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Sex toy giveawaysAs a rabid sex toy tester, I always want to share my epic finds with my readers. But only the epic ones. I don’t believe in frivolous, boring giveaways for sex toys I wouldn’t even personally use.

My giveaways are meticulously planned and prizes carefully chosen. You can always be assured that I’m bringing you the best sex toy giveaways to grace the internet.

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I throw increasingly massive blogiversary giveaways each October that contain piles of prizes. In the past I have also given away the best wand vibratorseveral wooden dildos and a wooden butt plug, a custom silicone dildo, tons of gift cards, five swanky glass dildos, the best G-spot toy on earth, a luxurious VixSkin silicone dildoporn DVDs, green sex toys of every sort, and an amazing harness.

  • denise226

    signed up for your newsletter thanks denise smith

  • awkwardshrub

    aww! sucks i missed that!

  • The deadline was extended until November 17! You still have time!

  • April Ralene

    cant wait for the next giveaway

  • Erin

    Reading a bunch of stuff you have written has got me searching for my next toy! Thanks for heading me in the right direction!

  • wolfpup1994

    i just find it facinating to learn more about all the things humans use to make themselves feel good. I personally wouldn’t know how that feels good, since i hvn’t had much feeling in that area. Personally been trying to find ways to shrink and reduce that functionality of it to help deal with not having much feeling. But i must say your reviews and info could help me better understand the normal human mind and be able to better help people who are confused and depressed as wel as helping me avoid situations where the conversation could turn dirty.

  • Pluto H

    Getting super excited to see how you’re going to top yourself for this year’s giveaway.

  • Frankie Haynes

    My favorite was your review on the Princessa toy, that you put on youtube. I like video content and that you had a friend weigh in!

  • Sexyness1

    YES SO Excites

  • wolfpup1994

    aww looks like i didn’t win. Guess i will try again next year

  • Craig

    I’ve only been playing with my penis with my
    hands for 11yrs now. I would very much like to test one of your male vibratoirs.
    Hope your feeling sorry for me I lost my virginity at 19 with my first ever girlfriend we split up 11yrs ago, and I’ve not been with anyone else since now I’m 38yr old.

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