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My favorite lube? Sliquid anything

When it comes to lubricant, wide selection and quality ingredients put Sliquid at the front of the pack.

Bottles of Sliquid lined up: Sliquid Sea, Organics Gel, and Sassy.

Here are my standards for lube:

You would think this would not narrow the field down very much, but it actually does. A lot. And that’s not even taking feel into account, which I’ll readily admit is not my forte. I avoid reviewing lube at all costs because I simply cannot tell if a lube is long-lasting or overly sticky, and I suck at conjuring adjectives to describe what often feels like a completely unmemorable experience. It’s my sex toy reviewer kryptonite. Which is weird, because my vagina is so picky with everything else, yet all lubes tend to feel the same to me.

But if I were asked to give my endorsement to one lube company, one that ticks all the boxes laid out above, it would unquestionably be Sliquid. And I can’t be too far off base; I did a Twitter poll a while back about favorite lubes and was quickly bombarded with cries of “SLIQUID!” Some of those vaginas and anuses have to be more discerning than mine.

Here is what I love about Sliquid: they have a robust product catalog, and everything in it is glycern- and paraben-free. You don’t have to even think with Sliquid. You don’t have to read labels and Google ingredients. Compare that to companies who produce specialized “female friendly” versions of their lubes (I’m lookin’ at you, WetID, Astroglide, and System JO), since apparently preventing yeast infections is not a priority for them, and women are some sort of a niche market.

All the lube I use anymore is made by Sliquid, and I plan to keep it that way. There are a handful of other body-safe lube companies out there that make great products (Hathor Aphrodisia, Blossom Organics, YesGood Clean Love), but Sliquid’s track record, seniority, and sheer selection put it at the front of the pack. My favorite Sliquid lubes are some of the classics — Sassy and H2O, which are also the least likely to cause any irritation — but they have everything you could ever need. FOR EXAMPLE.

Graphic showing just a few of the lubes Sliquid makes. This doesn't even include the Organics line.

Sliquid also makes shaving creambody wash, and massage oils, so you can worship at their feet in other body-pampering ways.

The only caveats I would add about Sliquid, after doing a thorough taste and smell test with the products in my possession, are that Sizzle tastes and smells like cough syrup, and Sea and Satin both have a very slight (but not unpleasant) taste. H2OSassy, and Organics Gel have no taste, which is pretty remarkable in the lube world.

I also wish their lubes came in pump bottles. But instead of complaining I just bought one myself. Then later, an automatic lube dispenser, because that’s how I roll.

Who else is a Sliquid loyalist? What’s your favorite Sliquid product?

Get Sliquid lubes at:
Sliquid directly, SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to Bed, BabelandGoodVibes,
Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international)!

  1. Just be aware that my clit registers Sizzle’s sensation as a cooling one, not a warming one. Others feel warmth, but who knows what your genitals will do.

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  1. I fucking love Sliquid Sassy. I’ve received a fair number of lubes for review, and I will always, always come back to Sassy. It’s long lasting, not sticky, it doesn’t smell, and it actually is as great for anal play as it’s supposed to be. If I were ever to write a love letter to a lubricant, this would be it.

  2. Sassy is my fave. It’s literally the only water-based lube I’ve found that doesn’t need to be re-applied repeatedly during long-term butt plug use (4+ hours). Amazing!

  3. They are seriously the best lube company ever. I’m currently trying out the organics line. Very good stuff. All other lubes that I’ve tried have made my vag scream due to sheer discomfort. But my vagina is kind of sensitive to anything scented or contains glycerin.

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. my junk is as irritatingly sensitive as the rest of my skin and sliquid is the only one that doesn’t make it mad.

  5. I’m a girl with a picky fickle vagina prone to tearing, cuts and general discomfort. I have tried astroglide, astroglide naturals, ky, etc: and experienced insane burning/discomfort Blossom organics is my favorite but I got a lube cube after writing in to you about recommendations and tried a variety of the sliquids. LOVE sliquid silver, and H20. I tried aloe cadabra- to no avail= caused burning. Sliquid is great, made the bf order silver. just got some more blossom organics gel but I want to add sliquid h20 and maybe silk to the drawer. I’ve had BV and a yeast infection in the past year- I think I’m pretty sensitive in general to different lubes. The extra money is worth the quality.

  6. Silk FTW. LOVE this stuff, and have been known to drive waaaay out of my way to get it, and pay full retail price. (Which is saying a lot when you work in the sex toy industry and have access to all manner of stuff.)

  7. Love Sliquid! Always have, always will (first company and still only company on my side bar out of pure love). I recommend sliquid to everyone, and though I’m going to be buying and trying out other natural/glycerine and paraben free lubes, I know theirs will stay my favorite without question. So much selection! they’re fantabulous. I’ll have a review of sliquid swirl in pink lemonade, and hope to get green apple and strawberry pomegranate sometime, as well. So, yeah. Best lube ever award goes to Sliquid, always.

  8. The weird thing is that I’ve never had a reaction to any lube until I tried Sliquid. I decided to try it because I wanted to jump on the body-safe bandwagon and eliminate glycerin and parabens. But, oddly enough it makes me itch like crazy. I do love the sassy formula, though.

  9. Satin! I find it lasts way longer, and is just a little cushier than H20 or Sea. It also happens to come in a prettier blue bottle.

  10. I adore Sliquid, I just put it in my upcoming Best of 2012 post… I can’t wait to try more of them, in fact! I’ve only gotten to try Swirl and Organics so far… I love how mild the Swirl tastes, and not fakely sweet. The Organics is amazing because it has no taste at all… insane! Love this stuff!

  11. I’m interested, but I’m not hugely into how gendered their marketing style is. As a non-woman with a vagina, I’m impressed by how committed they are to producing vagina-safe products, but I’m less thrilled with the “by sensitive women, for sensitive women” tagline. I also bristle at the prospect of having to choose between something marketed for “sensitive women” and one decorated with cowboys, but I’m probably overanalyzing it. Regardless, H2O is on the list of things to consider once the Maximus runs out.

  12. Oh my god, Sliquid! Best thing ever. I’m very lube-dependent (I don’t produce very much of my own for some reason), and after trying a ton of different lubes, Sliquid is my holy grail. Before Sliquid, I used to use Hathor Aphrodesia (the flavored ones), and they were okay, but they got sticky pretty fast, the smell stayed on my hands for HOURS, and it had a weird bitter taste underneath the stevia sweetener. I tried most of the stuff Babeland carries, and it was all pretty meh, until Sliquid! My favorites are H2O, Sassy, Green Apple, and Strawberry Pomegranate.

  13. I used to hate lubes before discovering Sliquid because every lube I tried burned a little. Now I have Sliquid H2O on the table next to my bed all the time and I can’t imagine my life without it : )

  14. Coconut Oil is my ABSOLUTE favorite! If I’m using condoms I use Sliquid Organics Gel (the Organic version of Sassy), but otherwise, Coconut Oil is hands down the best for me. Coconut Oil actually makes the vagina inhospitable to yeast, unlike petroleum and other oils. It lasts and absorbs into my skin after use, with no drippy stuff that doesn’t feel like it’s part of me. It’s also recommended by some naturopaths for vaginal dryness, so it doubles as a vaginal conditioner. It works fine with Silicon (including Vixskin) and a jar of Organic refined is about $5 – MUCH cheaper than buying lube. The refined is better than the unrefined for this purpose – fewer impurities and little taste or smell (pleasant though). I keep it in a GoToob to squeeze out when it’s warm and liquidy or open the cap to scoop out when it’s cold and harder. It melts quickly.

  15. I want to add that the people who run Sliquid are awesome too. Unlike many sex -item makers they are NICE and responsible and take care of their retailers.

  16. Same thing happened to me with their Sassy…makes me burn like hell. Admittedly, I was using it vaginally, and was too reluctant to try it for anal play at that point. (I know some people have said that, say, Liquid Silk burns vaginally but not anally.) I root for them as people, but I’ve been afraid to try the rest of their line. Sigh!

  17. Wow. I wonder what ingredient is causing this. Have you compared ingredients lists with the lubes that didn’t cause a reaction with the Sliquid list?

  18. I had tentatively settled on Sliquid Sassy as the first non-KY (ugh) lube I planned to try, and this post sealed the deal. Only one problem remains – do any retailers have reasonable shipping if you just need a lube restock? Spending $9 to ship 8oz just seems excessive to me, definitely not budget friendly. Not to mention practically doubles the cost. Of course I’ll plan to stock up when I make a toy purchase that qualifies for free shipping, but that won’t be for a couple of months and my poor body is whimpering for something better now. Unfortunately I would be shocked to find it carried at anyplace local, which Sliquids retailers list seems to confirm.

  19. I guess I’m in the minority here because I don’t care for Sliquid lubes at all. Well, I did in the beginning, and when I only used the teeniest tiny drop of the stuff. But who uses only a tiny drop of lube? Anyway, using a normal human amount of the stuff (and I’ve tried a few different ones), made me feel like someone poured hydrogen peroxide into my vagina. The weird, funky-ish smell wasn’t nice either. I don’t have any ingredient allergies that I know of, so who knows what’s up. Though I did read a comment on a review of a Sliquid lube somewhere that some who have reactions to Sliquid could be aggravated by the Potassium Sorbate. If Sliquid came out with something without that ingredient, I’d willingly be a test dummy to try it out. 🙂

  20. You have by now well converted me to Sliquidism, I have 3 different bottles in my bathroom cabinet. I haven’t tried H20 but I really like Sassy because it’s the same price but thicker.

    I enjoy this stuff so much (and just like you said, that you don’t have to think) that I import it from the neighbours across the pond, because we don’t have it in the Netherlands. LoveHoney and their 5GBP shipping ftw. Seriously, if you’re in Europe and you want Sliquid, they have it cheapest.

  21. Same here, it’s thicker but costs the same. Which is nice because I tend to use toys that are juuuuust within the range of what I can take girthwise, and the padding helps.

  22. I’m thinking of purchasing Sliquid Silk because I tested it out in the store and I loved how slippery it was and how it didn’t dry up tacky on my fingers. But I’m wondering if it’s safe to use on my silicone toy by Lelo? I’ve been doing some reading at various reviews and some say the silicone in Silk is minimal so it hasn’t harmed their toys, others warn against using it anywhere near silicone toys. I know they have the H2O line, but I’m kind of worried about that one being the same as the Wet Original brand I have that feels okay in the beginning, but it quickly gets tacky.

  23. Sliquid Silk is a hybrid, so as I understand it, it contains 10-15% silicone. This means the chances of it damaging a toy are fairly slim, but reviewers aren’t exactly going to be gung-ho about using it with silicone toys. As with any lube that contains silicone, the only thing you can do is test it on the toy. Different silicones from different companies may react differently to the lube — unfortunately, there is no blanket answer for this one.

  24. We became Sliquid fans after reading about it on your and Lorax’s blogs and also tiring of the God-awful taste of our other favorite: Liquid SIlk. Depending on the day and what we’re doing we love either the Sliquid Organics Natural, or the H2O. Also; we took your advice and purchased a couple of pump bottles (see Epiphora’s link above), and found that this: was REALLY useful while decanting the lubes.

  25. I think I need to get some Sliquid Satin. I had been using Astroglide, but it makes my clit go numb sometimes (???) so today I decided to get rid of it. I can’t have any kind of penetration without lube, since my medication makes my vagina really dry, so something that will help me make some more of it on my own sounds awesome. I see it’s water-based too, so safe for all my toys!

  26. I’m not very ingredients-sensitive, and I started out with Wet lubes and was a System JO advocate for a while, but I’m all about Sliquid now. Occasionally I try lube from another company just to see if there’s anything better, but every time I wind up trotting back to Sliquid. H2O is my go-to lube: it has no smell, only tastes like water if anything, feels completely natural, cleans up easily, and never gets sticky. I always have two or three 8oz. bottles in my house at all times.

    My only complaint is that I wish it lasted just a little bit longer, but this does vary quite a bit depending on what toy I’m using. Some toys don’t cause any trouble, while others absolutely devour lube (VixSkin, I love you, but you’re a lube-gobbler!).

  27. I like yes, but blossom organics just doesn’t do it for me. Too watery and dries out fast, in my experience. I’d say in my book it’s a tie between Sliquid and Yes.

  28. I love Sliquid H2O, I find the consistency not too thin and not too thick. I find thick lubes make insertion difficult with larger toys, and H2O is perfect. Definitely better than the brief experience I had with KY jelly.

  29. Yesss! Could it be the potassium sorbate? That would explain a lot. I liked the sliquid but my husband got terrible dermatitis on his penis. I thought I was entering menopause because my vagina burrrned! And we both itched terribly. We didn’t think to blame the sliquid since it’s supposed to be so safe. But when we stopped, everything cleared up. It seems that only silicone lube does not irritate. 🙁 I wonder what the best silicone lubes are?

  30. Hey Epiphora… do you use Silk on your Vixskin?? I have h2o but would love something that lasted a little longer.. but I don’t want to spot test my dildos!

  31. My girlfriend uses Sliquid Silk on EVERYTHING, including VixSkin, and has never had a problem. The amount of silicone is pretty low, I think around 10-15%, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  32. Look up Dangerous Lily’s osmolality index for lubes. The Sliquid H2O is formulated for optimal vaginal osmolality and the Sassy for optimal anal osmolality. Sassy may burn when used vaginally, H2O may burn when used anally. The burning has more to do with the lube’s interaction with the cells than it does ingredient-wise.
    Pjur Woman Nude used vaginally has been really well received for people who are super sensitive to different osmolalities in their lube. Made a huge difference for me.

  33. True, but the citric acid can also cause a burning sensation in some people… so it’s worth trying a lube without that ingredient, as well. Pjur Woman Nude contains citric acid, as well as propylene glycol, which can also cause skin irritation.

  34. Truth!! Sliquid has citric acid too. Waterslide is the only thing I’ve seen without citric acid as a preservative, but it’s got propylene glycol too. Seen anything without citric acid OR propylene glycol? I haven’t yet.

  35. Yeah, that was my point. Sliquid always uses citric acid, and so does Waterslide, at least according to Smitten Kitten.

    There are actually quite a few lubes without citric acid and propylene glycol, though. There’s Blossom and Good Clean Love, preserved instead with lactic acid. There’s Coconu. Hathor has “vegetable based propylene glycol” (which they claim makes it safe) and ascorbic acid. Even Astroglide, Slippery Stuff, and Sinclair Institute lubes are without those ingredients.

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