Aug 142009

The S-shaped NobEssence Seduction looks more like a beautiful decorative sculpture than a dildo. Made of Purpleheart wood and sealed with NobEssence’s signature Lubrosity coating, it is elegance incarnate. But not just aesthetically; I quickly realized that it also felt elegant while in use. As in, IN MY VAG.

Um. See. The Seduction is incredibly lovely and classy and everything, but… I also have bursts of vulgarity over it. I can’t help it. It does feel elegant, but it also feels curse-word-droppingly good.

As expected from NobEssence, the wood is gorgeous and unique. Every swirl and detail can be seen, and my Purpleheart is dotted with a lovely natural grain. But despite these good looks, the Seduction is all business. There is not one inch of its 9″ length that cannot or will not be put inside of you.

I hesitate to call the Seduction a double-ended dildo for fear of lumping it anywhere near those $10 jelly atrocities, but each end of this dildo is truly amazing in its own way. The small end with the 1″ in diameter sphere makes for intense G-spot stimulation, while the large 1 7/8″ end makes for intense everything. When I was finally able to work my way up to it, the large end blew my mind. It feels deliciously thick, while also hitting my G-spot with a freakish intensity.

That was a surprise. I thought I’d love the bulbed end more. Instead I find myself using the large end most of the time to achieve that glorious full feeling and unmistakable G-spot stimulation. Slowly rocking it back and forth to savor the sensation. Rocking it faster and faster, until I squirt.

And despite the chunkiness of the large end, the Seduction never gets heavy or unwieldy. There are two reasons for this. First, the shape is incredibly ergonomic. Each end functions as a handle while the other end is in use. Second, wood is very lightweight — it is lighter than glass, stainless steel, and even silicone. Because of this, the Seduction is a really fabulous toy for longer play sessions, and especially for G-spot stimulation, which can entail a lot of thrusting.

With a toy this perfect, there’s not much more to say. The Seduction is gorgeous both aesthetically and vaginally, from end to end. It is two wonderful dildos melded into one, making for a dildo that I use at least 2x longer than usual, and love about 10x more.

Get the Seduction at SheVibeShe Bop, or Peepshow Toys.

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