little bit ago, my bladder must just be really full so that’s why it’s happening. Safely in the bathtub, I kept going, and it happened kind of on and off.

    When I had finished, there was a small puddle in the tub that was still pretty clear, no yellow tinge to it. After a quick wash, it hit me that I had to pee REALLY bad. And it was one of those pee sessions that lasts for a solid 30 seconds or more. Such relief! But when I went to flush, I noticed it was very obviously yellow, not at all like what came out of me when I was masturbating.

    I’ve had the same experience with squirting several times since then, though it’s not been perfectly consistent. I wonder, due to it’s location, if having a fuller bladder made my g-spot more accessible, at least for the first time. I know everyone’s different, but from my experiences, I really can’t see how people think squirting is just the same thing as pee.

  154. I will be forever puzzled by whether or not I actually squirt or if I’m urinating. I suspect the latter. It happens involuntarily when I allow myself a clitoral orgasm with a vibrator. If I try to not gush, I get no orgasm. I CAN do it with a dildo, but it’s a bit tougher and I can have an orgasm without gushing in these cases if I so choose. Sometimes it’s odorless, sometimes there’s a strong smell of urine. While I’ve only actually watched once or twice, I’m certain that the fluid is emerging from my urethra rather than my vagina, where I’ve been told the fluid is supposed to come from. And yet the fact that it happens involuntarily with a vibrator leads me to call it squirting, since I’ve never heard of anyone else ever urinating involuntarily in this way.

    I don’t know if there’s something atypical about my body that leads to all this or not. This squirting, if that is indeed what it is, doesn’t feel especially good – it’s not bad, but if anything my orgasms tend to be
    weaker when I gush – so between that and the greater amount of cleanup I
    honestly wish it didn’t happen.

    I’m not saying this to shame anyone who’s more certain of their squirting or who enjoys it. These are just my thoughts on my personal fluid emissions.

  155. I did my own semi-scientific test.
    I took 8 multi vitamins. Yes, 8. Why? Because they make your pee bright yellow. Good idea? Probably not but ya know, science and shit.
    I went for a pee about 3 hours later, before my planned squirt session and sure enough my urine was fluro yellow.
    I jumped on the bed with a white towel under me and my fave g spot toy (at the time anyway) and proceeded to fuck myself silly until I squirted. Everywhere. Multiple times. The towel was soaked. So was my bed. But the towel was still mostly white, a veeery pale yellow tinge, much like amniotic fluid.
    Then I went to the toilet again to pee. And it was once again fluro yellow.
    Boom science. Mic drop.

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