Hell Yes: Cobra Libre

Fun Factory Cobra Libre, looking like a funny car with a weird mouth, getting rained on by droplets of water.
Photo courtesy of Fun Factory.

I think Fun Factory is definitely onto something with the Cobra Libre. I’ve been wondering when someone would harness the power of vibrations in a penis-oriented toy, and here it is, right before my eyes.

The Cobra Libre isn’t meant to envelope the entire cock, but rather to focus on stimulating the head. And with DUAL MOTORS that operate independently, I have no doubt it will do that fantastically. My recent experience with dual motors convinces me of this.

Fun Factory boasts:

Two powerful motors release pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glans providing right-on-the-spot stimulation . . . The sporty, ergonomic shape of this exclusive toy for men promises easy handling and thanks to the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE loading technology, pit stops are short and efficient.

I have seen the future, and it consists of rechargeable, waterproof, non-porous masturbatory cars.

Personally, I think Fun Factory’s taking the car motif a little too far, but at least they didn’t go the predictable route and and make it look like a creepy mouth. That would’ve been so easy to do, but they resisted. Thank goodness.