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[Note: The Beyond 3 has sadly been discontinued, but the
Jopen Key Comet G Wand is comparable and awesome.

Ophoria Beyond 3 dildoI have tried many dildos that hit my G-spot with varying degrees of accuracy and sensation. Some stimulate it very intensely. Some stimulate it softly, with more subtlety. Some have only caused me discomfort. And a select few, by themselves, can make me squirt.

The Ophoria Beyond 3 makes me squirt in less than 30 seconds. Less than 15 if I really go for the gold.

I do not have to think. I do not have to position. I just have to lube up, insert, and thrust. The lengthy handle is a godsend — I clutch it as though my life depends on it. The vertical shape of the dildo allows the shaft to rub my clit as the bulb pounds crazily against my G-spot. This is unheard of. This is glorious. This is perfection.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the Beyond 3 for more than a few minutes at a time. I never need to; it gets the job done quickly and consistently. This isn’t a dildo you take out to a romantic dinner and snuggle up with at night. It’s for intense, automatic G-spot stimulation, almost instantaneous squirting, and forgetting to breathe for 15 seconds straight.

I’m serious. Instasquirt.

The Beyond 3 is definitely among my top three G-spot dildos, along with the NobEssence Seduction and legendary Njoy Pure Wand. Of the three, it’s by far the cheapest ($50!) and the only one made of silicone. Generally, I prefer harder materials against my G-spot, but the Beyond 3’s silicone is fairly rigid, and its shape is out of this world. It’s basically the silicone version of the Pure Wand. Plus, it won’t set off alarms at the airport.

And so, the Beyond 3 is the best silicone G-spotting dildo I’ve encountered. Hands down. If you’re still, somehow, not believing me, maybe photographic proof will seal the deal:

In less than 15 seconds. Please note THE FLOOR.

I rest my motherfuckin’ case.

Postscript: One of the most popular posts on his blog is my review of the Lelo Ella, the dildo that gave me my first G-spot orgasm and ejaculation. I still think Ella is a wonderful dildo, but the Beyond 3 is officially taking its place as beginner G-spot dildo #1. The handle and ease of use just cannot be topped.

  • Wilhelmina

    oh my god. i’m going to review this soon and i am sooo excited.

  • The Kama Mama

    OK, I officially want this. Current G-spot vibe not doing the trick (at least not how it was intended). Lovin how the bulbous head looks on this dildo.

  • Wow. I’ve been lusting after this one for a while, but it just rocketed to the top of the “OMG MUST HAVE NOW!” list.

  • I’m obsessed with g-spot dildos, and this has been on my wishlist for quite some time. It will now be moving up on the priority scale.

  • elizabeth


  • This looks fantastic!

  • WhiskyC.

    Your review made me very curious about this toy. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it around anywhere in our shops. Also, LOL, your review makes me want to go attack my G-spot toys XD
    You have a way with words!

  • I have this, but it hasn’t really ever gotten used. Perhaps it’s time for this to be given another try.

  • Love the silhouette.

  • WANT.

  • That is an awesome review! I have heard the same squirting stories from customers with the Beyond 3. Nice Pic too

  • Since I have the vibrator with the similar shape, I took the dildo off my wishlist. It’s a nice shape but I need to be worked up for it

  • CockGawker

    You make a convincing case! It’s on the list.

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  • zephyr

    oh my fucking god – this is the end. I call it big red and my husband knows that it does the trick every time. Call me a satisfied squirter. 🙂

  • Vega

    Out of curiosity, how big is the hole in the handle?

  • @Vega: It’s about 7/8″ in diameter.

  • Vega


    Thanks! This is definitely going to be the next toy that I buy, but it’ll also be my first non-vibrating toy, so I was thinking of buying a bullet to possibly fit inside the handle in case using a straight-up dildo turns out to be too daunting a task.

  • AB Smith

    love to hear where you place your products in ranking on most effective – really helps make choices at the store.

  • Selective Sensualist

    The Beyond 3 is amazing! Mine had a painful seam on it that I had to file down though. But I loved it once I smoothed it considerably.

    BTW, I love your socks in the photo! Regarding this toy’s effectiveness . . . well, a picture really does say a thousand words, huh? 😉

  • Bri

    Okay, this just over took the Ella on my list. Great photographic evidence (and cute sock).

  • This is a really pretty dildo. and 15 seconds to squirt? Count me in!

  • Liz

    Have you had any issues with the seam? I’ve seen a couple of reviews that really mention how annoying/uncomfortable the seam was.

  • @Liz: I’ve never felt the seam in use, but judging from others’ experiences, I would assume that I’m less irritated by seams than others.

  • Trix

    Looks like a winner! I think I may evade the whole Pure Wand vs. Ella question and go for this. (It doesn’t seem to be as omnipresent in my local sex shops as the other two, which is annoying.) Do you think the bulb would be comfortable for someone with rather prominent labia during insertion? (proudly accepts the TMI crown)

  • @Trix: Hmm, well, I think larger labia can be annoying with any toy, so I don’t think this toy would be any better/worse than others.

  • QuantumTree

    Given this recommendation I am going to give it a shot. I love sex toys. I have a lot of them and even the “g-spot” ones can not find my g-spot. This one, I hope, will change that. By the way, thanks or all the great reviews. Keep up the good work.

  • Caroline

    About this dildo, it looks like there are ridges on the shaft, yes? As someone who doesn’t really care for much texture, are the ridges really noticeable? Just curious.

  • @Caroline: Yeah, there are three small ridges on the shaft. I can’t feel them. I think because the bulb is larger than the shaft, the bulb opens me up and mutes the texture.

  • Catherine

    You should also mention that since this is silicone – it is TSA friendly! No more checking luggage to vacation with your Pure Wand in tow. Genius!

  • @Catherine: Good point! Totally gonna add that.

  • Liz4dc

    Holy Hell. I just got the Beyond 3 — I actually left work early when I got a UPS confirmation — in less than two minutes combined with the Mystic Wand I was gushing. 3 orgasms in a row within just a few minutes.

    Amazing. A must have.

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  • Whyyyy

    I searched for this and it appears it’s been discontinued — is there a new version out?

  • @Whyyyy: No, I think it’s been discontinued. Which kills my soul.

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