Guest Review: Jollet

Jollies / LuzArte Jollet polka dot silicone dildo

The story of the Jollies Jollet is a long and strange one. I acquired and reviewed mine just as Jollies, as a company, was petering out. Their toys were vanishing from stores, and nobody quite knew what was going on. One of my sex blogger friends, Sundae, got her hands on one and also loved its G-spotting goodness — so I asked her to write about her experience for my blog. She did. I put it in my drafts. Then I forgot about it.

One year after that, I formally announced the end of Jollies after receiving confirmation from the CEO. Six months passed, and one day Sundae IMed me with a link to an Etsy store. Jollies had risen from the ashes, in the form of Chavez Dezignz. It’s been 10 months since then, and thankfully, they’re still churning out wonderful dildos. [Update, 3/12/18: the company is now called LuzArte.]

So it’s time, I think, to remember the majesty of the Jollet once again. And while this letter may be two and a half years old, that doesn’t make it any less true. In fact, Sundae and I are now ridiculously close friends, partners in Skyping and Kid Nation-watching, so I trust her words even more.

Dearest Epiphora,

I’d been uhming and ahhing over the Jollet for some time before I saw your review. I liked its unique shape and the promise of a filling toy for gentle tapping and rocking rather than full on thrusting. My little, spindly wrists aren’t really cut out for thrusting, so it looked like an awesome, if a bit bizarrely shaped, option. However, I had been holding back on buying Jollies stuff from my usual sex toy store because I wasn’t sold on the solid colours offered. They weren’t really to my taste, a bit pastel-ish and crafty.

That was until I saw the polka dot Jollet up close and personal in your review. SWOON! Uh, the Jollet, in an awesome pattern instead of a solid colour, for a good price? Totally sold. A dildo with tiny mini pom-poms in it? Doubly sold. Ok, you can’t be doubly sold, but I totally was. Don’t argue.

So I ordered on up, and I have to say, I was really impressed. Not only does the Jollet look gorgeous in person, it delivers in all the ways I was hoping. It’s a great change from phallic dildos. It slots right in and fills you up in a pretty intense way, without being painful to insert. The scalloped base is a gorgeous touch and helps with gripping onto the toy too. It even has a bullet hole, which I guess is a useful option to have, but I don’t use it because a) I don’t have or want any bullet vibes that’ll fit in there (see your post on watch battery vibes!) b) I don’t really like internal vibrations!

So, I guess I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the polka dot version to my attention as it’s fast become one of my favourite dildos!

Xx Sundae

Now, my peeps, get your own Jollet to uhm and ahh over. LuzArte is taking custom dildo requests now, so if you have some weird knickknack from the love of your life that you want suspended in penetrable silicone for all eternity, they can make that shit happen.

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